Sample Thank you Letter for a Scholarship

How to Write a Thank you Letter for a Scholarship (With Free Samples)

When it comes to scholarship donors, they are usually very caring and generous people. They understand the need to always groom the next generation, so they are always eager to put money down for others to get the quality education they need. They do this unselfishly and ask for nothing in return but it wouldn’t be out of place if you as a beneficiary show appreciation. One of the good ways of doing that is by writing a well worded thank you letter for the scholarship to the donor to show your gratefulness.

So therefore a thank you letter for a scholarship as the name implies is a letter of appreciation to the donors of the scholarship to show thankfulness. The essence of letter is to show that beneficiaries are appreciative of the scholarship. It is way of making the donor feel special and know that the gesture wasn’t done for ungrateful people. The thank you letter will reminds the donors the reasons for their giving and will enable them give more or continually as they desired.

  • To really appreciate the donors of the scholarship will need you, writing the letter with the right words, features and format. The below writing tips and guide will help you craft your letter in a logical way to show deep gratitude.
  • Start with greeting the donor: you can find out the name of the donor if possible and attached it to the greeting
  • Use the next paragraph to express your gratitude: do this by active voice of sincerity, state the scholarship you are on about by name, don’t mention the money given or ask for more support or money
  • Highlight the impact of the scholarship to your educational pursuit and what you are enjoying most
  • Share with the donors your plans for the future: like your graduation, trips, activities and even prospective job. Let them know how the scholarship would be most have a good effects on your future
  • Thank the donor again as you conclude the letter, then sign off with yours truly, best regards or sincerely yours
  • Be concise with your letter, proofread your letter to avoid misspellings and grammatical errors and then end your letter to the right address.

Below are the samples thank you letters for a scholarship

Liam Lucas

3455 Gordon Street,

Austin, Texas

4th Sept, 2011

Re: Sixth grader scholarship

Dear Mr. Williams

It was a great honor for me to be chosen for your sixth grader scholarship award for Juniorate high school in the fall of 2011. The truth is that I almost dropped out of school because of lack funds but your scholarship came at the nick of time to arrest the situation.

I’m presently in school trying to conclude the second semester as I major in biology. I am really enjoying my classes especially when it comes to plants and animals cells. I have joined several student clubs in the school that would be beneficial to me in future. I will be going further to read pharmacy after graduation and earn a degree. I want to thank you immensely for hitching closer to this dream and goal of  mine.

I am thanking you again, for awarding me this scholarship; you have really helped with my financial burden which would allow me focus more on my studies than always thinking of ways to help out financially with my educational pursuit. I know this gesture have built and inspire me towards reciprocating the same in future. I know training a child is training a nation and I wouldn’t forget this in a hurry. I appreciate your help and care for my education.

Yours sincerely,

Liam Lucas

Sample 2

4th April, 2021

Mr /Mrs.  Malcolm Titus

The Eagles Scholarship funds

Houston, Texas

Dear Sponsors,

This is a letter of appreciation, to thank you greatly for the gift of scholarship for students that are gifted. I am among the gifted students enjoying your scholarship in New Haven high school. I, first want to thank you for making the scholarship possible. I was more than happy when I was chosen to be part of this and I can’t stop feeling thankful for this happening now when it was becoming very difficult to pay my tuition fees on time.

I am a science student and I am thinking of furthering my education as a scientist. I will want to explore and discover more about the world. So the financial aid you are giving now will go a long way to help me become this in future. My financial expenses will be readily handled now, which will force me to concentrate more on my studies.

I thank you so much for coming to our aids as gifted students with lack of financial help. I promise that you wouldn’t be disappointed with your gesture. This is a wakeup call for me to do better academically and otherwise so that you would be happy to continue with the good works. It is a promise that I have made that I would work harder now than never. I am grateful for this.

Sincerely yours.

Pascal Basil


It can be very rude for one to receive a life changing gift like a scholarship and don’t show appreciation. This is why it is important to tell the donor or donors how grateful you are. It would only make the donor feel good and appreciated, will also move them to do more for others. There are different avenues that this can be done, but writing an appreciative letter will suffice. A thank you letter for a scholarship that is well written can bring with it a whole of benefits. To write a responsive thank you letter you would need to follow the writing tips and guidelines as enumerated above.

The samples have been written as well, to give you an insight on how you can draft a perfect thank you letter for scholarship. You would need to personalize the letter to have it well worded by you.


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