Sample Thank You for Confirming Your Attendance Email

Sample Thank You for Confirming Your Attendance Email

One thing is to invite people for an event or any gathering another is for the invitee to turn up. This has always been a hurdle for some event organizers to overcome but in all it is still good to invite people over to your meetings or events. No one is an island as such you would always need people. Well, to reduce our fears after inviting people at least to have the estimate that will attending anything you would be organizing it is always better to send them a confirmation mail.

This will help you determine the number of people you should be expecting for your gathering, meeting or events. Now when the recipients reply to the confirmation mail by giving a positive response of attending it behooves on you to thank them for their confirmation. So this is where the use of thank you for confirming your attendance email will be employed.

So as the name implies Thank you for confirming your attendance email is an acknowledgement letter sent to recipients to thank them for confirming their attendance. This letter will show the recipient that the sender will be expecting them and they would be appreciated for their presence. The letter will also help the sender to remind the recipient of the details that recipient might have forgotten about the event or meeting. The letter will also help the sender to intimate the recipient of the things they might need to come along with if need. This letter will also show how courteous the sender or organizer of the event is, courtesy demands that one should always appreciates every little level of kindness done, gracing an event or occasion that isn’t directly a responsible of the recipient is a big deal and as such gestures like that need to be appreciated when attendance is sure to happen.

Writing an inspiring and stimulating thank you for confirming your attendance email needs to have an exciting tone. You would want the recipient to feel how delightful you are  even from your email, so you need to be friendly in your writing while still urging them to turn up as expected. The below writing tips can help you pass your message across just the way you should. Create your email with the below guide in mind

  • Start your Thank you for confirming your attendance email with a subject line as usual
  • Then use a formal greeting like Dear plus the recipient name
  • Use the body of the message to first thanked the recipient for confirming his or her attendance to the event
  • State additional details of the event if any and outline the program of the day
  • Sign off the letter with a complimentary close, write your name and append yoir signature.

Below are the samples of Thank you for confirming your attendance emails

Sample 1: A “Thank you for confirming your attendance to the event” Email

Subject line: Appreciating you for confirming attendance

Dear Martins,

We the organizers of the 13th edition of the MaryGold visitations are thanking you for confirming your attendance for the annual event. We are all looking forward to having you in our midst on the 10th of may 2020.

Remember we would be having the day on Sunday when the event is starting, as such we urge you to arrive at the venue at least 10 minutes before due time. We would be taking our memorial walk as usual round the old hall, so if you would be driving down, we also urge you to park your vehicle some kilometers away from the left wing of the premises. This will help us have a lot more space during the walk.

Don’t forget to come around with a covering too, in case the sun becomes too intense during the walk period. The dress code for the evening dinner is still casual wears to aid comfortability by everyone. The recap of the lined up program once again are

11 am: mid day service for MaryGold

2pm:  lunch break timeout

3pm: Taking a walk of the foundation

5pm: taking the holly tour

7pm: Dinner with all the executives

We would like to take a group photographs so come along with your frames if you would want to have them for keeps.

Best regards

Rebecca Adams

Coordinator marigold


Sample 2

Subject line: Grateful for attendance confirmation

Hello Joe,

Thank you a lot for confirming your attendance for the annual reunion of our club. I’m most grateful for agreeing to grace the occasion come the 19th of July 2020. So I am looking forward to receiving you on that day.

We have a long week planned activities and one of it will be visiting the orphanage homes at least 5 of them. We would urge you to come along whatever thing you feel will be okay for the kids. We have agreed to come along with friends please let keep it at least 2 friends only per person. The dress code for that day still remains navy blue to depict the current uniform color of our dear club.

We would mail to you the programme of the day in our subsequent mails. Once again, thank you so much for indicating interest to attend this year event. You are highly welcomed,

Yours sincerely

Neo Vega

Director (public relation officer)


Sending a Thank you for confirming your attendance email to an individual that have signify interest in attending an event or meeting is a polite way of appreciating the people. This is to show the person that his or her presence is highly acknowledged and this will prompt the individual to defer all odds to attend the event. It is good to always employ the right information when drafting an email for a specific topic. For drafting a Thank you for confirming your attendance email it will be good to make use of the writing outlined above. The samples written too can be used as a template to write your email correctly.


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