Sample Letter to Board of Education

How to Write a Letter to Board of Education (With Free Samples)

Letters written to the board of education can be for diverse reasons, it could be a complaint from parents, and it could be a criticism or an acknowledgement. But the truth is that whatever motive is behind the writing, one should keep it formal, be respectful and direct about it.  It is always advisable to communicate with the school board concerning one’s child education, school functions or special services, it shows one cares about the child’s quality of instruction and well-being.

The board of education is always ready to deal with all situations and problems associated with schools, but this can’t be done if they are not aware. So if you need them to be aware of issues concerning your school or students then the best bet will be to write a letter to board of education.

So therefore a letter to the board of education is a formal statement written to the recipient to disuses issues concerning a school or a student. This letter can be written by a parent to alert the board of education which is the board of trustees of a school for whatever reasons. Writing to a school board offers both the parents and the schools ideas that need to be upheld. Board of education is like an advocator for both school administrators and teachers making sure the right tools and training are supplied to schools to upheld effective education. So writing to them is the right avenue to channel all school problems to. It will also give the writer the opportunity of expressing self which could be about stating one’s concerns or giving suggestions. The fact is that no man is an island and even the board of education isn’t, they always need input from others. All of these is to help eliminate complications and confusion in the school environment.

As you know writing an effective letter is a skill, as such you need to employ the right format, features and elements to get it right with any letter. Writing an effective letter to the board of education will need you employing all the necessary features and elements to be able to craft your letter to perfection. The below writing tips and guide should help you get it right:

  • This is a formal so you would need to employ the professional tone, be polite and respectful with your content.
  • Then start the letter by introducing your self to the recipient
  • Go ahead to state the purpose of your writing and be organized in your thought, let them know clearly your problem or concerns
  • Explain vividly the situation you are being confronted with, avoid being emotional here, or using profanity or threats. Just be confidence that your concerns will be addressed
  • Discuss the steps you have already taken and maybe give some suggestions on the solution you believe will help
  • Conclude your letter on a positive note, then sign off

Below are the samples of letters to board of education

Sample 1

A.O. George

234 trio street, Oaktree,


17th Jan, 2021

Connecticut Board of Education

456 Julies street


Dear Connecticut Board of Education,

My name is A.O. George, a parent to Ferdinand George a student of New Haven high school. I am writing for the school to come to the aid of the student living a little bit away from the school. I want a school bus to be added so that it will make mobility for the children a lot easy. As I write, students from my axis need to trek for at least 20-30 minutes daily, to be able to board a car at the Elmemi junction. So I will prefer a bus be used to stop at Bebosco junction that would be easily accessible by most students, so that they can stop this early morning walking and sweating before getting to school.

I know your board is committed to the well-being of all students, so I will urge you to look into this aspect of concern for me as my son is also affected. I will so appreciate it if this concern of mine is given a solid response to end the suffering of the children alleviated as quivkly as possible.

Thanks for your time and understanding

Yours sincerely

A.O. George (Father)

Sample 2

Sonia Orwell

568 Redingote Street


12th May, 2021

Dr. Timmy Richards

Margret board of education

Florida County, Florida

Dear Board head,

I am Mrs. Sonia Orwell, a mother to Cherry Orwell and two of my foster kids attending St. Nickon High School.  My concern is about the lack of good studies for the children in mathematics. The mathematics teacher Mr Adolf for a whike now  has sending the kids home with poorly graded mathematics scripts and with overnight homework that is confusing for me. I’m a mathematician myself, so I check more their mathematics work.

Do you know that some of the sums Mr. Adolf marks wrong are indeed correct and this gives me concern that he isn’t doing a good job. I have already discussed this issue with him ad the school administrator but to no avail. I don’t understand if Mr. Adolf isn’t familiar with some topics or doesn’t just know what he is doing. I have attached to this letter screenshot of conversations and chats I have had earlier with the school. I will want Mr. Adolf replaced for my children class, so that my children can pick up better in mathematics.

Thanks for your time.

Yours sincerely

Sonia Orwell (mother)


It is always good for care-giver or parents to let the school board know about issues confronting their wards to the school board. There might be various reasons to contact the board of education, so you just have to write to alert them of the issues. The witting guides or tips above should be adopted to help get an effective letter. The samples have been written also to serve as a template, so you should choose any of your choice to use.


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