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Sample Confession Letter to Your Crush

How to Write a Confession Letter to your Crush

Having a crush on a person is very normal, but it will remain that way if you don’t express your feelings to the person. Getting to confess to the person that you love or like him or her, might not be possible to you because of diverse reasons. But if one of such reasons is shyness then there’s an amazing way to go about it.  You don’t need to meet them in person; you can write a confession letter to your crush and get them to know that you are ready to be with them.

How to Write a Letter to your Boyfriend in Jail

The period a boyfriend is in a jail is not a time to abandon him simply because he has become an inmate. It is still good to show love to the person even in jail, this will show your boyfriend how much you care about him. It is a good way to let your man know how you cherish him despite him losing his freedom for whatever reasons. The truth is that this jail time might just be the period he will need you most, so you need to make the most of it by sticking around. You don’t just have to be boring about it; you can take the inspiring option which will to write a letter to him.

How to Write a Self Employment Letter

How to Write a Self Employment Letter

As a self employed person with a personal business they are some activities you would be want to carry out that you would need to show that you are financially worthy. Nobody will want to enter into any kind of business or financial transaction with one that has no proper source of income. So if you are self employed and you need to enroll for a mortgage, get into a hire purchase transaction, get a loan or borrow money or do other financial transactions then you need to show a great financial ability for a repayment.

How to Write a Fire Department Resignation Letter

Having a job with the fire department of any company can be thrilling and fulfilling. But it will come a time that for whatever reasons you want to resign. Then there’s no issue with that, but you have to go through the official process of announcing your resignation. This is a way of showing that you are mature and a professional. The best bet will be to write a fire department resignation letter to the right authority which will enable you get any benefits that comes with your resignation.

How to Write a Clemency Letter

Characteristics of a Good Pardon Letter (With Free Samples)

Some people in the prisons would always want a pardon or a reduced sentence by their president, administrative board or governor. This is not a right but an opportunity to let those that matter to help you out. Even some death-penalty prisoners are granted clemencies. Clemencies are granted to inmates for diverse reasons which include a defendant that was wrongly convicted, due to mental illness of the defendant or a defendant with sufficient evidence that isn’t guilty etc. Whatever the reasons one that deserves clemency can petition the president of the country or the state government via the vehicle of a clemency letter.

How to Write a Constituent Response Letter

How to Write a Constituent Response Letter

As a congressman or a member of congress in the house of representative, it is good to be in communication with your constituent. As you are there to represent them via introducing bills and resolution as well as serve on committees and offer amendments. Constituents will always be in contact with a member of congress to requests for government’s reports, newsletters concerning legislation, information, upcoming town hall meeting, to get congressional record etc.

How to Write a Letter for Mother’s Day

A mother is a word that defines unconditional love and bliss for any being. The mother is like the first care giver for any human being because they provide the first basic needs for a child.  The importance of a mother in a life of a child can’t be over-emphasized as the connection of a mother to child is eternal. The bond starts right from birth. Mother’s importance in a life of any being is endless, they are the first teachers, they give hope for their growth, and they are the pillars and foundations of any being.

How to Write an Absence Letter to Teacher

The fact is that one can stay away from school for various reasons. Its might be because of sickness, lack of mobility, artificial & natural occurrences or reasons beyond one’s control. Pupils and students are not exempted from these myriad of reasons, but the right thing must be done especially if schools are in session. The best bet is to get the school informed right away to asked for permission to be away or tell them why you are absent from school. There are various ways to communicate this information, but the perfect one will be to write an absence letter to the teacher.

How to Write a Demand Letter for Diminished Value

Sample Demand Letter for Diminished Value

The insurance company is always looking for a way to decrease the value of any claim. They are in business though, so they always want to take advantage to give their clients less value for their claims. The truth is that when any automobile has an accident the value for the car can’t be the same again.

How to Write a No Cost Extension Request Letter

How to Write a No Cost Extension Request Letter (With Free Samples)

There’s always a deadline for a completion of a project, but reality can set in making it impossible to achieve this. However, one can still complete the project by requesting for an extended period but this extra period needed might not have funding from the sponsor of the project. So if a project timeline is drawing near but the PI (the principal investigator) thinks that the project still needs more time to be accomplished successfully, then requesting for a no cost extension will be the best bet to getting the deadline period extended again.

