How to Reply to Interview Email Confirming Time Schedule (Plus Samples)

How to Reply to Interview Email Confirming Time Schedule (With Free Samples)

It can really be thrilling that you have gotten an opportunity to be interviewed in a worthy vacant position of a company or organization. But while at it, you would need to also confirm the time you have just received via a mail to avoid arriving late for the interview. It is of essence to get to the interview venue few minutes before start off as such confirming the time schedule needs to be done. The best bet will be contacting the right recipient via mail to confirm the time schedule.

Confirming the interview time schedule is standard but you need to be very careful with your approach. You know that you would be assessed from this point. So you have to be polite and courteous as possible as you can be. You would need to play down your anxiety in the reply but be more optimistic. Go straight to the point, keep your message straight to the point and avoid unnecessary questions. Make your email is request and used a tone that will depict that. You would get the right answer as fast as you can do this.

Crafting an effective reply to interview email confirming time schedule will need you adopting a formal tone. So be formal in your email as possible and be a bit engaging since you need a feedback to prompt the recipient to response to your email as quickly as possible. Use the below steps to get it right when writing your email.

  • Start with the usual subject line and the formal greetings
  • Then thank the employer or hiring team for finding you worthy for the interview. You know gratitude is often appreciated a lot by people. So keeps the reader going with your words of gratification
  • Then go ahead to confirm the time and date of the interview, this will be same for confirming the venue. This will show how ready you are for the new employment. So make employer know your skills even before the interview day
  • Mention that the time given is fine by you but if you are not okay with it, you would need to give a germane reason. Then you can go ahead to state yours and give a fair time to all
  • Bring your letter to a close by thanking the recipient again and end off with your signature and name.

Below are the samples of the reply to interview email confirming time schedule

Sample 1:

Subject: Confirming Interview Time

Dear Sir,

I was really thrilled to have received your email some days back requesting that I attend an interview in your company. I so happy for giving me the opportunity of becoming location personnel in your company. I’m already grateful for this huge opportunity granted me. However, going by how credible and accountable your company looks and is structured I know one needs to be up and doing at all times. So I’m writing to ask or confirm the time for the interview once again.

The email I received on 14th of May 2021 mentioned that the interview is slated to take place in the company’s conference room by 10am on the 12th of June in the company premises. Please can you confirm this information and get back to me. Please respond to this as early as possible.

If you wouldn’t mind, I will like to share some ideas with you at least a day or two before the interview date. If you are okay with this, please also include your response in your mail as well. Thank you so much for the great opportunity, I’m so grateful.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Addie Marcel

Sample 2:

Subject: time schedule confirmation

Dear Malvis,

I have received your interview notice email and I’m already excited that I was chosen to have the interview with your team. I really appreciate the level of seriousness that is carried out by the organization I got this mail almost an hour after submitting my application. I know for a sure that this is the kind of company that I would want to work with because I’m a very time conscious person as well.

Please this email is coming your way to confirm the date and time of the interview as stated in the interview notice. Please confirm that the interview once again is on the 3rd of September 2021 by 9pm on in the coffee room and the dress code is corporate wears. I will be grateful if you response to my mail at your earliest convenience.

I will also want to have a discussion with you before the interview day; I hope you can schedule a suitable time for this as well. I will available in the next 2 weeks so you can schedule within this period. Thank you for your quick response as I await your reply.

I appreciate you and the company once again, for the opportunity accorded me to be interviewed for this role.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond Bush


You need to always remember that it is important to confirm an interview time schedule to be sure the one mail to you is accurate. Nobody will want to attain to your complaint if you miss an interview date even if the fault was of the company. You might only get regret or an apology email and everybody moves on. So if you know you can clinch a job then make the best of the opportunity at your disposal.

Find out first about the timing schedule and be sure it is correct. The simple thing to do is to mail back the employer or the person that mail you for the interview to confirm the date. Writing the reply to interview email confirming time schedule need some details to be included in it, the writing tips as stated above can help you know the information you would need in your letter. You can also use the written samples above as your templates just modify them to suit your need.


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