Sample All Hands Meeting Email

How to Write an “All Hands” Meeting Email (With Free Samples)

All hands meeting is one special meeting that is carried out by good companies, offices and businesses. There’s always the need for a meeting where both employees and employers of labor come together to chart the course for their different businesses. It is a meeting where everyone in a company or office comes together to realign with the company or office strategy, vision, mission or direction. The teammates and employees will be able to get update about their place of work and also ask the leadership questions to get feedbacks.

Generally, it is at this meeting that the leaders in the businesses or offices will communicate with their subordinates so that they can get the real information from them. The benefits that come with this meeting are  enormous as such it usually held periodically. To get everyone informed and attend will need alerting them and giving the needed information for attendance before the scheduled day. The best route to adopt to make it speedy and worthwhile will writing an all hands meeting email to everyone.

An all hands meeting email is an official participation email sent to employees or teammates of an office or a company to alert them of an all hand meeting. The essence of the email is to let all the employees know about the forth coming all hands meeting and be ready to attend. The meeting is of significant to any office or establishment since it aligns the employees to the company or office direction or vision and offers important details and it enables employees to ask questions. The email will enable the employees to get prepared and have their questions ready to get feedbacks that are satisfactory that will help them do better in the company or office.

Writing an effective all hands meeting email will need you adopting the right structuring and the information that needs to be contained in the email. The email needs to be compelling and engaging to motivate all the recipients to respond with enthusiasm for the meeting. The below are the writing tips that you should consider when trying to write an all hands meeting email.

  • Start the email with an enticing subject line that will attract the recipients to open the email in a flash
  • Add a formal salutation to the email
  • Start the first paragraph with an introduction and state why the company is calling for an all-hands meeting
  • You can outline the milestones achieved, accomplishments and other special recognization of the company
  • State the need of the all hands meeting, the time and venue of the meeting
  • Close it with an official sign out and your name

Below are the samples of all-hands meeting emails

Sample 1

Subject: Jarule company annual all-hands meeting

Dear Jarule employee,

You are cordially invited to attend the Annual all-hands meeting that is slated to take place on the 17th of July 2020 in the conference room 5678. The management appreciates all your efforts as you contribute daily to the growth of the company. It shows that we do keep in focus the mission statement of the company which enables the company thrive at the level it is doing now.

Nevertheless, there’s always a need to have this special meeting that will enable employees to get current updates on the happenings in the company. This is really why we are calling for this meeting so that everyone gets informed to continue to align with the vision and goals of the company. So it is expected to that everyone turn up for this meeting and get seated before 10am.

The agenda for the day will include:

  • Celebrating and recognizing performing employees of the company

Speech presentation:

  • On company metrics
  • News and announcement
  • There will be questions from employee’s questions
  • Reminders of upcoming events

Thanks for honoring the invitation. We hope to see you then. You can contact the HR for further information.

Yours sincerely,

Pius Ben



 Sample 2

Subject: All-hands meeting alert

Dear staff,

The all-hands quarterly meeting will take place this year on the 20th of May, 2021 online. You are to use the link below in this email to register and login on the stated date for the meeting. this year meeting is going be virtual to enable our CEO that will be out of town during the period to participate. It will also be convenience for all staff, so one can still participate wherever one is.

The essence of the meeting is to get the office current updates from the CEO. It is also an avenue that the management will hear from employees that the leadership might not have been able to hear from. The leadership will also use the opportunity to direct and guide employees to receives all the direction that the needed.

The meeting will only focus on the agenda of the day to do away with unnecessary tasks and people everything on track. So the agenda for the day will be mail to you at least 2 days before the meeting day, to enable you prepare properly for the ,we look forward to seeing you on the day

Thanks in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Brain Ferdinand,

For management


The all-hands meeting is an outstanding one for credible offices and companies. All-hands meetings convey the needed information to the employees that they might not gotten from a memo. All hands meeting are of essence to management as it will help align the employees to all that the company or workplace stands for. The management will get to hear from all employees especially those with questions that can grow the business or company. To alert everyone to attend the meeting will need the management using a proactive means.

Communicating the meeting to all staff will be the surefire way. The email can be sent in batches which will be very easy for everyone to get the mail. All that the meeting will entails will be stated in the mail to inform the readers. The writing tips outlined above can help you write the email to perfection


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