Promotion Announcement Email Sample

How to Write a Staff Promotion Announcement Email (With Free Sample)

One of the great ways to acknowledge employees achievements and success is announcing their promotion. This will help the employees to feel more honored and do more, same with enabling other workers to put more efforts to be promoted as well. So to announce recognition and promotion of these employees will be better via writing a promotion announcement email.

So therefore, a promotion announcement email is a mail sent out to concerned people to announced promotions of eligible employees in a company or organization. The essence of the letter is to honor and recognize employees that are being promoted in the company and furthermore, to inform other employees of the new change in position of the promoted if need be. Doing this by the company will show the employees promoted that the company appreciates their hard work. They are also respected and acknowledged. The company sharing this mail will give the employer the chance to expressly explain why the promoted employees were promoted over the other employees. The mail will also state the details that will positively impact other employees in the organization

The employers know that promotion announcement is like a career map for employees so the needs to employ it to help motivate others. The simple act of sharing and announcing a promotion will compel others to evaluate their own career development plans for their growth and that of the company.

When trying to write an inspiring promotion announcement email you would need to consider some information and steps to take. Remember that you are not only trying to honor the eligible employees but you need others to work hard too. So you would need to be a lot compelling with your content. Use the below steps to write an inspiring promotion announcement email.

  • Start by choosing an appropriate subject line for your letter: this means your subject should be simple but professional. You can state the promoted employee’s first and last name plus the position promoted to now.
  • Next, address the recipients of the email: you can use salutation like Dear plus the name of the organization or the employees. There should be a clear way of showing that the emails is for all the employees
  • Take the first paragraph t introduce the employee or employees that are being promoted. You need to be excited about the announcement and show enthusiasm You should announce the promotion and the title. State the duration of the period the promoted employee has worked with the company, their new role and other details.
  • The next paragraphs should detail the employee’s achievements and then the new responsibilities. Also indicate who the employee will be reporting to in the new role, then tell others what they should expect from the new promotion
  • Finally, bring your mail to a close by encouraging others to be supportive of the promoted employee: others should congratulate the promoted ones to instill confidence in those promoted
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Below are employee promotion announcement email samples

Sample 1

Subject: Praise James, Director of human resources

Dear Global staff,

I’m delighted to announce the promotion of Praise James from the Assistant human resources to director of human resources. Praise has been with the Global inc for about 8 years now. He has contributed in no small measures to the growth of our employees over the years. He has helped to train and retrain staff to meet up with demands of our company in this 21st century

.Praise has about 10 years of human relations experience in the producing sectors; this has showed in his ability to recruiting capable hands for the company. The exiting staffs are always working to surpass their previous achievements. The company has no doubt that he will shine more as he is promoted to take more responsibility as the director of human resources in our dear company.

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The role for Praise is to oversee the entire human resources department and take all responsibilities concerning it. He will be reporting directly to the Chief executive officer of Global inc. so let us take a moment to congratulate Praise on this new promotion and wish him all the best in the new position

Yours sincerely,

Gab Salves

Chief executive officer

Sample 2

Subject: Welcoming Jill Sarah to managerial position

Hello All,

Join me as I announce to you the promotion of Sarah Jill to the sales department as the new manager. Sarah’s first day as a manager will be on 5rd of June, 2020. In the past 8 years, Sarah has achieved great things as the sales representative with us. Among the many achievements includes bringing in high turnover for sales which is above 90%, having cordial relationship with our clients and customers making the company have high repeated sales volume and getting a supply contract for the company that has made history.

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So the company wants to honor her for her good works by promoting her to the managerial position. We are sure that she will dedicate her expertise as the manager now to making us achieve greater height. We know that are continued strategies will earn us improved annual income and more sales.

If you would be needing details about Sarah’s new position, her responsibilities and how the new job will be affecting any working relationship, feel free to contact the company’s manager of human resources, Edwin Clark. I hope you would join in congratulating Sarah Jill on this new promotion and cooperating with her to make the new role less cumbersome for her

Best of luck to Sarah on her new position

Best regards,

Grace Leo

Head of human resources


Everyone needs to be appreciated and acknowledged in the work place and it even become perfect when it comes with a promotion. Companies know this and try to employ the strategy of announcing the promotion of deserving employees. This will help impose confidence on the promoted ones and encourage others to work hard.

If you need to announce this promotion in a noble way, using the promotion announcement email might just be the best bet. You have the above writing tips to employ when writing yours. Using the stated steps will enable you write a perfect promotion announcement email while imploring others to work harder.


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