Sample Guardianship Letter for School Enrollment

How to Write a Guardianship Letter for School Enrollment (With Free Samples)

If there is a need for parents to travel abroad and might not be able to carry out parental duties, then they would be needed to transfer temporary custody of a kid or kids to another adult. It would be good for children to be given temporary caretakers while in school. So the school needs to be notified. Children shouldn’t be left on their own without any guardian, the way out is for such parents to transfer all their normal obligations and rights to another person on their behalf. This is where the guardianship letter for school enrollment comes in.

So a guardianship letter is an official letter or document that allows enabling legal parents to hand over guardianship of their kids to a third party for school enrollment. This kind of letter gives one the authority to designate who can take care of the children while in school. This letter is necessary if the parent wouldn’t be physically available for a temporary time, when the parents are temporarily incapacitated and can’t do the enrollment by self or one of the parents is in jail or can’t be reachable to take responsibility for the child or children available. Sometimes the guardianship letter needs to be approved by the court; this is mostly for cases that need permanent approval.

Drafting a guardianship letter will need the writer to do the following before writing: check to be sure that the state of the child allows for guardianship letters, should come up with the list of preferred guardians, and should meet with the guardians before drafting the letter. Meeting with the temporary guardians will help one get their approval before including their names. This way the expectations and limitations of the guardianship will be discussed ahead of time.

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To write a guardianship letter that will be honored, then attention to details must be observed. The following information must be stated in the letter

The letter should state all the names and contact information of all the parties involved: it should have the contact of the child, parents, temporary guardian, or guardians
The date of the guardianship starting and ending should be included as well
Conditions that might bring the guardianship agreement to a halt should be included
The letter should outline the scope of duties, authority, and rights that the guardian is allowed to executes
Other instructions that would have to do with the well-being of the child or children should be clearly stated. This can include the medical care or dietary limitation
There should be information about the guardianship rights transfer. If it can be further transfer to another person

Below are the samples of the letter for guardianship

Sample 1

Mr./Mrs. Williams Brown
234 Zip ways, Atlanta
Texas, USA.

RE; Temporary guardianship for school enrollment

We, Mr./Mrs. William Brown, are the lawful guardian of our daughter, Mitchell Williams Brown. Her date of birth is 2nd April 2015; her passport number is 5654879 and expires on Nov 2022.
We would be traveling to New York for an official assignment for our business documentation. We wouldn’t be around to bring her for enrollment in your school. But we believe your school will be the best fit for her. So we give our consent to Mrs. Marilyn Jacob to get her enrolled in your school and see to her welfare still our returned. This will take place from 6th August to the 2nd of September 2021.

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Again, this letter will serve as a legal and binding document that will allow Mrs. Marilyn Jacob to get medical aids and to make any good decision about the demands of the child still the period elapses
If there will be any queries or questions concerning this consent then we need to be contacted with the below details:

Mr. William Brown
Mrs. Miriam Brown
Atlanta, Texas 45665

Thank you for your time and your consideration in this case.

Yours sincerely,
Williams’s brown
Mrs. Miriam brown

Sample 2

435 Bebosco Avenue
Austin, TEXAS

12th August 2021

Patricia Allen
456 wellingtons express
Austin, Texas

RE: Temporary guardianship of a minor child, Elizabeth Benedict

I, Charles Benedict, am the parent of Elizabeth Benedict of whom I have legal custody. I authorize Betty Lincoln to serve as a temporary guardian of Elizabeth Benedict. I authorize my child to be taken care of while in school by the temporary guardian, Miss Betty Lincoln. With this, I permit the temporary guardian to take care of other obligations like recreational, medical, and other educational decisions on my behalf.

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But the medical decision should mostly be on blood tests, emergency treatment, and x-rays, this temporary guardianship will take effect from the 10th of September to 1st October 2021. You can contact me on 675-786-234 if you would be needing further information on this or for any queries. But for quick medical assistance, you can reach my health provider on 675-234-786

I hereby grant temporary custody of Elizabeth Benedict of 435 Bebosco avenue, Austin Texas to betty LINCOLN OF 456 wellington express, Austin Texas, 786-435-657

Charles Benedict,
I, Betty Lincoln accept guardianship of Elizabeth Benedict following the letter above.


The fact is that schools will always demand clearance to release kids into the care of a third party irrespective of the relationship a person has with the child. This is why a letter for guardianship is needed for the school to know who is allowed to care for the child. The right person that can issue such a letter is either the parent or the legal permanent guardian of the child.

To achieve this a guardianship letter for school enrollment will be issued to the school. This becomes a legal or binding document that will allow the temporary guardian access to the child unhindered till the specified period on the letter.

If you need to write a letter of this kind, then you can model after the above sample letters. It contains all the information that is needed for a guardianship letter to a school.

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