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Couple Invite Letter for Wife’s Sister and Family US Visa

Couple Invite Letter for Wife’s Sister and Family US Visa

Writing an invite letter as a couple for your in-law and their family to visit the United States is a good addition to the visa application. This letter is mostly allowed to be written by the legal permanent resident or citizen of USA.  The letter shows the United States citizenship and immigration services that the person written for will have a residence as he or she visits. So if you would need to help your wife’s sister and family gain lawful access into the United States then you would have to write a letter to this effect. This is where the couple invite letter for wife’s sister and family US visa comes in.

Website Launch Announcement Email Samples

How to Announce the Launch of a New Website Via Email

Having an idea for starting a website might not be as exciting as when you want to launch it. This is because you are almost at the verge of unveiling your new innovation. At this point a sense of optimism will emerge and anticipation will brew. But all of this will not be fulfilling if people are not involved, remember a website isn’t for your personal use but to attract others to participates as well. This is where fulfillment will come in. though there are numerous ways that you can launch your website and get to let people know about it. But the simple and effective communication route that will be cost effective for you would be launching it via email. You would write a website launch email to different people.

Sample Letter to Request Free Annual Credit Report

How to Write a Letter to Request Free Annual Credit Report (With Free Samples)

The federal law allows one free access to one’s credit report every 12 months or annually. Anyone can request for this report from the three major credit bureaus that are recognized. They are the TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Getting or having access to your credit report comes with enormous benefits like it will help you check your credit score and credit history, so with this you can ascertain effectively your present credit position. You would also be able to know and see as well what lenders would be seeing on your credit report. Again, you would be able to detect any incomplete information or inaccuracy in your report. So if you need to check your annual credit report, you would need to involve the credit bureau in writing and this is where you would adopt the letter to request a free annual credit report.

Sample Dispute Letter for Credit Card Chargeback

How to Write a Chargeback Dispute Letter (With Free Samples)

As a business that accepts a credit card transaction, you would be faced with issue of chargeback. There will some reverses of money that was transfer from the consumer’s bank account credit card. If you are faced with an issue like this you would need to fight back especially as it has to do with credit card transactions. If you don’t do the needful, then you might just kiss your money goodbye. There are numerous ways you can get the message across to the appropriate authority but the most effective will be communication via letter writing. So you would need to write to write a compelling dispute letter to the bank.

Sample Counter Offer Letter for Insurance Settlement

How to Write a Counter Offer Letter for an Insurance Settlement (With Free Samples)

A counter insurance settlement is imminent as insurance companies most times will not want to pay the stated amount demanded in a claim. This mostly occurs in an auto accident that involves a third party. You might reach out with a demand letter to the insurer of the driver that caused your accident. The demand letter will show all the details of the losses and damages you had incurred during the accident. You would then ask them to compensate you to the tune of the amount as stated in the demand letter.

Sample Letter for Appealing a Health Insurance Claim Denial

How to Write a Letter of Appeal for a Denied Medical Claim (With Free Samples)

When you receive a hefty medical bill and write your health insurance company for payment you might get a denial from them. The truth remains that a big medical bill which might even be surprising to you isn’t your fault. Sometimes during the course of your treatment or surgery as the case may be, the might have been need for a out-of-network provider and this can make the bill go up a notch higher. However, being denied your health insurance claim isn’t the final process, there are other health insurance processes that you can adopt to argue out your case with the insurer. One of such process is writing an appeal letter to the health insurance for claim denial.

Sample Letter to Health Insurance Company for Reimbursement

How to Write a Letter to Health Insurance Company for Reimbursement (With Free Samples)

The truth is that there are health emergencies that would need you paying for the treatments before contacting your health insurance company. When a health issue needs urgent attention then there’s no need delaying paying to get everything sorted out with the health facility. This is about saving life first then every other thing can follow. This doesn’t still stop you from claiming the money from your health insurance company. All you would need to do is to write an effective health insurance company letter for reimbursement to the insurer.

