Sample Letter of Request for Financial Assistance for Scholarship

How to Write a Letter Asking for Financial Assistance for Scholarship (With Free Samples)

Education is becoming very expensive, this has made a lot of students in the universities or colleges be in huge debt. This is why it is becoming necessary to request for a scholarship either from the government or an individual. But in most cases it is better to ask for this assistance via the government, charity or the church. It wouldn’t be modest or courteous to make this kind of request through a phone call, so the best bet will be writing a letter of request for financial assistance for scholarship.

So a letter of request for financial assistance for scholarship is a request letter sent to the recipient asking for a financial help. The letter will inform the recipient about the need of the writer. The writer would also state the reasons why the financial assistance is needed and this will help the recipient to take an informed decision. Again, the letter will help the writer to state the current financial situation which will make it clear to the reader whether they will need to help or not.

Writing a letter of request for financial assistance for scholarship needs one adopting a professional tone as it is a formal letter. You would need to adopt the formal format features as well as state the necessary information that will prompt the reader or recipient to response favorably. The recipient would always want to justify the financial aid rendered. So to get the needed help your letter must be engaging and persuasive as possible. The below witting tips will help you craft your letter excellently, just the way you should.

  • Address your letter appropriately and to the right person
  • Then start your first paragraph with the reasons you would need the financial assistance for scholarship. E.g. like loss of job
  • State your reasons with fats or numbers that give credence to your claim. This might be about showing the tuition fees
  • State in your letter what you intend to do in future to foot your bills with other relevant bills associated with the funding.
  • You would need to express gratitude already to the recipient as you state that you are anticipating a favorable response
  • The letter should be sent by certified mail to be sure that the recipient would receive the letter.

Below are the letters of request for financial assistance for scholarship

Hosea Abram

4567 Rack Avenue, Los Angeles


12th August, 2021

The manager,

Colitis housing stores

Los Angeles, California

Dear Sir,

This request letter is written for a financial aid for scholarship. I’m asking for assistance financially to complete my college education. I was getting partial help from my father while I always work part time to augment for other bills apart from my tuition fees. But as it is now my part-time money can’t keep me in school, because it way beyond my pay and my dad for now is incapacitated which came from partial stroke.

As his first son I have been his sole responsibility as my mum had passed on few years back. Now, it isn’t only about my bills alone, I have to also take out a little from it to care for my dad. I need an urgent help as it is now or else I will have to leave school. I will be very sad and depressed about this, if it ever happens. As it is now I can’t even apply for student loan it will leave me in a very high debt. I have attached here for your verification my bank balance statement and other records that will interest you. I hope I will get a favorable response from you.

Thank you for taking out time to go through my request letter. I will be grateful if you extend your hands of kindness to me. You can contact me on 678-987-543.

Yours sincerely,

Abbess King

Sample 2

Peter Hayden

567 Hudson roads,


19th Nov, 1999

Dear Sir,


Please receive this letter as my formal request for financial aid for my studies. I am asking you help me out with my college education through granting me a scholarship. Before now I had received a totaled of $7000 as a grant from my institution but they are unwilling to continue with it. I know you can help so please come to my rescue.

My father have been assisting from this pay until recently that he was laid off his job due to circumstances that was just natural. So my financial backbone is incapable now and I need any way I can to avoid dropping off from school. I intend to work from now on to help myself offset some of my school bills but I’m yet to find a job. So I plead that you consider me for a scholarship that will help me complete my college education.

I’m also thinking about applying for students’ loan but until then I will need your financial assistance. Even if I can’t get a job this year I will continue to seek financial aid, grants and scholarships for my education but I appeal to you to help me pull through this year to prevent me staying away from school. I have sent this request letter to others for help but I haven’t gotten any positive from them, I have attached the negative replies to this letter for you to confirm. Please assist me this time around.

I will be grateful if you would reach out to me with a positive response. Thanks in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Hayden


Students that do not have the financial muscle to finance their education would always need financial assistance from others. To inform others about your need will need you getting in contact with them. You would need to write a letter to people or institutions for help. Writing an effective request letter will need you adopting the writing style that is outlined above. You would need to review them and inculcate them into your letter

The sample letters written above will also help you craft your letter perfection. So you can choose whichever would suit your needs.


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