Sample Letter to Someone who hurt you

How to Write a Letter to Someone who hurt you

Humans are emotional beings that can easily get hurt by the words or deeds of the next person. This is a natural occurrence which can leave one in pains and bitterness. A Hurtful word is like a two-edge sword that pierces the heart and as such if an action that can alleviate this pains isn’t adopted it can make one be in a bad place for a long time. Sometimes it might just need the other party to apologize to make the hurting one to feel good.

The fact is that one might deeply hurt the next person without knowing the depth of the damage especially if the words were made in the heat of anger, so it will be better for the hurting one to alert the other person to this level of pains. So the best bet will be to write a letter to the person who hurt you.

So a letter to someone who hurt you is a letter to alert the recipient of the damage inflicted on one via the recipient’s words or action. The letter will offer the writer, the chance of expressing the negative emotions that have built-up overtime. The letter will help the writer get the words off the chest to be able to feel better and move on. It will help the recipient to know the length he or she has hurt the writer and amends made. The letter will aid the writer to show the recipient the effects of the hurts and how the recipient can remedy the situation.

Writing a perfect letter to someone that hurt you will need you inculcating into your letter some vital information that will make the person understands your feelings and emotions. The below guide will help you get your letter properly worded

  • Firstly, start with telling the person about your hurt and your purpose of writing
  • Then describe the situations that led to you being hurt
  • State how their attitude, words or behavior impacted you negatively
  • You can suggest what should be done to help you outgrow the pains
  • End by reinforcing your request

Below are the samples letters to someone who hurt you

To the one that have caused me so much pains

2 years have gone by, but I still find myself in the bad place where you left me. I can’t seems to reason better, because bitterness as becloud my sense of reasoning. I can’t seems to even move on not after the hurtful words and action you said and did to me. Even as I write now, I feel I have been struck in the heart once more, it really hurts that the feeling is unexplainable.

I can’t seem to hold back my tears as your action on some days flashes in my mind eyes; I know a lot of people would be angry with this action of writing to you. But I just have to do this, because none of them are going through this bitterness with me, of course they might never understand. I need healing and closure at this point and I know this might never come if you don’t even know about it. I’m staying true to myself and I want you to know that walking out of the relationship after killing myself esteem really hurts

Well, I take some blames as the red flags were glaring from onset but I choose to ignore them. I think my love for you didn’t just allow me think straight. Well, here I am today, fighting with bad emotions and terrible pains. I think I’m paying the price for my stupidity. Well, I’m hoping that one day you would come to realize how terribly you wounded me and make amends but still then, just writing this heartfelt piece have given me the closure I needed.


The one that care the world for you.

Sample 2

Dear used to be best friend,

I never knew a day like this will come in my life, where I would have to write about how you hurt me and also scar me for life. This thought alone has brought hot tears to my eyes but it shows that we can’t only trust ourselves and only hope for the best.

You came into my life, just to leave bitter taste in my mouth and no matter the sweet experience I have in life now, it seems to be eroded by the bitterness you left in my life. We became inseparable years ago and bonding was effortless for us but you destroy all of that for no tangible reason. For years now you have turned my once bubbling life to gloominess. You were really one person I never wanted to let go, you were like a sister I never had. You taught me everything I needed to know as a friend but I wonder where all that love went, when you decided to hurt me.

Several times people called to tell me, you weren’t the kind of friend you had portrayed to be, they told me you lie to them about me and even share our secrets to them. You just turned against me and I continue to ask myself why?. You ruined the friendship I so cherished. Well, I hope letting you know how much you hurt will help me now outgrow it. I know I will be able to breathe better now

Best regards

Your bonded friend


Healing can come if the one that hurt us makes conscious efforts to reach out to comfort us. But they might not know the depth and length of the pain, if you do not let them know. So you can reach out to them by writing a letter expressing your emotions and pains. The above guidelines can help you craft your letter to perfection. You just need to get your letter rightly worded to get the attention of the recipient. The samples have been written as well, you can adopt any as your template.


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