Sample Request Letter to a Mayor

How to Write a Request Letter to a Mayor (Plus Free Samples)

The mayor has the superior powers to solve problems of a city and a place. So you can always be in contact with one if you have any local concern or issues to resolve. The fact remains that writing to the mayor about problems that a city is confronted with is a sure way of getting your voice heard.  So one can write to a mayor to give suggestions, give solutions, and connect with the mayor, alert on problems and lots more.

The mayor is known as the chief officer of a city and sees to the general welfare of a city including the housing, fire, transportation and education. But they can’t function properly without the connection with the governed people. So people are allowed to get back to them, if you have identified and encountered issues in the city it will be good to direct such to the Mayor and offer appropriate solutions that will useful. The channel to state clearly your opinions will be writing a letter to the major

So writing a letter to a mayor is officially sending a letter to a mayor for whatever reasons to be in contact with him. The mayor is about the wellbeing and welfare of a city as such will always want to respond to any member concerns. The letter will alert the major on your concerns or issues if that’s what your letter is all about. The letter will give you the opportunity of making your opinions known to the recipient and you might receive a positive feedback, if that’s what was needed. With this letter you would have a chance of letting the Mayor know about your suggestions and solutions towards any policies or rules in the city.

Writing a compelling letter to a major will need you adopting the right format and features. You would need to use the right tone and language as well. The bellow writing tips and guide will help you in drafting properly a letter to a major

  • Start by finding the Mayor address: you would need to know about the right address of the major you want to mail your letter to. So you can check the city’s website or you check the local phone book
  • Date your letter and formally greet the mayor: You can write Dear Mayor plus the name
  • Use the right tone and language which must be respectful and conversational
  • Next, is to introduce yourself, let the major know about you and relation to whatever you are writing about
  • Then state the purpose of your letter by giving specific details. Try and state an issue per letter
  • Give your opinion on whatever concerns you are bringing to the notice of the major
  • Then go ahead to give your suggestions and solutions to the problem, don’t just dwell on complaints and the issues. Proffer solutions
  • Mention that you need the major to assist resolve the issues.
  • Appreciate the major in advance for whatever positive response that would be given
  • Then sign the letter with your name

Below are the sample letters to a major

Sample 1

Mayor Princewill Lawrence


City council

City of Mississippi


Re: Letter of request

Dear Mayor Lawrence,

This letter is forwarded to you, to ask about the progress of the request that was about raising public awareness for the people of the city of Mississippi, California concerning the protection of our city. If you can recall, on the 1st of June 2021 I had sent a letter requesting a Smartphone application development that will aid to produce a green map for Mississippi. The fact is that the people of the city have learned and known about this app via the peer exchange visit to the city of San Diego a while back which the members are already enjoying the app for about 4 years now.

As it stands, we have already presented the potential project and Green map app to the youth here and they are fascinated to the idea. We are planning to do same to the students in different schools when you approved of the project. It is always good to take care of the environment which is to everyone wellbeing, we know this app will help in this regards, so we urge you to take a positive stands on this request.

I will appreciate your positive feedback, should you need farther information regarding this. Please contact me on 346-879-657 or mail me at

Yours sincerely

Phil Brown (Youth president)

Sample 2

12th May, 2021

The Mayor

City of Orlando


Sub: Requesting letter to the mayor

Dear Mayor Fredrick,

This is a letter of request from the East of Orlando; it is to notify you about the bad situation of our area which is under your leadership. This letter is written on behalf of people of East Orlando that we are not properly given the needed attention that will better our welfare. We are in need of proper medical assistance, there’s no proper water system and the environment is daily polluted with filth and the drainage system is totally blocked. All of these have joined to make life difficult for us and children suffering from different diseases

We trusted you that’s why we cast our votes but it seems we have been neglected afterwards, please come to our aid by visiting our city to help improve our miserable conditions. We need things to start working they way it should for us. I will appreciate your quick response. Thanks for your consideration

Yours sincerely,

Mia Ava


Writing to a mayor is the perfect means of bringing his attention to issues, concerns or problems of a city. The mayor has the political power to solve some problems confronting a city but then you have to be polite and respectful with your letter. When writing to a mayor, it is pertinent to incorporate into your letter some features and format. So you can use the guidelines above to craft your letter to perfection. The samples have also been written, you can personalize them to suit your thoughts.


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