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Sample Relinquishment Letter for Property

How to Write a Relinquishment Letter for Property (Plus Samples)

Relinquishment of property happens when an individual dies without a will or intestate and had own a property. The said property will be inherited by a legal heir; it will then be up to the heir to do whatever the person wishes to do with the property. But if the heir has taken possession of the property but doesn’t want to keep the said property it can as well be transfer to another co-owner. To make this official, so that it will be documented that a transfer was done, then it must be in writing. So a relinquishment letter for the property will be written.

Sample Request Letter to a Mayor

How to Write a Request Letter to a Mayor (Plus Free Samples)

The mayor has the superior powers to solve problems of a city and a place. So you can always be in contact with one if you have any local concern or issues to resolve. The fact remains that writing to the mayor about problems that a city is confronted with is a sure way of getting your voice heard.  So one can write to a mayor to give suggestions, give solutions, and connect with the mayor, alert on problems and lots more.

Sample Letter of Continued Interest

How to Write a Letter of Continued Interest (With Free Samples)

When you are on a waitlist or deferred by a school, you really want to attend it can be very frustrating. All you feel, you should do is to get keep waiting still you are offered a spot to start as a fresh student. But you can still do something that will increase your chance at getting their acceptance letter. So you don’t just have to sit around waiting, you can take up an action that can expedite action. This is where writing a letter of continued interest comes in. you need to still persuade the school to show that you are still interested in their offer regardless of anything.

Sample Reconsideration Letter for SBA Loan

How to Write a Reconsideration Letter for SBA Loan

You may have been denied a SBA (small business association) loan, which may be due to lack of right information of your business, you have unsatisfactory credit history or your type of business is ineligible. All hope isn’t lost you can take the most successful step. The sure bet is to ask for a reconsideration, which will be the chance for you to supply additional information that will help you prove your case to get the loan. This is where you would need to write a reconsideration letter for SBA loan.

Sample Thank you Letter for a Scholarship

How to Write a Thank you Letter for a Scholarship (With Free Samples)

When it comes to scholarship donors, they are usually very caring and generous people. They understand the need to always groom the next generation, so they are always eager to put money down for others to get the quality education they need. They do this unselfishly and ask for nothing in return but it wouldn’t be out of place if you as a beneficiary show appreciation. One of the good ways of doing that is by writing a well worded thank you letter for the scholarship to the donor to show your gratefulness.

Sample Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting

How to Write Apology Letter for Missing a Meeting (With Free Samples)

When it comes to missing an important meeting you were aware of for whatever reasons, it is always good to show accountability, responsibility and maturity. It isn’t wise to play the blame card when you should be apologizing.

How to Write a Reference Letter for a Baby Sitter

How to Write a Reference Letter for a Baby Sitter (With Free Samples)

Getting a new job as a baby sitter will be quicker with a reference letter. New employers will be more confident with the written words of a previous employer because they believe the writer is writing out of experience. This is why it is always good to leave a previous job without rancor, because the previous employer can be instrumental to the success of your new employment.

Sample Intent to Bid Letter

How to Write an Intent to Bid Letter (With Free Samples)

Companies sometimes want a third party to do some tasks for them or even supply them some products. They will first research on the goods or services they would need and after that will ask companies to bring their proposals. So interested freelancers or contractors will then have to write their bid letter in response to the company’s proposals. So this how writing a bid letter comes about.

Sample Reflective Cover Letter

How to Write a Reflective Cover Letter (With Free Samples)

There always the need to outline the work done in a class, to show that one has learned new things  and that it can help you perform better in the future. If you are writing a reflection cover letter for someone that isn’t familiar with you or your work, then it will great to show the person all you have learned, written or done. It will be good to use your revisions or drafts as evidence so that it will be believable. It is up to you to convince the recipient that you learned something.  This is always an opportunity to express one’s thought based on an issue. This is where the reflective cover letter comes in since it is one of the important part  of your portfolio.

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Bullying Letter

How to Write a Resignation Letter Due to Bullying Letter (With Free Samples)

Bullying is one vice that can be very difficult to tolerate in any place, be it at work or home. This is because bullying can make one depressed, lose one’s esteem, peace of mind and even be suicidal. Some people might have the strong-willed to withstand or retaliate but if it is affecting your mental health, then it might just be a time to take a bow. The way out of such monstrous situation is to get yourself from the situation is through writing to resign from the job. You would need to state why you are leaving the job which is due to bullying. This is where a resignation letter due to bullying comes in.