Sample Letter of Interest for Leadership Program

How to Write a Letter of Interest for Leadership Program (With Free Samples)

In the workplace or business arena, it is good to be a great leader. Being a skillful leader will help motivate others to work towards the progress of the business or workplace: the leader will need to show high drive performance, have people engaging culture and be able to be accountable. To equip self for these tasks will need one engaging in leadership training programs.

The leadership programs will help with not only achieving the organizational goals but will help teach the would-be leader the basic skills and techniques one needs. This will enable the recipient to see challenges from a different perspective and be able to surmount them with ease. In the long run, these acquired leadership skills can add clarity to the difficult situation, therefore, boosting knowledge and propelling self-confidence.

So therefore a letter of interest for a leadership program is a formal statement notifying the recipient of the need to be a participant in a leadership program. This is mostly written by a member of a workplace or an employee of a business seeking for self-development.

To be given the chance to attend a leadership program by your company or boss, you should be able to nail your letter of interest format. You need to create the impression that you would move the business or workplace to a great height to get the interest of the company. You can follow this basic format to get it right

  • Start with outlining the subject line on what your interest is about
  • Use a salutation by inserting your bosses’ name
  • State your reasons and purpose why you think the leadership program is a need for you
  • Pinpoint in your letter how the leadership program will be of great benefit to your place of work through you
  • Give the full details of the program and how much it will cost the company for your attendance
  • Insert the information about the organizers of the program in case they need to be reached
  • Your closing paragraph should be thanking them already as you await their approval and insert your name.
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Sample of letter of interest for leadership program

Sample 1


Subject matter: letter for leadership program – I would like to attend the leadership training program

Hi Raymond

I’m happy to inform you that I will love to be a participant in the fourth-coming leadership challenge program. As it is widely known, effective leadership skill is the bedrock of any company today. Being an efficient leader will give one the needed flair to achieve higher worker engagement. The leader will be more innovative with less turnover and bring forth emerging leaders

I have just be notified about a highly effective 2-day leadership training program that is for the manager of companies and it’s called the leadership challenge program. This program is put together by makingitreel leadership consults. This program has been researched and read in MBA programs and business schools internationally.

This leadership program has been raising proficient leaders and I believe it is one life-changing program that will help shape me into a leader that will bring out the best in other staff. It will also help me discover new ways that will be impacting our company.

So here is a simple breakdown of what this program entails:

A post-program personal coaching session will help in making the best out of the feedback and other areas of concentration

It is a virtual program that has a day for homework, instructions, and a chance to set developmental goals

There is also a leadership 360 assessment to measure ones present leadership abilities in a bid to know areas of the person that needs improvement and then the actions to take which would be based on the team discretion

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Lastly, the program has in place a 90-days digital follow-up for follow-up and continuous practice.

The leadership skill program will be costing $950 and the follow-up workshop will be $350. The team indicates that this cost is in line with what other top leadership team companies are charging for individual development.

I’m writing the office that I will love to be a part of this enviable program. I’m sure at the end of the day it will be worthwhile as I will be a strong instrument to the upliftment of the company as a better leader

So with your approval, I will like to go ahead to secure a space for myself. Here is the detail of the day, time, and place for the program

The leadership challenge program

Friday, 16th June and Saturday, 17th June 2021 from 9 am prompt

Any information you might wish to find out from the organizer will need you to contact their number here: 786-543-123

Thank you as I anticipate your approval

Barry Lawrence.

Sample 2

Subject: interest to attend the eagles’ leadership workshop

Hello Mr. Wilfred

I’m writing this letter to request your approval to attend the eagle leadership workshop. The fact is that I have been doing great in my current role but I can do better by preparing myself for the next giant steps. I’m ready to tackle the big changes with new thinking, so leadership development wouldn’t be a bad investment in my future. It will help me stay engaged in my work now and in the future.

I have read about a 2-day leadership skills acquisition workshop organize by well-read and researched instructors. It will be handled by the renowned mainframe instructional consult and it will be great for me to attend. The workshop has developed outstanding leaders that have fantastic skills that can be used in both critical and analytic situation. It will also help me to make both personal and organizational impacts.

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Here is the breakdown of the 2 days scheduled workshop

It is a virtual workshop with days for different instructions and tasks for acquiring skills

It has in place some assessment tools to measure one’s ability before impacting the needed skills

The last of the workshop is $1,250 while the material of study will go for $280

I’m officially informing the company that I will like to attend this workshop as it will help have a positive impact on my leadership skills which in turn will help me execute my job in the company effectively.

With your approval, I can book a seat today. The detail of schedule for this workshop is stated below

Date: 13th and 14th of August 2021

Time: 7 am prompt

Venue: eagle consulting arena

Thank you as I await your positive response

Esther Dominic


A company or workplace pays more for having poor leaders with little or no skills around. This is why it is a great idea to attend some leadership programs. Leadership programs equip one with the ability to increase productivity, improve managerial skills, improve risk management and build an effective work team.  To be able to achieve all of these is to participate in some organized leadership program and it will great to indicate interest via writing to the boss or management to help pay for the fees.

Getting your request letter for the leadership program right will need you using the above format. Just change the narrative to suit yours and you are done already.


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