How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Adoption (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Child Adoption (With Free Samples)

When it comes to adoption of a child, there will be a need to get recommendation from friends and family of the adopter. The adopting home will want close person of the adopter to give key information especially about the adopter’s personality, interaction with children and the character. From this letter it will help the home to take an informed decision of letting go a child or not. So if you are asked to recommend your friend to enable an adoption process, then you would need to write a compelling letter of recommendation for child adoption.

So a letter of recommendation for child adoption Is a formal statement or reference letter written and sent to an adopting home as a testament of good character of an adopter. The letter will show appropriately how the writer knows the adoptive parent, it will indicate the adopter’s character which the home will want to know about and you would enlighten the home on why you have recommended the adoptive parent and why. All of these statements will serve as a backup for the adoptive parent and it will hitch the person towards getting the adoption approval.

A letter of recommendation for child adoption is like a testament of one’s character and how they will fit in as great parents to the adopted child. So it must be descriptive and convincing enough for the recipient to see the need. A recommendation letter don’t need to be long but it should be detailed enough to accommodate all the necessary information. You would need to adopt the correct format and include all the needed information. Use the below steps to get it right

  • Employ all the formal features of addressing and salutation the recipient
  • Then start with introducing yourself by including your name, then move to highlighting how you know the adopter. Don’t forget to include the duration of time you have known the adoptive parent
  • State if you have seen the adoptive parent involvement with parents; tell the adopting home the qualities they possess and how they interact with children.
  • If you are privy to it, you can include information about the adopter’s marriage or relationship
  • You can include in the letter their parenting skills, parenting strength and their character
  • State your reasons of recommending the person and give your approval
  • Formally end your letter

Below are the sample letters of recommendation for child adoption

Sample 1

12th April 2021

Dear Brilliant orphanage home,

I am Edward Martin, a childhood friend to the Joe and Annie and I have known them for about 12vyears now. I can call them true friends to reply on because they are good people and can be very helpful when the need arises. They have been like my backbone and very reliable couple in my whole existence and to others. I know without any doubt that they would be great parents to any child.

If you are talking about great marriage, then you can count in that of Anne and Joe. They have been dependable partners that works together to care for their children and home. I know they are genuine and loving toward themselves. They have always been there for one another through thick and thin. They love their 3 kids immensely. I know they are true to their children.

They always make sure that their three kids are always cared for and duly supervised even when they are away. And they try not to stay away for so long. They love spending time with the children by reading them story and playing games with them. the children always look forward to having this nice time with their parent and my children enjoy their company too.

I highly recommend them for the child adoption as they are warm people and the child will be accepted and taken care just like theirs. So you need not worry about the welfare of the child he or she will be fine with my friends. Thanks for your consideration and approval.

Yours sincerely

Edwards’ martins

Sample 2

14th April 2020

To whom it may concern

This is a reference letter written on behalf of Gifts powers my cousin who has been married for about 6 years but TTCing at the moment. I have lived with Gifts and I can highly recommend her for the adoption process. She was like a nanny to my four kids I know how busy I became few years after having my fourth child. My job at that time was very demanding and she was the one that steps in to care for my children while I was away on my job. She did a terrific job caring for my children so I can say she is really good with children.

Gifty and her husband are really nice people and the both love children. So asking is they will be able to care for their adopted child is an understatement. The child will be well taken care of and I ‘m sure will be morally brought up to become a good individual. Even up till now I still send the kids to them and the good job of parenting them. so I recommend them without any doubt that they will be perfect in their duties. So please approval of them for a child adoption.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. B.E Bonny


Child adoption comes with some processes and one of it is by submitting your documents for verification. And one document that will be needed is the letter of recommendation for child adoption. So if you would be writing this letter, then you need to use the right structuring, format and information so that the recipient would be convince enough to give the needed approval. The stated writing tips will help you craft your recommendation letter to perfection, so you would need to adopt them. The sample letters should serve as your templates, you don’t need to copy it but you can customize it in a way that your original information fits in.


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