Website Launch Announcement Email Samples

How to Announce the Launch of a New Website Via Email

Having an idea for starting a website might not be as exciting as when you want to launch it. This is because you are almost at the verge of unveiling your new innovation. At this point a sense of optimism will emerge and anticipation will brew. But all of this will not be fulfilling if people are not involved, remember a website isn’t for your personal use but to attract others to participates as well. This is where fulfillment will come in. though there are numerous ways that you can launch your website and get to let people know about it. But the simple and effective communication route that will be cost effective for you would be launching it via email. You would write a website launch email to different people.

So a website launch email is a formal letter written and sent to recipient to create awareness about the mentioned website. This letter will inform the recipients about the website which will lead to attracting a new user. It will give the recipient information about the website products and services. The letter will make the recipient know that the website is as professional as it show( like it is mobile-friendly and load at the speed of light). It will enable the recipient give an input as early as possible if need be, as the recipient visit the new site and give a feedback abnormality can be corrected on time.

Writing a website launch email will need you being very vibrant in your letter. This will show optimism that the website has so much in stock for the users which will encourage the recipients to want to visit it. So you need to be enticing and compelling in your letter to prompt the recipients to check out the websites. To get your letter going, you would need to adopt the below writing tips into your letter

  • Start your email with an attractive subject line: you can make this about 40 characters. There is no space to play with words so make good use of the one available.
  • Tell the recipient about the website, its name, reasons and purpose
  • Now tell the recipient what you intend the recipient to do to be part of the website as a community or family. Do they need to subscribe or how?. This is like a call to action. They need to know what they have to do.
  • State when the website will be launch so that the recipient will be aware when to access the website.

Below are the website launch emails samples

Sample 1

Subject: Launching of healthliving website

Hello Sir,

This is bringing to your notice our resourceful website This is a site that is designed for healthy life living for both young and old. We know that heath is wealth and we need to tell people how they can organically and naturally live life healthily and to the fullest. Our website has books, manuals, videos and other resources for healthy living. so we would be launching it on the 14th of sept 2021 and we would love you to be a part of it by accessing it.

On the launch day we would be giving our healthy plan manual to the first 40 people that would be accessing it. So I hope you would get this free gift, all you would need do is to log into the website from 9am-4pm on the mentioned and you would stand the chance to get one.

You can use your mobile devices and you would still land on our site with no problem as our website is mobile friendly and the interface is easily navigated even as a less techie person. Thank you for taking out time to read this letter. Hope you would cooperate with us.

Yours sincerely,


Sample 2

Subject: Launch of our website,

Hello Sir,

This is writing to you to enable know about the launch of our helpline website to ease difficulties for clients like you. For the past 2 years you all have been asking for a website that will aid in easy accessibility of our services and we have heed to your request and created our website at We would be launching this site on the 12th of June 2021; we would want you to be a part of it by accessing the site on that day.

As you all have requesting the site comes with different areas that anyone can benefit from. There would be live chat, counseling, consultation and conferencing if need be to help everyone solve their problems. With the website, you would have access to new and future information that will help you get excellent services from us. We want to serve you all better and the website is designed to help us achieve that.

We assure you that you would find the website very easy to access so your kind of device shouldn’t be a problem as it has been created to allow all devices on it. So come launch the site with us come the stated date. We would still love to get a feedback from you after accessing the site. If you think there will be any area we should work on please don’t hesitate to call our attention to it, we would so appreciate that. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Salina Paul


It is always good to launch a website and one effective ways of doing that is by getting people involved in the launch. To get as many people as possible will need you writing a website launch email and sending them to different recipients. The writing tips stated above will help you craft your letter to be effective as possible. You just need to follow the outline given above systematically and you would have included all the information that will interest the recipient. Again, the samples have been written to ease any difficulty in drafting your letter to perfection. So use any to your advantage.


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