Sample Business Development Emails

As a business owner you would always want to close one deal, transaction or the other. This is why it is always important to employ any business option that will reach more prospects and also boost open rates. A business that is being updated or promoted almost on a daily basis will develop into something unimaginable. One way to always meet business sales quota and maybe get new potential customers to grow the business is by sending out business development emails to new and old prospects.

A business development email are written by businesses and companies to potential customer to aid in building the business by letting them know more about the business.  Building a business needs more customers than any other input so the letter will help the customers know more about the business and how they can be of help in developing it. The email will help to put the sender company’s name in front of the potential customers. Again, when the email is informative enough, it can motivate the prospect to want to be part of the business which will bring the desired result to the business or company which is development.

The benefits of business development can’t be over-emphasized; business owners know this because such action will increase profitability of the business, increase growth in terms of business expansion, increase the business revenues and help with strategic business decisions. This why business development should be taken seriously.

The truth is that any poorly written business development email will not endear a business to a prospect, so it will better to adopt the right format and content that will help draw in the customers. To write an effective business development email, then your content shouldn’t only be thoughtful but informative as well. The below writing guide will help you write your email to perfection:

  • Go for a compelling subject with your header: you would need to create the need for urgency here and add value to it to get your recipients attracted to open your mail. So with this you would be letting them know at a glance what your business can offer them before they even read your mail
  • Tell them the essence of your mail; tell them about your business, benefits and how it works. How helping to develop it will profit them.
  • Add a call to action: don’t let a customer or prospects wondering what you really need them to do to help develop the business. So you need to go ahead to tell them your request. It is not good to assume that the recipient will know about the development process so demand of them your need.
  • Remember to keep your email short and straight to the point
  • Thanks the recipients already and bring the letter to a close signing off with your name and maybe your title

Sample 1

Subject line: can you open this now to save money

Dear Kinsley,

I’m Fredrick Bernard of Emerald clothing line; we have been operating for about 3 years and have succeeded in putting our brand in about some leading stores in the USA. But we are still looking out to develop our business to meet with our mission goals and objectives. Being that your line of business is in line with our business we are asking you come to help in the development of our business.

Our clothing line has all kind of suit pieces that can suit any shape and it is for both gender. If you patronize us in a reasonable volume, then there will be a discount. This will help you save about 20% on your annual operating cost.

With this email come the detailed information attached that will tell you more about our products and the rate we are willingly to offer to encourage you to try out. If you have questions concerning our request, please mail us back. We would be more than ready to oblige you with all the needed information. Thanks in anticipation as we await your response.

Yours sincerely,

Fredrick Bernard


Sample 2

Subject: 30% off for every buy

Dear Radon Upholstery Company,

Our team of marketers from mainland international Inc, creator of all chair designs is writing your organization to aid in the growth of our business. As we had disclosed in the phone discussion with you last night we are set to hit the ground running as we want to take our business to the next level. We know that your clients always need to buy first the furniture before needing the upholstery pieces and we want you to do all the transactions with us.

We are ready to give you a whopping 30% off every buy, we are ready to show you all that our products entailed so that you can explain same to your customers. We are doing this as we are looking for people like you to come in and help in our business development. I know that we can achieve this, if you are ready to give this deal a chance. Please respond to this mail at your earliest convenience as we only expect a positive response from you.

Thanks for your consideration and cooperation

Yours sincerely,

Tricia Brown

Head marketing


The fact remains that the email option is a basic option of having professional communication when it comes to business. All one needs to do to get their business emails opened in seconds by a prospect is to spend good time to compose thoughtful and succinct tailored email to get the needed result. For a business development, writing an informative email is the surefire manner of getting the name of the company in front of potential customers or prospects.

The guideline given above will help you craft informative and helpful business development email for future prospects. You just need to review them and use them for drafting your email. Better still, use any of the samples given as your template. You need to modify and customize it to perfection.


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