How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself (With Free Samples)

When it comes to oneself, there’s nothing wrong with practicing self love and self-care. You don’t have to mend other hearts with love alone; you can do same for yourself when you are confronted with dislikes, hatred or real pains from others.

How to Write a Reference Letter for Real Estate Agent

How to Write a Reference Letter for Real Estate Agent (With Free Samples)

To develop your career as a real estate agent will need you building your reputation which will help you be credible before your clients. As a real estate agent, you would always need to work closely with any client to enable the person gets a great beneficial property transaction.

Admission Letter for Master’s Program

How to Write an Admission Letter for Master’s Program (With Free Samples)

Getting an admission into any higher institution for a master’s degree will need you applying to the school. Though each school has its various policies and procedures for admission, but having a letter for admission that would help you stand out will be your best bet.

Sample Acknowledgement for Thesis

How to Write an Acknowledgement for a Thesis (Plus Free Samples)

When you are completing your Thesis, it will be great of you to acknowledge all those that helped you in your research process. The acknowledgement for thesis is that section that you would pen your gratefulness to the institutions that helped you, companies or people and everyone that made your project a success. Acknowledgement here is just like the dedication section of a project, but for acknowledgement it would be a lot formal.

Sample Appeal Letter for College Readmission

How do I Write an Appeal Letter for College Readmission?

If you were suspended from college due to misconduct, bad grades or you voluntarily left for reasons best known to you, you can try to get readmitted in future.

Sample Demand Letter for Transfer of Sponsorship

How to Write a Letter Demanding Transfer of Sponsorship

When it comes to working as an expatriate or an employee for any sponsor, by law one isn’t expected to work for another sponsor. But sometimes situations arise that you might need to transfer your sponsorship. Though in some cases you have to ascertain that your labor can be transferable and again that your employer is willing to transfer your sponsorship. When you have ascertained that the two will receive a positive response by your former employer, then it will be time for your new employer to write a demand letter for transfer of sponsorship to the old employer. So this is where the demand letter for transfer of sponsorship comes in.

Chase Bank Line of Credit Line Sample Letter

Chase Bank Line of Credit Line Sample Letter

The JPMorgan chase bank is one American National bank that is great with commercial banking. The bank has credit lines that help to finance and manage small businesses. Chase is one bank with various small businesses financing options otherwise known as credit lines that will aid a business venture to invest into the future. This line of credit is to help grow the business and they have two credit lines which is the business line of credit and the commercial line of credit. Each of these credit lines comes with the maximum amount that can be granted. So if you are interested in getting chase bank line of credit, then the best bet will be writing a chase bank line of credit letter to make your request.

Sample Letter of Request for Certified True Copy of Documents

How to Write a Letter Requesting Original Copy of Documents

Organizations and companies will always need a certified true copy of documents, because there’s always need to verify a primary copy of documents to ascertain its genuinity. Though it might not necessarily mean that the primacy document is genuine but it will show that the document is the true copy of the primary document presented. So this can be described as the photocopy of the primary document which has on it an endorsement.

Sample Commitment Letter For State Sponsorship

How to Write a Commitment Statement for Sponsorship (With Free Samples)

When it comes to applying for an eligible state position or requesting for state sponsorship, the issuance of a statement of intent to work and stay in the state is very important. People are always looking to migrate or stay permanently in developed countries like Australia. But one difficulty you might face is convincing the government of that country why you are applying for a visa under the category  you are applying and how you intend to be committed to the state.

Sample Doctor Letter for Service Dog

How to Write a Letter for a Service Dog (With Free Samples)

Disabled people needs service dogs, because these are dogs that have been trained to help disabled people. This is why most countries labeled them helper animal or assistance animal. In some countries like the United States the owners of service dogs are allowed into spaces that others with pets can not gain access. These dogs get even get into the cabin of a plane without any payment since the play vital roles like assisting people with physical disabilities and even those with invisible disabilities like depression, mental disability or anxiety disorder.

