Sample of Permission Letter to Use Venue for an Event

How to Write an Event Permission Letter (With Free Samples)

There always be need for a venue which can be used for a wedding reception, school end of term events, launching etc. it will be rude of anyone to just use an event center or space without informing the right authorities. Infact, some venue owners might even messily disrupt the event if such happens in their space. So it will courteous of one to get prior permission before using the venue for any event. This is where the letter of permission to use venue for an event will come in.

So a letter of permission to use a venue for an event is a formal letter of permission written to the higher or right authority. The letter will give in details the purpose of the letter and all that the recipients will need to know. It is a letter that will enable the authority take an informed decision as the letter will compel the recipient to give approval. This letter is always written by the individual or the group of people that are planning to use the venue. This will enable the writers to give authentic information of use which will persuade the recipient to reponse in a positive way.

Getting an approval to use a venue for event will need you writing this letter in a formal way. This letter effectiveness comes from going straight to the point when writing it. You would need to use the right format as well as including the right information that will interest the recipient. Always use the below writing tips for your letter and you would have done an excellent job

  • Use only a formal tone when writing this letter; know that your recipient is a higher authority so the formal tone will do is better for you
  • Now address the person you want the approval from as you begin your letter. Move to state the purpose of your letter
  • Next is for you to write all the necessary information that the recipient should know about: begin with stating the theme of the event, write the date of the event and even the time that the event will begin and end. Give detail about what the event entails and the need to hold it. Be a lot comprehensive here
  • You are seeking for a response so try and include your contact details in the letter
  • Lastly, proofread your letter, check for spelling and grammar issues. Correct them if any.

Below are the permission letters to use a venue for an event

Sample 1


The elite women

Houston chapter


The principal

Access high school


Subject: A request to Use Venue for Event

Dear Sir,

This letter is coming your way to intimate you about the need to hold an event in your school hall. The event is our annual women get-together that would involve a lot of other women coming from outside our state. So we would need a little space that is bigger than our usual hall and your school hall fits into the picture.

The fact is that almost everything has been set for this event. We have invited our guests already. We have set the date which is on the 10th of May. We have even gotten positive responses from our invited guest. This goes to show that we are more than ready to have this event. So please kindly make your school hall available to us.

The group is soliciting for your approval so that we can go ahead with other plans. We would be more than grateful to us if you would grant us this permission. Please you should respond to this letter to acknowledge that you had received this letter. Thank you for your time and approval.

Kind regards,

Sandra Larry

For elite women

Sample 2

13th April 2021

James Noel

Kaddafi Light College

4567 Monolayer road,

New York City

Dear Mr. Noel

This letter is written on behalf of the Redeemer crusader which is a support groups that cater for the less privileged in the society. We do have quarterly giveaway event to the vulnerable and the needy. This support group was started on the 13th of May 1999 and with our dedication, it has grown to a large group now

We have this group in different states and when we need to have our quarterly meeting, the turnout is always massive. We would be having not less than 2000 people in attendance this year. So due to this number of people we are expecting, we believe your school field will be the right space for us. On this note, we humbly request that you approve the use of the field, we promise to clean up after the event. By allowing the use, you would have contributed your quota to this event.

We are looking forward to your favorable response. Thank you in anticipation.

Best regards,

Damien John


Humans as social animals will always want to interact and socialize with one another. This makes having event almost all the time very possible. People would always want to come together for diverse needs but the problem is always the right venue to accommodate the number of people that wants to grace the event. When once an appropriate venue is noticed, the need to use it heightens. To get it legally and how it should be will be to write the letter of permission for the use of the venue

Getting this letter excellently written will need it to be written formally and the correct words adopted too. Doing this will help to increase the chances of the venue being approved by the owner for the use. The writing guide above should be adopted by you, if you want your letter rightly worded. The information that will interest the recipient are all stated above. You only need to follow the guideline serially to have a well written letter. The samples are also written for you. You can review them and use any of them as your template.


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