Sample Reconsideration Letter for SBA Loan

How to Write a Reconsideration Letter for SBA Loan

You may have been denied a SBA (small business association) loan, which may be due to lack of right information of your business, you have unsatisfactory credit history or your type of business is ineligible. All hope isn’t lost you can take the most successful step. The sure bet is to ask for a reconsideration, which will be the chance for you to supply additional information that will help you prove your case to get the loan. This is where you would need to write a reconsideration letter for SBA loan.

So a reconsideration letter for SBA loan is a letter to request for a re-evaluation of SBA loan that you were not given or denied.  This letter will be the means of the writer to explain to the recipient reasons on why their loan application should be reassess. The letter will help to provide additional information that might not have been inputted in the first letter. The letter is another way of presenting some supporting documents that might not have been attached to the original document (these documents can be revenue reports or tax returns

Writing an effective reconsideration letter for SDA loan will need you inputting in your letter the right details , that will interest the recipient to grant your request. You would need to know the right information, format and features to use. The below writing guide will help you craft your reconsideration letter to be a success as needed.

  • When you get the denied letter from SBA, you would need to find out the reasons on the notice. Then go ahead to supply information that will address the reasons via asking for a reconsideration
  • If you were denied due to lack of funds and it isn’t true, you would need to submit along your letter your statement of account
  • State the purpose of your letter and explain why you would need a reevaluation
  • Include in your letter the right date you applied for the loan, your contact information and your business
  • Give a letter a subject

Below are the letter of reconsideration letter for SBA loan

Sample 1

Attention: the SBA reconsideration department

I am writing this statement for a reconsideration of my SBA loan application that I submitted on the 13th of April 2004. The SBA application number of mine is #3456 and my business name is Bruno Capital investment. My application was denied due to the fact that my type of business is ineligible for the loan. I don’t know the criteria you are using, but to the best of my knowledge I know that my business is eligible for small business association loan.

 My investment business is a small one and it is registered as stated by your terms and conditions. We are not indebted to any company or organization as we are reputable company that always keeps to our side of the bargain when it comes to business or financial trams actions. The problem was that at the time of filing the application, some of the documents for my business were yet to be signed, so they were not included with it. But I have gotten them now and I have attached them with this letter for your re-evaluation

The documents are:  identity proof which I have attached copies of my PAN card and my driving licensee, for my address proof I have added copies of my trade license and sales tax certificate and my income proof is the copy of my bank statement.. I know these documents will prove to you my business is eligible enough for the demanded loan. I will always be available to answer all your queries, please give my loan application a consideration. You can shot a mail at

Yours sincerely,

Joe Mark

Sample 2

Attention: SBA reconsideration Department

This letter is forwarded to you, to ask that you grant my SBA loan application a reconsideration. My loan application number is 8909. My Business legal name is  Jerry Agro-products Limited. I got your denial notice on the 24th of August 2021 stating that my loan application has been denied  and the reason read “ economic injury not sustained. You stated that my cost of goods sold was a lot higher than the reported gains which mean that my business is running at a loss. This invariably means that my gross income is low.

But I want to refute this strongly and I believe it must be from an error of my reported figures, so with this I will be setting the record straight. I have attached to this letter the updated income statement of my business. You would be able to see the legit profit and loss of the business from here which will prove the correct figures and how things stand at the moment than the previous report

I will also want to show more evidence of my financial standing, so I have attached to this letter as well the monthly income statement, this will help to substantiate the economic injury. I wouldn’t mind to fill the SBA form 1678 if you would want to compare my present sales monthly figures to that of 3 years back. With all these reasons and proofs I hope you would find me worthy to have the loan and you wouldn’t be going wrong doing this

I appreciate the time you have taken out to review my letter; I hope I would be given the reconsideration that I need. You can call me on 768-654-432 if you would be need any information from me.

Yours sincerely,

Hosea Adams


You can take an action if your SBA loan application was denied; you need to make the department take a look again. The strategy to adopt is to write a reconsideration letter after reviewing the reasons for your rejection. Your letter needs to be properly worded and have the right information that will hitch you towards getting a positive response. The writing guide above have been written to assist you achieve just that. You can use the samples as your template, you just have to personalize them to suit  your aim


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