Odesk Cover Letter Sample for Web Developer

How to Write a Odesk Cover Letter for Web Developer Job (With Free Samples)

To get the attention of a client as a web developer in Odesk then you would need a cover letter to persuade a client to try you out. Clients will look out for web developers that are great with graphic design software, programming codes and languages and having coding knowledge like JavaScript, HTML,JS and CSS. If you have the skills, qualification and experience in the field then you would need to write a readable but professional cover letter to convince the employer to hire you. The cover letter is the pathway of introducing your portfolios to an employer as a web developer.

Odesk cover letter for web developer is a narrative to a recruiter or client by a candidate showcasing the skills, qualifications and experience for a web developer position. Web developers are always in high demand though a highly technical job but there is high competition. So it will take one with the right information and measures to clinch jobs. With the use of a cover letter you would be able to show you are the best choice. The cover letter will aid you to relay a personalized explanation of your enthusiasm, experience, skills for the role. You would land the job with your enticing cover letter as you would have the opportunity to explain how you are an exception wed developer as well as becoming an asset to the employer if considered.

To win with your Odesk cover letter for web developer then you need to get the right information in your letter. The employer will be looking out for specific details which will convince them that you know what the work role entails. So you need to have a good knowledge of these details before you start writing. Below is the information you need to include in your cover letter to sway the interest of the recruiter.

  • Use a formal greeting like dear hiring manager, but if you know the employer name then you can salute with the hiring manager name
  • Then start off with a solid introduction that will enable the employer to continue reading: state your interest in the job
  • Then outline your most relevant experiences and skills as it relates to the role
  • State your notable accomplishments and achievements in the job role
  • Explain why you are applying for the job and don’t forget to show excitement on your need to work with the company
  • Signoff professionally and don’t forget to include that the employer contact you for further discussion
  • This is a business letter, so employ only professionally tone in writing structure



Below are the sample cover letters for web developer

Dear hiring manager,

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, I saw your posting today and it caught my attention because I’m looking for a job. So I’m keenly considering the job offer and I hope you would consider me because my skills align with your job requirement. I excel in web development and designing. I am sure that my abilities will be great for your venture.  You should trust me to finish my job within the necessary time frame.

I’m a licensed website developer and designer. I have over 6 years of experience in this role and can provide you with my past samples if you are interested. I’m an expert when it comes to website designing languages which include: web designing, java script, HTML, PHP, CSS, Joomla, blogger and WordPress

I promise to stick around for long with this job, I can commit 28 hours per week for this job. My daily time is flexible. I’m very energetic and dedicated to my job. I can offer needed solutions for my job. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, so we talk further on this job placement.

You can get me on the internet as quickly as you want. I’m on Skype, Google and messenger. It will be a convenience place to talk about all the information we need in a fast way. If you are fascinated we would talk very soon. I hope I will be given the opportunity to display my ingenuity.

Yours faithfully,

Pete Kris

Sample 2

Dear recruitment team,

I’m a web developer, and I’m interested in your published job for a web developer. You would be working with valuable hands if you employ me. I have been working with the Fonfort digital galaxy as a team leader where my responsibilities entail developing their basic web layout site. Because of my back-to-back delivery of projects and timely too as earned me the position of a team lead. You can trust me to deliver well committed service and I keep to budget too.

I’m confident that my skills would be ideal for your platform. I have a couple of projects which are in my oDesk portfolio. My work (a complicated javascript app)for Fonfort digital galaxy in which I have already been transfer to the cloud is almost like your advertised job description.

Yu can chat me up by email, skype or IM. i will be glad if you could scheduled me for an interview at your earliest convenience to discuss the application you would be transferring. Even with other ideas that would show the safest ways to get your projects into the cloud. i will always be available for this job whenever you need me, this means that I can work up to 20 hours per week for this role. I will appreciate if you would consider me for the job.

Best regards,

Martin Dave



To outline your relevant professional experience and technical skills for a web developer position, you would need a document to achieve this. The right document is the cover letter; it is with this document that you can highlight your work history and exceptional skills which will enable to convince the employer that you are the best fit for the job.

The above writing tips and samples can help you walk through the hurdles of writing a winning cover letter for web developing. Review them and use them to your advantage.


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