Sample Complaint Letter to Police Commissioner

How to Write a Complaint Letter to the Police Commissioner (With Free Samples)

The society is an imperfect place housing imperfect people as well; people are different in their attitude to life. Others are peace and law abiding others is deviants for whatever reasons. This is why there’s always incident of threats, murder, social and religion outbreaks, theft and snatching, high noise pollution, sexual abuse, bribery etc.

All these unrest and crime are caused by a human, that’s why the police is instituted to help maintain peace and order in the society. The police might not be aware of crimes happening in some areas, it is the duty of the citizens to alert police by complaining to them. The best way is to write a complaint letter to the police commissioner to get him informed.

So therefore, a complaint letter to the police commissioner is an official letter of information alerting the Commissioner on social issues bedeviling the society. The most essence of this letter is to bring to the notice of the police commissioner the evils going on in some areas of the society. The letter will inform the commissioner on the kind of crime or crimes going in an area. With this complaint the issues will be arrested as early as possible.

Writing an effective complaint letter to the police commissioner needs you using the right format and features in the letter. This is a formal letter and as such you need to adopt the formal tone and be polite in the letter. The below are the writing tips or guide you need to adopt when writing your letter.

  • Start the letter with addressees, date the letter, have the body and write in paragraphs, and then have a conclusion.
  • Write in a professional manner, discuss only serious issues and avoid casual talks in the letter
  • State the subject matter in the first paragraph let the recipient know what the letter is all about
  • Explain the different issues that you want the recipient to be aware of and how the issue can be tackled
  • Then conclude the letter, sign off and write your name.

Sample 1

Alma Sam

1236 Arks Rd, Los Angeles


12th June, 2001

The police commissioner

Police department, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Sub: Complaint Letter Against Loudspeakers and Hate Speech


This letter is coming your way to draw your attention to the outstanding disgusting and fast growing issue in the society. This is about the use of loudspeakers and mic by users till very late at night. Place of worships don’t know when to stop with the incessant noise hereby disturbing the entire neighborhood with loud preaching and singing. The other issue is the use of the same loudspeaker by mobile hawkers who talks about their wares in loud voices hereby disturbing the serenity of the public space.

This also applies during the festivities and special event days where business booms and business men and women use the loudspeaker in the name of selling to make very loud noises just to attract sales and customers. Another set of people that causes nuisance in the name of campaigning are the politicians and others political workers. They do not only disrupt the peace of the society during their campaigns but also promote hate speeches that instigate war and violence in the society. The truth is that all these pollution is not only causing mayhem or disrupting the peace of the people but brings about disunity in the society

So I want you to know that this is a great issue that must be uprooted and eliminated from the root. Please Sir since you are in charge of the police force, I urge you to use your kind office and position to exterminate this quagmire that we have found ourselves. So a good solution to the issue of mics and loudspeakers noisily in public domain should be looked into and stopped. It isn’t a healthy practice at all especially for the ones used right into the night. I beg for an early intervention in this regards

Yours sincerely,

Alma Sam

Sample 2

Patrick Neo

4567 Jack Avenue, Denver


12th June, 2012

The commissioner of police

Denver police zonal area

Denver, Colorado

Dear Sir,

This message to you is to draw your attention to the ugly situation of unlawful activities that are being carried out in Denver area of Colorado. I don’t think a day passes without a case or cases of snatching or theft taking place here. Another illegal activity is the openly selling of illicit spirits on the streets and corners. This has led to incessant drunken brawls and fights by the youth. Also common is the loitering of loafers and hooligans and they harass innocent citizens going about their lawful businesses.

Because of the above activities in this zone, moving about freely isn’t guaranteed. The whole place is freighting as you do not know the group of people you might encounter on your way to performing your duties. The truth is that there’s high level of insecurity here and nobody is safe. So I’m writing so that you can use your office as the most superior of the police department in the Denver police division to curb this menace before it will engulf everywhere. Please immediate steps should be taken so that we know that the issues are stopped and improvement visible.

Thanks for your time and patience writing these complaints, I’m looking forward to see normalcy retuned to our once Denver area.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Neo


It is always good to alert the commissioner of police about any social issues that are going on in an area. The police might not be aware of evils happening in an area, so it behooves on the people in an area to report the whole situation to the right authority. To achieve this, you need to write a complaint letter to the police commissioner to get him informed.

The right format to adopt has been outlined above, so you can review them and use them in your letter. The samples have been written for your use as well; you can make your choice and adopt any of the letters..


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