Sample Relinquishment Letter for Property

How to Write a Relinquishment Letter for Property (Plus Samples)

Relinquishment of property happens when an individual dies without a will or intestate and had own a property. The said property will be inherited by a legal heir; it will then be up to the heir to do whatever the person wishes to do with the property. But if the heir has taken possession of the property but doesn’t want to keep the said property it can as well be transfer to another co-owner. To make this official, so that it will be documented that a transfer was done, then it must be in writing. So a relinquishment letter for the property will be written.

So a relinquishment letter for property is an official document that shows a transfer of ownership of a property from an heir to a person (the recipient of the letter). The letter will show that a legal heir has release his right on an inherited property to another legal heir. The letter will be documented for future use and to show that it was properly transferred. The letter will indicate the name of the person making the transfer and who is the receiver. It can be used as evidence in case the law needs to be used; the letter also contained all the details and information that the new heir which is the recipient will need to know about. The letter will enable the decision taken which is the transferring of the property to be binding.

Writing an effective relinquishment letter for property needs one’s writing in a detailed and informative manner. This is one letter that the information needs to interest the recipient and the writer would spell out all the details that concern the relinquished property. The below are the information that you would need to include in your letter.

  • Give your letter a subject title example a letter for relinquishment of property
  • State when the relinquishment is made (the date of the letter)
  • Include the name of the person getting the property, which is the release
  • Mention the name of the heir doing the transfer, the releasor
  • Write the witness names and addresses

Below are the samples of relinquishment letter for property


                                                                        Letter of Relinquishment

This is a letter of relinquishment of property which is made and executed this 2nd day of April by Henry Mark. Residing at 2345 Oxford Road, San Diego. This transfer is in favor of Virgo Mark that is residing at 4567 Old fox rd. The writer of this letter being the releaser is the legal heir of the deceased Late Mr. Brown Mark who died without a will leaving behind the following legal heirs:

Mr. Henry Mark 46, Son San Diego

Mr. Virgo Mark 42, son San Diego

Mr. Phil Mark 42, Son San Diego

So upon the death of Mr. Brown Mark, he has left behind for the writer of this letter a house at No. 2345 Oxford Road, San Diego and the measurement is about 45 sq ft which is a room apartment. In the life time of the deceased, he had always wanted to leave this house for the writer (releaser). So I am transferring to property to Virgo Mark. From this day I cease to have any legal right interest or title to this property.

So Collin Jack becomes the owner of the house, this letter is of utmost importance as the fact concerning this house will be on record. I have relinquished and release this house to Collin Jack out of natural care and love to the recipient and there’s no monetary consideration. I hereby declare that the recipient is the exclusive right henceforth with effect from 2nd day of April 2021. The recipient has the right from now on to have his name incorporated as the owner of this house

This letter is witnessed by both Mr. H.A Thompson and Mr. W.O. Peter

Best Regards

Henry Mark

Sample 2

                                       Letter for relinquishment of property

This is an official letter to show a relinquishment of property by Pascal Robert written and executed today the 10th of May, 2010. The releaser (writer) resides at 6787 Marina Rd, Columbus, Ohio. This transfer is in favor of Charles Robert (the releasee) though I am the legal heir of the deceased Mr. Liam Robert who died intestate; I have attached with this letter the death certificate.

In the death of the deceased, a piece of land measuring 234 sq feet was left for me. The land is at Cleveland Ohio. Before the death of the deceased there was a high desired to bequeath the land to me. So I am by this letter relinquishing this property to my brother Mr. Charles Robert. He becomes the legal owner of this said land from henceforth. This letter is written as an official record to the transfer of this land

I, the releasor is doing this favor with no monetary motivation, I will not collect any money on the said land. It is all about me giving this favor to my brother. So I no longer have a business with the said land title, rights or interest. I therefore agree that the new owner can go ahead to take ownership of the property. So therefore, this transfer has been concluded on the 10th of May 2010. The witnesses to this execution are Mr. James Michael and David Richard

Best regards

Pascal Roberts


Relinquishing or transferring a property has a legal owner or an heir will need it to be documented. It is not what should be verbally done, writing a letter would be a lot better to make the parties involved know the details of the transfer. A relinquishment letter needs to have some very important information in it; the above outlined information needs to be included in your letter. The sample letters have also be written for your use as well. You don’t need to use any generic template; you can use any of the two written as your template. You only have to personalize the information to suit your narrative.


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