Sample Demand Letter for Unpaid Rent

How to Write a Demand Letter for Unpaid Rent (With Free Samples)

The fact is that humans would always owe for one thing or the other, whether it is deliberately done or not. This also happens to the payment of house rent; some tenants might deliberately or forget to pay their rent. If this happens the first step is to remind them by drafting them a letter especially if the rent has been owed up to about 8 weeks. If you are thinking about eviction, it must start with the demand notice.

A demand letter for unpaid rent is, therefore, a letter that is sent from the landlord to an owing tenant to make the rent payment. This letter is like an official warning to a tenant that still owes rent or a lawful process might be taken. The essence of the letter is to avoid having late rent payments almost all the time from your tenants. It will enable the recipients to know upfront what to expect concerning their late payment of rent. Again, it might enable you to add a late payment fee to rents that have past due date payments. All of these will aid in getting the tenants to abide by the rule of early remittance of their rent.

The below guidelines must be followed when writing the demand for unpaid rent

  • Start your letter with the date, tenants address, and name
  • Endeavor to make all data correct, this notice will be a legal document if you sue the tenant
  • State in the letter the days that have gone past without the tenant making payments and indicate when the rent was due
  • State the terms of the rental agreement and the sections that indicate such
  • Indicate the total amount you are being owed and include the late payment fees and add where they should send the payment
  • Include your contacts in case the tenants need to reach you

The demand letter for unpaid rent is an official letter as such must take the professional tone. So make sure you write it like the formal letter that it is. It should have two addresses ( for both the tenant and the landlord), have a date with a salutation, body of the letter (give the summary of the title) then a closing requesting the affected tenant to make payment. Then conclude on a formal note with yours sincerely or respectfully with the landlord’s name, signature, and address.

Below are the sample letters for unpaid rent, you just have to customize them to suit your narrative

Berry Hanson,

675 Lawson Avenue

Houston, Texas 4354

12th march 2021

Mildred Milford

Milord Avenue

Houston, texas

Dear Milford,

This letter has been forwarded to you to inform you that I have not received your rental payment up till now. It was due on 3rd Jan 2021, you know rent is due on the first day of all months and will be for the rental unit between 3rd Jan to 3rd of February. So, therefore, you are staying in a house that you are yet to make payment for.

As stated in the terms of the rental contract which is in section 1 of the rent, you would notice that any rent payment not remitted within the next 6 days will come with late payment fees of $70. The rent for your housing unit is due and needs to be paid for immediately or else you would be evicted. You can mail your payment to 675 Lawson Avenue Houston, Texas 4354.

If you have any questions you need to clarify about this letter or you have an urgent condition that you think I should be aware of, then you can call me on 543-876-876. I look forward to hearing from you concerning this payment of your due rent or us resolving this matter amicably.


Berry Hanson,

675 Lawson Avenue

Houston, Texas 4354

Sample 2 format

Herbert Morris

Duke lands Park Street


August 28, 2021


Lance Brain

Duke Lands park street


Dear lance Brain

This is a letter of notice to inform you that as the date of this letter you have failed to make the payment of $650 for your rent. You have been doing this same action for about two months now. You were sent the first notice as a reminder on august 1st which you were expected to pay your money in full. I have attached with this letter the notices. But since that notice, you can still yet to pay a dime for your rent.

You should know you have violated the lease agreement that was signed by you on the 1st of April 2021, in which it was clearly stated that you will pay the rent before the 3rd of all months. As o the date of this demand letter you are owing me a total of $1350

I implore you to make payment for your outstanding rent owing as stated above. You should do this payment within the next 4 working days of getting this letter or you leave the building. If you downplay this request, I will be left with no other option than to file an eviction lawsuit against you. I will, therefore, seek your understanding and cooperation in this case.

If you need to reach me then contact me at 675-333-123. For your payment remit it to the usual bank account.


Herbert Morris

Duke lands Park Street



The truth is that owning some properties for lease or rent is great, but it comes with some pains when you have a tenant that doesn’t make payment on time. So you might just need to take the pains to write them to pay up. The demand letter is of essence which will help your tenant pay on time and you can even make a little profit from their late payment because of the late payment fees. The good thing is that if your tenant doesn’t comply or make payment after this notice, you can use this letter as a piece of evidence to start the eviction process.


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