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How to Write a Reflective Cover Letter (With Free Samples)

There always the need to outline the work done in a class, to show that one has learned new things  and that it can help you perform better in the future.

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If you are writing a reflection cover letter for someone that isn’t familiar with you or your work, then it will great to show the person all you have learned, written or done. It will be good to use your revisions or drafts as evidence so that it will be believable. It is up to you to convince the recipient that you learned something.  This is always an opportunity to express one’s thought based on an issue. This is where the reflective cover letter comes in since it is one of the important part  of your portfolio.

How to Write a Cold Cover Letter

So a reflective cover letter is written so that the recipient will know that the student is familiar with a course outcome, that the student knows the extent to practice them and can as well project how those things learned can contribute to knowledge in the future. The reflective cover is about students reflecting on completed work in a good way that its help students to demonstrate growth in a course.

Among all the assignments that a student will be dealing with in the university or college years of studies, it is this letter that one will be able to speak one’s mind on the most. The reflective cover letter is mostly written to instructor, which will enable them know that a student had actually learn what was intended. The reflective cover letter is always written after revisions have been completed. Reflective cover letter is a highly detailed thoughtful reflection on work in a class.

This letter can be said to an argument where every writer of it is out to persuade the recipient that one has learned some things. The reflective cover letter is like a lens for anyone reading your portfolio to understand the revision moves and writing you have made.

Writing a persuasive and compelling reflective cover letter would need you be informative with your letter. The reader would want to find a lot about your learning process, as such it is pertinent to have all the information needed that will interest the recipient. You would need to include the following in your letter.

  • Start by mentioning you expectations and your level of growth as well.
  • State what you have been proud of in the concluding semester and why
  • Then include your revised essays and add changes that should be made
  • Share the kind of research that you can do now but couldn’t achieve it in the beginning
  • Mention how it as help you grow your abilities as writer for some purposes and audiences
  • State how peer feedback is an hindrance to your writing but how the concept of writing process have changed In new semesters

Below are the samples of reflective cover letters

Sample 1

Dear Portfolio Readers,

In all honesty, before the introduction of this course, my writing wasn’t vibrant enough. I didn’t just like writing maybe because of the standard of what a good writing was in high school. The truth is that in high school, it was more of argumentative essays which personal opinions weren’t welcomed. But, after just a semester with this course, writing is one I love to do now. I so enjoy doing my assignments and it become exciting for me to write my opinions

Another great change is the ability to revise my work to get a higher-grade and I can personally now make a revision, same with making higher grade now. The main course assignments that I was really successful at are those I learned mostly from. I have learned to reach my audience to achieve my purpose; I have learned to structure essay better and learned to research better with citations. At this point I wouldn’t mind to revise my previous essays. I believe I will more detailed and explanatory now. The essays I will really love to revised are essay 12 and 13

I am very sure that I have really learned and improved on my writing this semester. So I believe I will do better in my next level or future.


Lawrence Alex

Sample 2

Dear portfolio Readers

I was one person that never loved writing because of how I was tutored in my high school. Writing your opinion didn’t just work with them, so the argument only in essays didn’t appeal to me. So my writing then was of mediocre level. But here is different now, because after having my first course all of that changed. It will interest you to know that I enjoyed the writing to the extent of writing a journal. I have learned now how to make a work cited page, make oral presentation and write a proper letter. It pleased me to know that I enjoy writing and doing my assignments.

I have become successful now with my learned assignments, being able to structure my essays and writing a better conclusion. All, the same my essay after revisions have been improving but I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to do better with the revision. I will want to revise essays 3, 8, 10. I didn’t make the jobs detailed enough. I would want to be more engaging, informative and detailed with my writing

So I am ready for Eng 230 Rhetoric and writing now. I have done average this semester and envision doing more next semester in this course


Maureen Newton.


You would need to write a reflective cover letter after you have completed your revisions. It will let the reader know your standard of writing now as you would be doing a better job. It shows the readers that you are ready for writing in the next semester. The right format and features to be used for a reflective cover letter has been outlined above, you can review and adopt them into your letter. The samples are written to serve as templates for you; you can use them to input your original information to personalize it.

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