Sample Insurance Appeal Letter for No Authorization

Sample Insurance Appeal Letter for No Authorization

Insurance companies sometimes deny a health provider payment that there was no authorization for the services they had rendered to an insured. If your hospital is facing an issue like this, then there’s a great means of getting a reimbursement denials reverse now. This simple way is to write a convincing and informative insurance appeal letter for no authorization. The appeal letter will show your reasons and why the insurers should rescind on their unfavorable response.

Sample Letter of Request for Financial Assistance for Scholarship

How to Write a Letter Asking for Financial Assistance for Scholarship (With Free Samples)

Education is becoming very expensive, this has made a lot of students in the universities or colleges be in huge debt. This is why it is becoming necessary to request for a scholarship either from the government or an individual. But in most cases it is better to ask for this assistance via the government, charity or the church. It wouldn’t be modest or courteous to make this kind of request through a phone call, so the best bet will be writing a letter of request for financial assistance for scholarship.

Sample Letter of Application for Tax Clearance Certificate in Nigeria

How to Write a Letter of Tax Clearance Certificate in Nigeria (With Free Samples)

For the government in Nigeria to be able to provide social amenities to its citizens, then businesses and individual must pay tax. It is always the duty of citizens to help their government to realize their set objectives and one of the safest ways is payment of tax. When the citizen has played the role of paying the tax, the government will need to issue a proof for the act, which would be to give or issue a tax clearance certificate to the person.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for CNA Program

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Nursing Program (With Free Samples)

There is always a need to have a document that will help to strengthen your application when it comes to getting into a nursing school for a program. One of the means will be getting a befitting person to write a recommendation that will aid in putting you in a good light. With the nursing profession same applies here, if you are looking to occupy the role of a certified nursing assistant or getting into a medical institution then backing up your application with a recommendation from a renowned person will be very helpful. You would just need to request the person to write a letter of recommendation for CNA program for you. It is always good to write the letter for someone that one knows both personally and professionally.

Sample Sponsorship Letter for Mission Trip

How to Write a Letter of Sponsorship for a Mission Trip (With Free Samples)

When it comes to mission trip it comes with great benefits. going on a mission trip enable one learn to love like Jesus, make one put the faith to test as well as learning to serve others. Just agreeing to make this moves always enable the participants to love Jesus more and be ready to help others come to him. it is always an awesome experience that makes people agree to leave their comfort zone to unfamiliar places. But this trip and experience come at a cost.

Sample Sponsorship Letter for Summer Camp

How to Write a  Sponsorship Letter for Summer Camp (With Free Samples)

It is good to always have kids or teenagers together during the summer period for either fun or leisure. It always helps to give the participants a sense of independence since they are away from home and having personal adventures. Summer camp goes a long way to give children the needed self confidence and ability to acquire new skills. But this requires funds to be able to organize it properly and without sponsorship it might be difficult to accomplish some goals. The good thing is that there is an effective tool that can be employed to have a successful summer camp which is writing and distributing summer camp sponsorship letters.

Sample Letter Requesting Sponsorship for School

How to Write a Letter asking for Sponsorship for School (With Free Samples)

School needs are becoming financially demanding now, the cost of completing a stage in school is really high. This has made it almost impossible for an average person to go through it without needing a kind of sponsorship. Parents that have more children are finding it hard to enroll all their children in school. But the truth is that it is mandatory for children to receive formal education. Education doesn’t only help to mold an individual; it builds the community and the world at large. This becomes imperative to seek for help either from NGOs, government or individuals. The way to achieve this is by writing a letter requesting sponsorship for school.