Vacation Email Auto Reply Message Sample

How to Write an Automatic Email Reply (With Free Samples)

When it comes to taking a vacation, you would want a stress free one with no disturbances or distractions from anywhere. But the truth is that you might still be contacted by friends, colleagues or business partners. If you are a go to person, you would need people to know you are on vacation and wouldn’t be available at that time, the best bet will be communicating to them that you are unavailable at the moment. Then again, responding to everyone might take our time and distract you from enjoying your vacation. So the sure way out is writing a vacation email auto reply message and leaving it for anyone that will be contacting you during your vacation period.

Sample Letter of Petition to University for Credit Hours

How to Write a Letter of Petition to University for Credit Hours (With Free Samples)

In the University the students do receive credit hours according to the number of contact hours the students spend studying in a week per course. The fact is that some Universities might give more or less of it which might not go well with the students.  Now if the authority isn’t giving the exact credit hours that would be great for the student then the students can take it up and petition the school.

Business Line Of Credit Sample Request Letter

How to Write a Business Line Of Credit Request Letter (With Free Samples)

Businesses will always need a line of credit to either grow or expand. But the truth is that to get this line of credit either from a lending institution or company then, you have to show a positive cash flow in your business. No lending house or company wants to lend money or do business with a business that is dwindling or on a verge of collapse. This is because a business must show a present or future ability to pay off the money borrowed. So if a business is sure of continuing and will be able to do a payback, then it will be great to open a business line of credit with the lender. To start the process, it will be sure bet to start with writing a business line of credit letter.

Sample Community Service Letter for Sorority

How to Write a Community Service Letter for Sorority (With Free Samples)

Joining a Sorority to carry out a specific community service will need a kind of recommendation. If you are looking for a specific sorority membership then you need a person from that sorority to support your application. The whole essence of this is to enable the sorority administrator to know you and be sure of the character of persons being admitted into their group. So if you are approached to introduce a fresh person into your sorority as an alumna or a member, then you should write a community service letter for sorority.

Sample Complaint Letter for Misleading Information

How to Write a Complaint Letter for Misleading Information (With Free Samples)

It is a worldwide problem when it comes to people disseminating misleading information. People will always give others wrong impression or idea about a thing in a bid to lead one astray.

Sample Invitation Letter for Singapore Business Visa

How to Write an Invitation Letter for Singapore Business Visa (With Free Samples)

When it comes to getting a Singapore business visa, it will be mandatory to get a letter of invitation. This will help introduce you better to the consulate general for quick issuance. The invitation letter mostly should come from the resident of the country or the citizen. So for a business visa you would need the host of the business you would be transacting with to do the needful by giving you a letter of invitation. So if you would need the consulate to apply speed when it comes to issuing your business visa for a business trip to the country, then getting an invitation letter for Singapore business visa will be the best bet.

So an invitation letter for Singapore business visa is an official letter written by the company or business owner in Singapore for a business partner outside Singapore. The letter is an introduction of the invitee to the consulate. The letter will detail the purpose of the visit will be business, duration of the visit, the name and also the contact details of the liaison person in Singapore. The law in Singapore is against defaulters, as such from the word go, the embassy wants to be sure anyone coming into the country in any form shouldn’t be found wanting.

The invitation letter for Singapore business visa is a formal letter as such it would have the features of a formal letter. you would have the date, salutation, introduction, body of the letter, conclusion. The letter would need to have the right information in it and as such you would need to know the information to invlude in the letter. The below information and format needs to be included in your invitation letter.

Address your letter to the right authority, date and salutate the recipient

If possible it will better to use the company letterhead to write the letter

Start with introducing the invitee to the recipient and the purpose for the business visa

Outline the duration of the business trip and the contact information of the liaison person in the country

State who will take care of the financial expenses of the business trip and confirm in your letter to be accountable for the invitee

Below are the sample invitation letters for Singapore business visa

Sample 1

The consulate of Singapore

Immigration and checkpoints

10 kallang Rd

Singapore 208718

12th August 2021

Dear Honorable Consul,

My name is Alex Andre a Singaporean, the owner of Bryan Telecommunication Company. I am requesting you issue a business visa to my business partner Mr. Adrian Beecroft that will coming in from Dubai. This is to allow him come access of your business and enable finalize the business transaction we have at hand.

