Sample Web Design Proposal Emails

How to Write a Web Design Proposal Via Email ( With Free Samples)

You can be a great web designer but without having the needed sales then you might be out of business soon. It is always a good idea to look out for more money through gaining more clients. A well written web design proposal can help you pull through; you need a viable tool that can help you touch base with organizations, offices and companies that might need your service. So to let bricks and mortar businesses design their websites or move to the digital space or let corporate companies know about your expertise as a web designer then you must send out web design proposal email.

So web design proposal email is sent from a web designer to recipients that might need the service of a web designer to get more clients. Web design proposal is like a sales document to aid in pitching a prospective client for web designing service. So the email will alert the recipient to this service that is offered by the sender and business transaction can begin from there. Using the email avenue will help pitch a lot of people at a time to drive more business.

The truth remains that having a well-written web design proposal email can help simplify your goal of getting more clients. Your email will be responded to or ignored according to how you craft your email. So you would need to adopt the right structure and information which will help to make your email effective. You would need to be compelling and enticing with your words, you are looking for more business then you should be sweet about it. The below writing guide, will help you get your web design proposal email to perfection.

  • Have in place the usual subject line that details your purpose of your email but keep it short
  • Then adopt a formal salutation and add the recipient name
  • Start with an introduction of why you are contacting the recipient. You can state the problem and how it implies to the business or office of the recipient.
  • Then go ahead to offer your solution to the recipient. This is where the recipient need to see the need to response positively to your email than ignoring it
  • Move on to propose a quote and outline the benefits that the recipients will enjoy.
  • Don’t forget your call to action, tell explicitly the recipient what action you need them to take
  • Then close the letter with your contact details adding your processional signature

Below are the web design proposal email samples

Sample 1

Subject: designing a website or you

Hello Claudia,

I came across your business site on my Facebook feed and your products got me to check them out. My name is Smith Williams and I’m the web designer for the foremost Alpha Omega website. The website attract tons of people to it on a daily basis, you can check their site stat online.

 I know you sell great products but your website isn’t optimized to drive good number of traffic. firstly, your website isn’t mobile friendly, which a lot of people that needs to buy your products might want to access it via their mobile devices, the interface is not properly designed and the loading speed is very slow. Seeing all these issues that is keeping your business low necessitated my reaching ot to you.

I’m very sure that if I’m given the opportunity, I will work on all these issues to get your website to the level it should be. I can replicate all the features you see on Alpha Omega to give you a good result. You should know that a product to strive online will need a site with a great user experience and an intuitive design. I’m confident that I will offer you those and even more.

So what do you think about this proposal? I’m sure you would want this 100% for your website. So do reply this email, let’s get started or contact on 556-987-657. Thank you as I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best  

Smith Williams

Sample 2:

Subject: giving you a vibrant website

Hello Paul,

I came across your website on the internet two days back, though I found it to offer wonderful services but the design is wacky. You need to have a good designing website in place for the top notch services you are providing. A visitor will form an opinion about a site in a split second, and one thing that captures the attention of some visitors is the design of the site. The thing is that your website needs some redesigning

I have noticed that the kind f design you have in your website is stale you need to move with the times. Because of this your brand message isn’t clear.  The website isn’t responsive which needs you optimizing it and your CMS seems to be unfriendly with SEO. With these issues with your website people that matters might think your website isn’t to be trusted and your competitors will continue to be way ahead of you. So for these reasons you need to think of not only redesigning your website but also make it DEO friendly.

I can help you get everything on this working perfectly well for you. You can check my just concluded work with I just overhaul the site with vibrant and improved features. So you can take the bold step now. Call me on 789-987-543 to put life back into your site. I will give you more than expected.

Best regards

Prince Alan


Having a great web design proposal email will help you nail your email marketing mission. You would be able to be convincing enough for the client to consider your proposal. You just need to follow the steps that are outlined above. You just need to evaluate a recipient site, look out for the problems that needs to be fix then email the contact person and business can be taken from there. You can also modify the samples to your taste to use.


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