So a letter requesting sponsorship for school is a request sent to a recipient to help sponsor education. The letter will inform the recipient about the need to financially cater for an education pursuit. The letter will enable the sender to give a comprehensive detail about the purpose of the letter. Employing the use of calls with an issue like this will not give the effectiveness that this letter required. So the best route will be sending a letter with proofs (supporting documents) to explain all that the recipient will need to know. With letter writing the writer will be able to capture the interest of the reader to help.

Writing a letter of sponsorship needs the usage of formal letter features, as it is a formal letter. In this case the formal format of writing will be adopted. The right information needs to be included in the letter as well. The below writing tips will help you write your letter excellently and properly worded.

  • Begin the letter with addressing to the right people
  • Date the letter and add a subject to it, so that the reader can get its purpose at a glance
  • Start the first paragraph with an introduction and move on to the purpose of your letter
  • Next, mention the reasons for your needs and explain why you can’t cater for the need
  • Make your request known and attach proofs to support your claims
  • Conclude your letter and then thank the recipient in anticipation
  • Sign your name and signature formally

Below are the samples of the letter requesting sponsorship for school

345 Haven Park Avenue


Subject: Request for school sponsorship

Dear Uncle Mark,

Greetings to you and I hope you are doing well as usual. I hope that your entire family is good. My letter is to kindly request that you take up my school sponsorship as your brother (my father) is incarcerated. I just gained Admission to study botanical science.

I want to firstly thank you immensely for all your love for my family; you have been a great father to us. Since my dad sickness you have been our pillar of hope and I thank you for all this. I have just gotten my admission letter but the truth is that this will be a waste without having a sponsor because dad as you know wouldn’t be able to afford this. so please I request that you please help step in to help me out.

Please if you would assist me here, please respond to this letter and also state how you intend to help in this regards. I will be forever grateful if you would help take me to my next level in life by paying my fees. Thank you so much Sir as you have been a big help to the family. I will be expecting your response.

Yours sincerely

Fabian Kelvin


Sample 2

The helpers’ non-governmental organization,

Maryland branch


12th April 2012

Subject: Request for school sponsorship

Dear Sir,

I  Maria Bright write this letter as request for you to help in sponsoring my two sons in school. I’m really sorry to bug you with my problem, but the truth is that I am not financially buoyant now to cater for their educational pursuit.

Just of recent, my husband and I got divorced due to incompatibility problems and I sort for an amicably dissolution via the court. After the proceedings it was ordered that my husband pay for the education and monthly allowance for the children but he is yet to do so. I have reported the case already and court is giving him another 24 days to start effecting payment. But till then, these kids have to be in school.

My financial issue is that I work with a small production firm as a clerk and my pay is just too small to cater for both the welfare and education of the children. For last term I had not paid their fees and this is another term that is almost ending. The fact is that these two daughters of mine will be kicked out if I do not make any payment by next week. So I’m soliciting for funds for their fees only.

With this letter is the attachment of the divorced papers, the salary statement from my place of work, the court orders paper and the financial statement from the bank. Please I wouldn’t mind if you would even want to pay the money directly into the school account, I can get the school account and forward it to you. Please assist as soon as you can. This is a kind of urgent need.

Thanks you already for your help

Yours sincerely,

Maria bright



The cost of acquiring knowledge is really high and as such parents that are low-income earners are finding it difficult to sponsor their children education. Well, if you are faced with a situation like this, you would need to contact people for help. Your best bet will be to write a letter requesting sponsorship for school. The writing tips have been outlined above to help you craft your letter to perfection. You can go ahead to use them.

The samples have been perfectly written for your use, you can use them as your templates. You can pick any of them and customize it to suit your need.

Sample of Permission Letter to Use Venue for an Event

How to Write an Event Permission Letter (With Free Samples)

There always be need for a venue which can be used for a wedding reception, school end of term events, launching etc. it will be rude of anyone to just use an event center or space without informing the right authorities. Infact, some venue owners might even messily disrupt the event if such happens in their space. So it will courteous of one to get prior permission before using the venue for any event. This is where the letter of permission to use venue for an event will come in.

