How to Write a Dental Appointment by Email (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Dental Appointment by Email (With Free Samples)

The dental expert always have busy schedule as such it is always necessary to confirm a dental appointment. This will enable the Doctor concerned to know about a patient availability on time.

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The Doctor will want to know that the patient still remembers the appointment date and will show up as scheduled. It can be frustrating and time wasting for Doctors to have too many appointment days that the patients don’t show up.  So for the doctor to avoid any time and effort wastage, the best bet will be to send out a Dental appointment confirmation email to each of the patient scheduled for a visit to get a feedback from them.

Letter of Medical Necessity for Dental Treatment

So therefore, a dental appointment conformation email is a formal letter from the dental office sent to patients to ascertain their availability for a scheduled appointment with the dental expert. The essence of the letter is first to remind the patient of a scheduled appointment with the dentist. Then the letter will also seek to find out the availability of the patient on the stated date. The letter will be generally a kind of reminder as a lot of times patient don’t just stay away from appointment days, it is always about them forgetting the date or had written now a wrong date. So with this email to them, it will enable them have the right information with them. For the facility or dental clinic, this letter will help to go a long way to prevent them from having a huge rate of missed appointments from patients.

Getting a dental appointment email right will need you adopting the right information and structuring just the way you should. You might not be aware of the information to you. The below writing guide and tips will help you draft your Dental appointment confirmation email to be as effective as you needed it.

  • Start with an engaging subject line: remember you are trying to get a response from your recipient, so you need your subject line to be as compelling as possible. Though your subject should be short but it should be detailed enough to attract the attention of the patient
  • Formally greet the recipient and add the name to it
  • Take the next paragraph to hint on the purpose of the letter which is to get a confirmation of the scheduled appointment with the patient. This should be like a call to action, this will depend on what you intend the patient to do as a response. Which could be to make a call to the clinic to confirm or decline, response through this email or have them visit your website to drop a response.

Below are the samples of dental appointment confirmation email

Sample 1: Brain, Dental Appointment for 20th May

Dear Brain

We just checked our routine record and realized that you were booked for a dental appointment with Dr. Adams on the 20th of May 2021. So we are looking forward to have you hereon that date. You had booked for a cleaning and purifying secession for this date. So this is a reminded and we urge you to make yourself available at lest 5 mins before the commencement time.

We understand that you must have had a lot that might have made keeping to the date of this appointment difficult. We are reminding you now but if you wouldn’t still be able to make it on that date, we ask you to let us in on time. Better still, you still have the option of rescheduling this appointment and let us have the date immediately you are sure of it.

Thank you for your time and we hope to get a timely response from you especially if you will be showing up. It will help us prepare to receive you as you arrived. Please respond as soon as you can.

Dr. E.T. Adams

Regional dentist


Sample 2

Subject: Reminder of Dental Appointment

Dear Peter,

The Teeth care clinic is sending you a reminder email to find out if you would still be available for your appointment with the dentist. You booked appointment with the dentist for 4th of June 2021 for your canine stitching. We have been looking forward to receive but first, we need to conform that you are still remember that you will actually come in.

We are ready to give you the expert service that you deserve as such you just need to come in to get the very best from us. If you have any issue with our pricing we wouldn’t mind having a discussion with you at least days before the coming appointment date. Don’t hesitates to ask any other questions that you know will be of help to you. We are here to serve you to the best of or abilities and you would get your questions answered satisfactorily.

We hope that you would make it just as it was scheduled but if you are changing your mind, please reply this letter as soon as possible so that we can rescheduled for another good day. Thanks for taking out time to read this mail. Looking forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Dr Barabbas Bach.


The dental clinic will most times be leaving money on the table when they do not send out a reminder email such as this to prospective patients. It is on record that a lot of patients don’t just stay away from appointment days but it mostly a forgotten issue. It will be good of the dental clinics to take it upon themselves to check in with these patients. This act benefits both ways while the patient come in to get good dental service, the clinic will prevent having so many appointment missed days.

Crafting a perfect dental appointment confirmation email needs including the right information, that will prompt the patient to give a positive response. The above outline writing guidelines is all you would need to capture the attention of your recipient. You can then use the samples above as your templates.

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