How to Write a Security Awareness Email to Employees (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Security Awareness Email to Employees (With Free Samples)

With the large infiltration into our space high level of criminal activities, it becomes imperative to be security conscious when online. A lot of offices and companies data are lost via cyber attacks and breaches. The use of email is the topmost ways by which malware is delivered to companies systems and files as such caution must be applied by employees. This is because the success of any attacks is most affected by the end users which make any attack a very serious issue to an organization. The truth remains that a malicious email can land a company in losing millions of dollars and can even go further to disrupt the continuity of the business. Hence,  the need to write security awareness email to employees.

A security awareness email to employee is an email sent to employees of a company or organization to create the necessary awareness of them to be security conscious. With this email an employee will be able to easily spot any phishing attacks and report such immediately. The easy detection of this by the employee will save the company from losing not only money but its credibility. Email has always been an excellent way of communicating effectively with others, so with writing this awareness email for employees to stay safe it will give useful insight to the consequences of these attacks. The email for security creation will help the employees report any threat to the company security on time.

Having a perfect Security awareness email to employees’ needs to be detailed and informative as it is about letting employees know about a useful thing.  Creating the needed security awareness starts with educating the employees. So you need to be informative with your email and have the right information that needs to be found herein to make your email as professional as possible. The below format and information should be included in your Security awareness to employees email

  • Begin with the subject line and add a formal greetings to it
  • Outline the different attacks that would warrant the recipient to be security conscious
  • Then state helpful tips that will help the employees to easily detect a phishing attack
  • Create awareness about the company’s anti-attacks measures
  • Share with the employees the guidelines the employees can always look to for guidance
  • Bring the email to a close by urging the employees to be security caution and report any security threats when confronted with any.

Below are the samples Security awareness to employees’ emails

Subject: Staying safe

Dear Lords Academy staff,

Staying safe has always been a conscious effort by individuals, this is why this email is coming your way so that we can all stay safe. It is of utmost importance to always be security conscious because it comes with loads of benefits to you and the company. It will be fool-hardy on our path to pay heavily for the security we would have provided for ourselves free of charge. The truth is that when security is compromised we can pay more than expected to get it back.

This email is to create the necessary security awareness to help keep us secured from being victims of scams and attacks. Some of these criminal activities are easy to fall for especially when the employees are the targets. You need to be security conscious of the links you click online, there’s a type of scam called whaling, is one is mostly aim at targeting employees. The hackers act as trusted source to request employees to send them sensitive information or transfer money to them. being a victim of this criminal activity can bring a colossal financial loss to the company.

The email sent by these scammers might always seem harmful but they are danger so always watch out for emails with a hurried tone, emails with fake domain name and communication that needs to be done via only emails. Be very careful with your passwords and username while online. You can still contact the information officer more on this if you have questions you need urgent answers to. Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Johnson.

Sample 2:

Subject: Security awareness is power

Dear teammates,

I’m writing to you all to be security conscious as it is the easiest way you can protect yourself and the company from security threats. One of the great ways to remain security strong especially online is by having in place a solid password. You should know by now that the more complex and longer your password, the more the criminals will find it difficult to penetrate. Strong passwords do take criminals a long time to compromise.

To have a strong password in place you should make your password to be character long, then include special characters, a capital letter and maybe some numerals. Then to boost the security more, you can have a periodic change of your passwords. You can go ahead to also activate the Google’s two step authentication feature. So make your password as much randomness as possible. Again, try not to use one password for almost all your accounts it is a risk, so don’t take it.

So with this security awareness, I hope we would do better in our own simple way to keep ourselves and the company free from security risks. You can response to this email with all your questions and you would get the necessary reply from me.

Thanks for taking out time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely

Brain Raymond

The advocate


Security compromise comes at a cost to a company or the organization because when security is compromised in  the workplace productivity, data and revenue are lost. The scammers prey on businesses and offices that the employees are not security conscious and might not even aware of this issue; it is good for companies and offices to always create security awareness to be ahead of security risks and schemes by criminals. Writing a good security awareness email to employees will need using the right information as stated above. The samples written above can also be modified to suit your narrative and you write your email to perfection.


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