Sample Proposal Letter for Liquor Sponsorship

How to Write a Proposal Letter for a Sponsorship (With Free Samples)

Some non-governmental organization and charitable organization are always looking for help financially or otherwise to support a cause. The way out most times is to have a fundraising or sponsorship from companies. The spirit companies are left out from this sponsorship as organizers of events or promoters of a cause would want them to provide their guest with liquor (wine or beer) at no cost. So if you are running a cause or having an event that will need entertaining the guest with liquor without having the money for payment, then writing a proposal letter for liquor sponsorship might suffice.

Sample Letter to Bank for Credit Card Renewal

How to Write Application for Renewal of Credit Card (With Free Samples)

Having a credit card comes with different benefits which warrant one having it. Having a credit card offers a stress-free shopping experience especially online which is secured and safe. This makes various banks to offer different credit cards to cater for customers needs. Some banks even go further to give reward points for a purchase of specified limit. However, all the credit cards issued by banks come with its expiration time or date. When you need to renew your credit card, it isn’t automatic, so the best bet will be to write to the bank for credit card renewal at expiration.

Sample Letter for Bike Accident Insurance Claim

How to Write an Application for Bike Insurance Claim (With Free Samples)

The bike insurance which is under the motor-vehicle insurance is a necessity especially now that there are incessant motor bike incidents happening daily.  This insurance isn’t just for the insured but also include the third-party liability. The bike insurance covers both for two or four wheeler bikes. It is pertinent to take out a bike accident insurance policy as a bike owner which will help cushion effect of any damage now and in the future when the need arises.  If there is an incident of bike accident you would need to make claims from the insurance company for damages. The professional way to carry this out is to write a letter for bike accident insurance claim.

How to Write a Letter of Support for Permanent Residency (With Samples)

How to Write a Letter of Support for Permanent Residency (With Free Samples)

One of the documents that will be needed by a person seeking a permanent residency will be a letter of support. This is a letter that is mostly needed from someone that knows the requester, if you are approached then you would need to know the information to be included in such a letter. Writing a letter of support for permanent residency needs the writer crafting the letter such that the immigration judge will rule in favor of the requester. So you would be furnished here with all the information that you would need to include in your support letter to make it perfect.

Sample Letter of Request for Change of Marital Status

How to Write a Letter Asking for a Name Change After Marriage (With Free Samples)

There come in time in life that one’s marital status would change, when you change from single to married then you might need to renew your documents. Documents like the passport, national identity card, office identity card etc. needs to reflect one’s current marital status. Doing this change comes with some benefits like for an employee if there are separate pay package for the married, changing the status will enable you to start benefitting from such. So in essence it is good to have a change in marital status for different reasons. To achieve this, you can simply write a letter of request for change of marital status.

Letter of request for change of marital status is a formal statement sent to a recipient to enable them acknowledges the change of marital status of the sender. The essence of the letter is to first inform the recipient of the current marital status of the sender. The letter will gives detail of the sender marital status and the recipient will need to help the sender effect the needed change. The letter will serve as evidence that the sender had officially demanded the change in case there’s need for a supporting document.

Writing a letter of request for change of marital status needs to be informative and well detailed. So you would need to include all the information that the recipient will be interested in. it should be short and straight to the point to enable the recipient take a quick action. This is a request letter as such the tone should be polite but firm. The below writing tips will help you craft your letter to accuracy.

  • Salute the recipient and then Date your letter
  • You can state your job designation, institute name and the office address
  • Give your letter a subject like application to change marital status
  • Start the first paragraph with the reason for the letter and state your previous marital status
  • Request for a change of status to your current status
  • State the documents or areas you would want the status to be changed
  • You can show evidence by attaching your marital status
  • End your letter by thanking the recipient and signing off with your name and signature.

