Sample Letter to an Acting Agent

How to Write a Letter to an Acting Agent

There is a high demand of actors with amazing talent by both Acting agents and even managers. The thing is that if one can communicate effectively with a great agent, then the possibility of being signed by these agents is very high. Even the other acting agents will be interested in you when you have mastered the art of writing a compelling letter to them. The most benefit will be that there will always be auditions for acting jobs lined up for your grabs.  Acting agents always want to work with each talent individually, so you don’t to forward any mass letter on the web, you just have to independently write a letter to them.

So a letter to an acting agent is a document sent to an acting agent which will showcase one’s unique qualification for the agent to agree to represent one. This letter is written, first to give you the initial contact with the agent. It will introduce you to the agent, which might draw their attention to you if you are worthy. The letter will help you create the first impression as you would outline your characteristics and personality. The letter will be a good opportunity to show your strengths which will make the recipient want to give you and your dreams a chance

Writing a fantastic letter to an acting agent will need you to be convincing and persuasive in your tone. You would need the agent to see reasons why you should be adopted into his team or be represented. So you need to input the right details into your letter to lure the agent and sway him to your side to be adopted. The below writing guide and tips will help you draft your letter just the way you should.

  • Start by doing a research to uncover the acting agents in your area, work with one that has clients similar to the career you want
  • Check the agency guidelines and follow them strictly, just send your letter with their requirements
  • Then start the letter with the contact information of yours. You can include your phone number, city, full name, states and email address. You can have a subject matter to get the attention of the agency
  • Then write your salutation. It can be a Dear plus the Agent’s name
  • Go on to introduce yourself and how you found the agent
  • It’s time to enumerate your qualifications and experience, Go ahead to do it here. Try and be honest with all your qualities. You can include the training and acting courses you have taken already
  • Mention the career goals you want to achieve, so that the agent will know and help you actualize them
  • Conclude your letter with extra information on why you would love to work with the agent. End your letter with a note that you would want to get their response soon

Below are the samples of letters to a acting agent

Sample 1

Jacob Noah

546 portiere street, Honolulu

Hawaii, USA


10th Jan 2010

Blackson Pearl

Blackdove Acting Agency

4567 phonety street, Hilo


Dear Pearl,

I saw your advertisement published on the Acting hub online and I noticed that you managed the kind of talents that interest me. I have experience in Acting and stage shows and I wouldn’t mind to share my qualities with you and will love to be one of your clients. I have 3 years experience in stage play; I have also taking courses in mainstream acting. Some of my outstanding stage play includes, the Amsterdam, living with fear and making it reel.

I want to further my career in acting, as I love to act and my goal is to become a method Actor. I believe from your previous works I have seen, that you can help me realized this dream. I know for a fact that we would be a perfect combination as a client and agent.

I have attached to this letter your entire requirement as stated on your ad. You can visit my social space @ Jacob Noah to learn more about me. I appreciate the time you took out to look through my letter. I’m waiting to have this discussion with you on a higher scale.

Yours sincerely,

Jacob Noah


Sample 2

Andrew Andy

456 Goshen street Phoenix,


10th July, 202

Fox Alan

657 banks rd, Tucson


Dear Alan,

I just saw your ad on the Big times magazine and I noticed you represent budding actors that want to go full scale with acting.  I have done courses in Acting and have a little in it too and wouldn’t mind to share my qualifications with you to include me as one of your clients. It should interest you because I have been acting actively in my local drama club. I have also taken training from the famous acting school, StarLight Academy.

Some of the job I participated in includes the Shining armor”, “the Brass Ball “and the five hungry hunters. There are all local theater productions but they are all amazing. So to move my career further, I have decided to go full time with it, so I hope you can dust me up to enable me hone my skills. I’m hoping you would also introduce me to local casting directors that will need my services. There’s no two ways because I see both of us becoming great agent and client.

Thanks in anticipation and I hope to get a favorable response from you.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Andy.


It is always the dream of almost everyone in the acting world to reach the height in their acting life. You would want to land high paying roles and be advancing in your career. The Acting agent are there to help in this regard. To get them to know you, will need you to write a letter to the agent. You need to input all the necessary information that would move the agent to give a Yes. So the above guidelines will help. You need to review them and adopt them. the samples would serve as templates to you.


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