How to Write a Congratulation Letter for Marriage (Plus Samples)

 How to Write a Congratulation Letter for Marriage (With Free Samples)

Getting married is one of the life’s journeys one will need to undergo. Agreeing to be married is one of the important decisions one needs to take, this is because the thought comes with mixed feeling of joy and anxiety. The truth is that this is one decision that is sometimes difficult to take so those that finally go through with it have done greatly. It will be time for others to thank and appreciate them, this is where the congratulation letter for marriage comes in. it will help the married couple feel better as they are wished well in the marriage.

So a congratulation letter for marriage is a well-wishing letter that is sent to newly wedded couples to wish them a happy married life. The congratulation letter will communicate to the couple other’s approval of their union and also wishing them only happiness in the marriage. This letter will help the recipient feel good that they have supporting hands and voices to lend on and people out there are genuinely happy for them that they did the right thing.

Writing an excellent congratulation letter for marriage will need you to set the right tone which will help convey your message just the way you intended. You are happy and enthusiastic about the news then you should have warmth, passionate and emotion-laden tone in your letter. The congratulation letter should be with intense emotion and compelling action. To get your letter right then you would need to follow the below steps to not only get the format right but also include all the information that should be in your letter.

  • Start your letter with a direct message of congratulation, which is mostly about how you got to know about the marriage e.g. I read about your marriage on the paper, or thanks for sending in your wedding announcement
  • Then you can state their positive personal qualities that you believe make them a perfect match for the two of them. Like stating one of them will be a wonderful partner because you know the person personally
  • You can go ahead to state the gift in your letter if you have any for them. You can state please receive this small gift from me or by now your gift should have arrived if you have sent the gift ahead of your letter
  • Then bring the letter to a close by looking forward to the success of the marriage and wishing them a lifetime of togetherness and happiness

Below are the samples of the sample congratulation letter for marriage

Hello Alfred,

Marriage is a bond that is made in heaven and the people involved in it on earth are special beings. I’m delighted that you are one of these special people now that you have met your soul mate. Your wedding announcement I got from my mail got me all excited. On behalf of the William’s I congratulate you and your wife as you begin this marriage journey. I’m confidence that with your choice it is only going to be a marital bliss and journey that is unending.

The entire family here prays you both remain in peace and unlimited joy and only see prosperity and richness as your journey along. When it comes to marriage it isn’t about just 2 people but a bond between families and souls that have become one. so on this note, I’m wishing all involved a good relation that will blossom your life as newly wedded couple and both families will become lovely relatives.

My gift should have arrived by now and it for the both of you. So may you both fulfill the responsibilities and requirements of the relationship? I pray you both will uphold and maintain this sanctity of marriage as a bond. Sending two toast to the both of you. Enjoy your marriage and congratulation once again.

Sample 2

Dear Maureen and Josh,

I’m congratulating you two for your marital bond and this letter is coming your way to show how overwhelm I am with this union. You both are delightful and adorable couple. I know your wedding ceremony is not just a ceremony because it marks the start of a new phase and adventure in your life. So it is pertinent that you are wish well as you both journey through it, that you both will come out on the other side better refined.

I love the fact that you both met and love yourselves to become a couple that compliments one another in a magically inspiring way. So right here with my congratulation hope that we become part of the well-wishers that are sending love your way as your strut along in constructing your life with your soul mate together.

Even over the years where you would share both pains and joys that life’s situations come with, I pray that you both fight against such and not with yourselves. I wish that your love produce glue that will strengthens the bond with age that maturing, awesome like a fine wine and getting better to weather all storms.

At this point I’m hopeful that you are moving into your home with joy, patience, peace and excellent spirit to do exploit for your home. So what else can I say but a super congratulations to a high quality couple. Happy married life and keep bonding forever.

Yours sincerely,

William and family


Marriage right from time as always been a big moment for the couple concern, they will always need people to attend their big day. So as a family or friend you would need to wish or congratulate the couple when you get such an invitation. You don’t need to do much sending an excellent worded congratulation letter might just be the magic you need to create. This action has always been appreciated by couples. So to have a super worded congratulation letter for marriage will need you to follow the writing tips as stated above. You can customize the samples written above as well and input your own narrative.


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