Below are the sample letters of request for change of marital status

Sample 1

12th August 2021

Prince Wills

The secretary

Stanford industrial center

Texas Branch


Subject: Application to change my marital status

Dear Mr. Felix,

I wrote this letter concerning my profile in the office. I am asking for a change of status from my single status to a married status. When I was employed into the office I was still single so the marital status option I choose then was the single option when I was filling the marital status form. This was because I was still single then. So I have attached to this letter both the updated forms for myself and that of my partner which I have follow all the terms and conditions herein.

So the present situation is that I got married 2 months back on the 13th of June 2021 and I just got my official document of the marriage 2 days back. With this letter I have also attach the copy of my marriage certificate though my name is still as it was previously but I will like you to change my marital status  in all the office’s data  to prevent any kind of misunderstanding arising in the future. If you still need more proof, I have attached the official marriage certificate to convince you further

I will appreciate if my request will be given the approval that it requires.

Best regards,

Prince Wills

Sample 2

8th July, 2001

Peter Abraham


Colander maritime Academy

Washington DC

Dear Sir,

I respectfully asked that you change the marital status on my profile. I am Peter Abraham an employee of the organization for about 5 years now. I wasn’t able to resume for duties for about 10 days now due to personal issues I have been battling lately. This has led to a divorce from my wife few days back. The current situation is that the divorce proceedings have been completed and it has been accepted by the council committee. Well, I have no other option than to move on with my life so on this note I will need a change on my marital status here and in other areas.

I have always had my marital status to be married on my employment card since I joined the company as a married man but with this new development I am now a single man. So I humbly request that you change my marital status from married to single in order for my current status to reflect and for the avoidance of any confusion in the future. I will appreciate it if you grant my request.

With this letter comes the divorce letter/certificate from the council committee as well as other important documents that you might need for your perusal. Please feel free to contact me if you would need other documentations as regard this change of status. I will be more than willing to oblige you

Yours sincerely,

Peter Abraham


There’s always a need to state rightly your correct marital status at any given time to avoid confusion in the future. One’s marital status can change at any point in time as such there must be an update in the areas that one deems fits for a change. The right thing to do is to draft a letter of request to change of marital status to these places for a change. The right format and information must be included in the letter and these are what the outlined writing tips seek to achieve. You just need to adopt the tips as systematically stated above.

The sample letters written above can be adopted as your template, you just need to customize them to suit your original information.

How to Write a Letter of Intent for Bariatric Surgery (With Samples)

How to Write a Letter of Intent for Bariatric Surgery (With Free Samples)

The health insurance plan would cover having a surgery but it must be the necessary ones but for bariatric surgery the insurance company will need to know the need for it. Bariatric surgery has to do with making changes to the digestive system to aid in weight loss. So the insurer will want to know if the client has tried dieting or exercising for at least 3 months without success. Infact, the insurance company always want this recommendation to come from a bariatric surgeon to convince them that the patient who is their client really needs the surgery. So all the surgeon needs to do is to write a letter of intent for bariatric surgery on behalf of the patient to the insurance company.

Letters of Recommendation for Country Club Membership (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Country Club Membership (Plus Samples)

If you are a golf enthusiast and want to be playing as often as you want then getting a country club membership will be worthy for you. Being a member comes with a lot of benefits that includes golf course access, you would enjoy amenities like swimming, playing tennis etc, you would be able to socialize and enjoy the lounges, private restaurants and event spaces that country clubs provide for its members. But joining or having the country club membership will need a recommendation from a member. So if you are approached and expected to help by a requester be a member, then you would need to write a letter of recommendation for country club membership for the individual.

Sample Doctor Letter for Travel Insurance Claim

Sample Doctor Letter for Travel Insurance Claim

When it comes to travel insurance it doesn’t cover everything just like any type of insurance. So sometimes making claims with the company becomes very frustrating as they might not be willing to pay. The first way to avoid this frustration is to find out about what your travel insurance covers before filing a claim. The most outstanding issues with travelers is cancelled trip, however travel insurance offers coverage for interruptions and cancellations of trips.

