How to Write a Letter of Invitation to Negotiate (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Letter of Invitation to Negotiate (With Free Samples)

There is always a need to have a negotiation to avoid a matter escalating. The truth is that when an issue arises and it isn’t checkmate at an early stage then the outcome of it most times wasn’t what was bargained for. It is imperative on both parties involved to go the route of negotiation. Negotiation has been a better weapon to settle any dispute or issue than other methods of resolving issues. Negotiating on a case makes the other party understand things better and whatever was the issue will be settled amicably. The sure way of getting the other person to come to a compromise is by writing a letter of invitation for negotiation to alert the person.

So a letter of invitation for negotiation as the name implies is a formal statement of invitation sent to a recipient to invite the person for a negotiation. The essence of the letter is to let the recipient know that there’s room for settlement as such the invitation is open for acceptance. The letter will help the sender to actually know if the receiver or recipient is up for an agreement or not. From the response of the recipient following the invitation, the sender will get the message if the negotiation will be held or not.

Crafting an excellent letter of invitation for negotiation needs a professional tone since it is a formal letter. So you would need to be persuasive and compelling in your tone. The other person needs to see the importance of negotiating with you as such you need to be engaging as possible in your letter. This is a request kind of letter as such you need to be polite but firm as well. The recipient needs to accept the invitation since it is to sort out whatever issue is brewing so you need to be compelling as you can. The below writing tips would help you draft a perfect invitation letter to obtain a better result.

  • Start with addressing your letter both for you and the recipient
  • Formally greet the recipient; you can include the recipient name since the person is a known person
  • State the purpose of the letter which of course it will be the invitation for a negotiation, then go ahead to give reasons why you think negotiating will be better
  • State the date, time and place for the negotiation. The recipient will need to know these details. Either to accept yours or reschedule it for another convenience time
  • Thank the recipient already as the person will be accepting the invitation
  • Then formally close your letter with a complimentary close, sign your name and signature

Below are the sample letters of invitation for negotiation

Sample 1

Prince Alfred

4356 crossroads crescent

Washington DC

4TH April 2022


The manager

Horsey building company

Washington DC

Dear Williams,

This is a letter of invitation for a negotiation on the constructing of the foundation we have earlier discussed. I have looked into the issue once again and I think having a last negotiation will help sort things out. I wasn’t comfortable with our last discussion because your price was still on the high side and I just want us to negotiate a lot more on the project.

I will like us to meet once again on the 17th of May 2022, in my business premises by 9 am. I know you are a really busy person but this negotiation is as important as your other business schedules. I hope you would treat as an urgent issue and give it the value that it deserves. But you can give me your own time if my time wouldn’t be favorable to you. I’m looking forward to getting a positive response from you. Thanks for your consideration.

Yours sincerely

Prince Alfred

Sample 2

Peace Jackson

6786 Metro street,


12th June 2020

Kingsley Matt

4566 market road,


Dear Matt,

I hope you are doing great, I’m writing to invite you over for a negotiation on the car incident that occurred two weeks back. I think it will be better we sort the issue out than inviting the law just yet. I know I was wrong but you didn’t help matters as well but I don’t want to go into all of that. I will want us to meet and sort out this issue amicably.

I wouldn’t mind meeting you at your home if it will be convenience for you but if not then we can meet in mine on the 20th of June by 4pm. I hope you would be available then so that we can negotiate better and come to a compromise. If you are agreeing to this invitation I will like to know beforehand, so please you should acknowledge the receipt of this letter by writing back to me. Thank you for accepting to honor this invitation I hope to see you on the stated.

You can call me on 444-555-876 or shot me a mail at for a fast delivery.

Yours sincerely.

Peace Jackson


When it comes to different kinds of settlement, negotiation has always been key. Apart from it being used to brokered peace in a dispute, it has always been result-oriented. Negotiation always precede peaceful resolution, this is why it is always adopted when there’s an issue at hand. The effective way of letting he other party or person know you are ready for a resolution is to write and send a letter of invitation of negotiation to the party.

Writing an effective and productive letter of invitation will need you adopting the right tone and including the accurate information that will prompt the recipient to act according. The guidelines given above is all that you need for writing  your letter excellently. You would need to follow them systematically to have a perfect letter. The samples have been given as well; you can review them and use them as your templates. All you need do is to modify your choice to suit your needs.


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