I have been in contact with Mr Beecroft for about 6 months now, we have done a lot video conferencing and I know he isn’t a dubious person or one with a questionable character. So please I humbly ask you let into the country by issuing a business visa for him. He will be here for only 5 days from the 17th of August to the 22nd of August. I can assure you that he would leave at the expiration of the period.

His accommodation has already been handled by us, you would be presented with the evidence with the other documents. All the expenses that would be incurred during this trip will be handled by us. We would make sure that all the terms and regulations of the country are adhered to strictly by Mr. Beecroft. You should count on our words as we wouldn’t default in any way. I’m thanking you already for your consideration.

Thank you as I look forward to a speedy response.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Andre

Sample 2

The consulate of Singapore

Singapore Immigration embassy


10th May 2020

Dear Sir,

The Sanofi Aventis pharmaceutical company here in Singapore is requesting that you issue a business visa to a new customer of our company. The new customer is Ms Sonia Adams; she is the managing director of a medical unit in her country. We have produced new drugs for hypertension which she would need for her patients. But she needed to come over so that we can have the final discussion before we start supplies.

Though we are just getting to know about Ms Adams but with our little interaction, we know that she will abide by all the rules over here. Please grant her a visa to be with us in the next 6 days. The meeting will last for about 3 days and she will leave back to her home country. We would see to it that she leaves exactly when she should. Her accommodation has already been sorted out by the company, though other expenses will be split 50:50. So they will be no issues with the expenses with this business trip.

I hope you would understand and give your positive response for the issuance. I will be grateful for this favor please gives your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Aiden Janette


Having other business owners come to your country Singapore either for a business seminar, business transactions or business conference will need you invitation them over. The consulate would want to know who the foreigners are relating with and how fitted they are for their country especially the purpose of visit. So to convince the consulate more a letter of invitation would suffice. So if you are to write a letter of invitation for your foreign business associates or customers then you need to review this article

The information that needs to reflect in your letter have been outline above, so you would need to adopt them into your letter. They are the information that the consulate would want to see and know about in your business invitation letter for a visa. The samples have also been written for your use, you can adopt them as your template. Just customize your choice and input your original information to reflect your narration.

Axis Bank Credit Card Rejection Letter Sample

Axis Bank Credit Card Rejection Letter Sample

Having an Axis bank credit card comes with great benefits and this is why it is good to have approval for the credit card. A credit card from Axis bank is a form of unsecured loan which is the source of funds that is urgently used without the stress of approval. With Axis bank credit card one has the option of free period of interest during which one isn’t expected to pay interest when payment is duly made. So because of all these benefits that comes with having a credit card that make people to continually apply for credit card from banks like the Axis Bank. However, credit card is free but getting approval is not easy. Since credit card is an unsecured loan and doesn’t need any collateral so banks like Axis are very careful to avoid high risk.

Air India Credit Card Authorization Letter Sample

Air India Credit Card Authorization Letter Sample

The truth is that fraud can’t be eliminated from our every day dealings and airlines are also aware of this. So they try as much as they can to limit fraud or total elimination of it. Air India, which is the national carrier of India do accept credit card payment for airfare. However, as a credit card passenger you would be expected to carry your credit card with you when checking in, you would need to produce it.

Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa to Bangladesh

Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa to Bangladesh

Getting a business visa to Bangladesh comes with its procedures which will include one having a signed passport, a photograph with a light background and a filled application. But these might not still get you the visa without attaching with them an invitation letter from the host company in Bangladesh. This is a kind of introductory letter to the consulate general to give information about the itineraries of the business trip. This is where the invitation letter for business visa to Bangladesh will come in.

Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Parents for Pregnancy

Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Parents for Pregnancy

Pregnancy period is a time that a couple would want a very close relative around. So a couple with parents living in a different part of the world would want their parents around. This is mostly about the mothers so they can help out with the pregnancy stress. Getting the parents to come around will need you writing a letter of invitation which will help the consulate officer see the supporting document as authentic. So to show that you are aware and want your parent to come over will need you writing an invitation letter for visitor visa for your parents for pregnancy.