How to Write a Letter for Irish Exemption (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Letter for Irish Exemption (With Free Samples)

When it comes to studying Irish in school it shouldn’t be mandatory especially where a parent or guardian feels their wards don’t need the study. This has made the department of education and sciences allow for the request of exemption. However, this exemption is a little limited and it is mostly for students with certain disabilities, students that can’t really speak English and where the student has lived abroad.

How to Write a Letter Requesting an Extension of Contract of Employment

How to Write a Letter Requesting an Extension of Contract of Employment (With Free Samples)

The present condition has made it compulsory for employer and employees to have a term of contract which will be signed by both parties. The contract will state detailed information about the employment terms of the employee and it will include the salary, benefits, position to be hold by the employee and as well as other benefits. This really happens when an employee is on the trial period in the company or organization. So there will be a stipulated period where the contract will end which both the employee and employer had previously agreed upon. But if the employee enjoys the working condition and want to stay more, then reversing this must be officially done. One of the best ways to apply this is by writing a letter of request for extension of contract of employment.

How to Write a Letter for Telephone Bill Rebate (Plus Samples)

How to Write Rebate Letter for Telephone Bill (With Free Samples)

When it comes to paying excess money for utility it can be on anything and phone bill isn’t an exception. Sometimes billers might overbill your telephone and you must have paid for it, well, when you realize this error it is best bet to ask for a refund. Of course with this you would be getting your money back that would have been a cheat on your part. The truth might just be it was an innocent oversight by the biller so it will better to bring to their notice and asked for a refund. The best way to achieve that is to write a letter for telephone bill rebate to the appropriate person so that the right action would be taken.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Adoption (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Child Adoption (With Free Samples)

When it comes to adoption of a child, there will be a need to get recommendation from friends and family of the adopter. The adopting home will want close person of the adopter to give key information especially about the adopter’s personality, interaction with children and the character. From this letter it will help the home to take an informed decision of letting go a child or not. So if you are asked to recommend your friend to enable an adoption process, then you would need to write a compelling letter of recommendation for child adoption.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for Ambulance Transport

How to Write a Medical Necessity Letter for Ambulance Transport (With Free Samples)

When it comes to Ambulance movement, the providers are expected by the federal regulations to get a physician certification statement (PCS) before movement. The code of federal regulations covers ambulance services which a statement for the movement is only permitted to be written by the attending physician to the patient that would be lifted.  The truth is that in almost all cases a physician certificate statement is always required in advance for repetitive or non-emergency ambulance service or trip. So before a claim will be submitted to the Medicare, a medical letter of necessity for ambulance transport must be written.

How to Write a Letter for Tax Clearance Application (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Letter for Tax Clearance Application (With Free Samples)

As a law abiding citizen paying your tax regularly, it is always good to get a clearance for it. The state authority responsible for this needs to issue in your name a tax clearance certificate to authenticate that you or your business have met your tax obligations at a stipulated period or time. Having this certificate will show that your tax affairs on in order  and that you are in good standing for any foreign investment if need be. You can use this certificate for emigration purposes so it necessary to apply and obtain the clearance and best ways to achieve this is to write a letter of intent for tax clearance application.

Sample Letter for Warranty Repair

How to Write a Letter for Warranty Repair (With Free Samples)

There’s always a need to buy products that comes with a warranty, since it will come with a written guarantee by the manufacturer.. The benefits of this are enormous as the product or item will be replaced by the manufacturer or there will be a repair. So if the item or product becomes defective or just stop working then the warranty given by the manufacturer comes in. The fact is that almost all products now especially high cost products comes with a warranty period though the duration varies with companies but you can still gets a repair or replacement if needs be. To achieve this, you need to use the most effective means which will be to write a letter for warranty repair to the company or manufacturer.