Vacation Email Auto Reply Message Sample

How to Write an Automatic Email Reply (With Free Samples)

When it comes to taking a vacation, you would want a stress free one with no disturbances or distractions from anywhere. But the truth is that you might still be contacted by friends, colleagues or business partners. If you are a go to person, you would need people to know you are on vacation and wouldn’t be available at that time, the best bet will be communicating to them that you are unavailable at the moment. Then again, responding to everyone might take our time and distract you from enjoying your vacation. So the sure way out is writing a vacation email auto reply message and leaving it for anyone that will be contacting you during your vacation period.

So therefore, a vacation email auto reply message is an automatic message that is left for anyone that contacts one on vacation that needs no disturbances or is unavailable. This is a kind of notification that one receives when the person one is trying to reach is unavailable. This message is to help the receiver know a little about the recipient whereabouts, as the message will state the information that the receiver will need to know. The message will help the receiver know the duration of time the recipient has been away, when the recipient is likely to return and maybe the next person the sender might contact for help. This letter will still help the recipient to be professional even when not available, as the auto reply message will suffice.

The vacation email auto reply message needs you having the accurate information that will interest the receiver. The truth is that a lot of time those contacting needed to get information since this happens via email, so the information in the message must give a clear detail on when the receiver should check back or what plan of action should be taken. So this simply means that the auto reply message must be as informative as possible. You would also need to adopt a better writing guide to enable you craft your email to perfection. Doing this will enable you not to jeopardize the chances of still connecting with those, that needed to interact with you during your vacation period. Below are the writing tips to be adopted:

Make your auto reply message short and straight to the point

  • Add a salutation to your email. This will show courtesy
  • Start by thanking the sender for contacting you for whatever reason, next state that you unavailable at that time.
  • State in your email your return date or availability date to enable the other party know when to write back
  • If you have another avenue you would want to be reached, then you can state it or you refer them to another person that can assist for that period.
  • Conclude your email and use best regards as your complimentary close. You can now sign off your name.

Below are the vacation email auto reply messages

Sample 1


Thank you for contacting me through an email. I am out of town now on a vacation with my family. So during this period I will be having restricted access to respond to emails. I will be available from the 3rd of June to respond to messages via email. so if you can, you can hold on till then.

But if your issue needs very urgent attention, please contact me briefly on my cell phone 546-876-872. I wouldn’t mind to spare my time to attend to you. Please before contacting me, be sure that the issue is urgent and it isn’t something you can wait it out still I return. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards

Will Patti

Sample 2

Hello there,

Thank you for forwarding your email to me. Unfortunately, I’m out of the office for a 2 weeks’ vacation. This means that I’m not on hand to respond to any email at the moment. But I will be back on the 14th of April 2022.  It will be better to wait it out and get a response from me then if you think I should be the only one attending to you.

But if you still insist in getting an immediate assistance, then I will refer you to another contact person. You can reach out to Ms Jonah Whyte for help. You can shot her mail on or call her on 565-432-123. Thanks for your understanding and do have a good day.

Best regards,

Carlos Maurice

Sample 3


I’m going on a vacation with my mum and I will be out of the office for 3 weeks. This vacation will start from the 10th of May through 2nd of June, so I will be returning to the office from the 5th of June.  I will be having limited access to my email and which means no response to emails.

But if you would need immediate help during this period, then you can contact my immediate junior Mr. Ralph Fox. His contact email is But if not I will respond to your emails as soon as I return to the office. I hope you understand this and choose the one that best suit you.

Warm regards,

Louise Duke


To show professionalism when you wouldn’t be around to personally respond to messages or emails sent to your inbox, you can adopt the auto reply message route. You wouldn’t want to be tagged rude or snobbish when you are on a vacation, so you would need to do the needful. The best here will be to leave a vacation email auto reply message for everyone that would be contacting you through your email.

Writing an auto reply message will give the senders of mails to your inbox, the information on why their email might not be answered. Betterstill, they would be provided with an alternative contact to help them especially those that their case needs immediate attention. The writing tips above will help you craft your letter correctly. You can use the samples as your templates and input your original information to personalize it.


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