Sample Letter to IRS for Payment Plan

Sample Letter to IRS for Payment Plan (Download Free in Ms Word Format)

There comes a time that one cannot completely pay for outstanding tax debt to the internal revenue service. The best bet will be requesting for a payment plan that will be favorable to you for  making payments. So to achieve this you would have to inform the internal revenue service and get the plan sorted out. You start this by writing a letter to them requesting for a payment plan to enable you effect the payment as when agreed.

So a letter to IRS for payment plan is a letter of installment agreement that is written by an individual to IRS asking for a payment plan for outstanding tax debt. The whole essence is to make installment payment than paying in bulk which might not be possible. This document will also serve as a future reference for the agreed payment plan. But to make this work and avoid cancellation by IRS, the individual involved must avoid any violation. A payment plan can be seen as violated if the individual does the following:

  • If the person is not making the full monthly payment as agreed
  • Has not sign and return the waiver that is contained in the paperwork
  • the person doesn’t file and pay any tax return that is due
  • Doesn’t complete the statement of income and expenses

All of these will bring about cancellation of any payment plan by the IRS

To write an effective letter to IRS for payment plan the letter must contain the following details

Addressees of parties involved

The basic details of IRS and that of the writer: This could be the name, phone, address and tax number


You would use the date of the request for the letter

Details of request

You would need to outline the details of the request in your letter. Let IRS know your proposed payment. Be open about the situations of things and your purpose of request. The letter should also ask or have communication of whether IRS have any suggestions for other options

Future plan of action

The letter should also include or address future plan of action and the agenda

The format for letter to IRS for payment plan must take the below shape:

  • The letter should be neat and brief, in the upper left corner write the subject
  • Beneath come the date and the IRS address
  • Then create a subject line with RE: then add IRS number
  • Write the body of the letter, write in paragraphs, describe the situation and attach any additional documents.
  • Then mail the letter to IRS

Below are the sample letters to IRS for payment plan

Sample 1:

Bryan Duke

5464 Arizona Avenue.


4th August 2021

The internal revenue office

Washington D.C

United States of Nigeria

Subject: request for a payment plan

I’m Bryan Duke with tax identification number #5467654 and I have my revenue account with the Washington D.C revenue office.

I have been out of job for a while which have made me to not pay my tax for about 8 months. I have gotten another job and I want to start paying my outstanding tax which necessitated for a payment plan. I’m requesting for a monthly payment plan which would be on my current year individual income tax debt

This letter is to notify you to set up an installment payment with a timeframe that will be accommodating for me. I vow not to violate any rules that would be put in place in the course of this payment plan. I promise to remit the money when due and the money agreed upon.

I will like a monthly payment plan but if you have a different option that would be favorable then you can communicate to me in your feedback.

Thanks for your time as I await your notice of acceptance

Yours faithfully,

Bryan Duke

Sample 2

Linda Mark

565 Patibo Street,

Alamba, Washington DC

6TH June 2021

The internal revenue service

California branch


Subject: letter request for payment plan

This letter is coming your for a tax payment plan. My name is Linda Mark with tax ID #45467. I have an outstanding tax debt that has accumulated for months and I’m ready to start them off. I haven’t been around to make this payment but I’m willing to make the payment now.

The issue is that I wouldn’t be able to pay them all off at a time and I’m asking for a favorable payment plan that can be spread by months. A monthly installment agreement plan wouldn’t be a bad idea and I hope I will be granted such with a timeframe of about 12 months.

I vow not to be in violation of any rules or instructions that would come with this payment plan. I promise to may payment when due and remit the exact amount of money per time as requested. I hope my letter will be acknowledged with an acceptance. I will be awaiting your feedback as soon as possible.

If you would like to get further information or more discussion then I can be reached on 657-123-567

Thank you for your time as I await your acceptance notice for commencement.

Yours sincerely

Linda mark.


When there’s a tax owing by you to the internal revenue service and such debt can’t be paid in full, the best bet will be to make a request for installment payments. This payment plan can be requested before receiving bills or after receiving the bills. Setting up a payment plan need one notifying the IRS about it and one of the ways of doing this is via letter writing

Drafting a letter to IRS for payment plan is very simple; you would just have to follow the format as outline above. The sample letters above can be used as a guide though to be copied verbatim. You just have to tweak it with your original information to suit your information and you are done.


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