How to Write a Letter of Intent for Bariatric Surgery (With Samples)

How to Write a Letter of Intent for Bariatric Surgery (With Free Samples)

The health insurance plan would cover having a surgery but it must be the necessary ones but for bariatric surgery the insurance company will need to know the need for it. Bariatric surgery has to do with making changes to the digestive system to aid in weight loss. So the insurer will want to know if the client has tried dieting or exercising for at least 3 months without success. Infact, the insurance company always want this recommendation to come from a bariatric surgeon to convince them that the patient who is their client really needs the surgery. So all the surgeon needs to do is to write a letter of intent for bariatric surgery on behalf of the patient to the insurance company.

So letter of intent for Bariatric surgery is an official statement sent to a recipient to alert them of the need for a bariatric surgery. This letter is mostly written by a bariatric surgeon to recommend or state that a patient will need to undergo the surgery. This will give the letter the needed power it deserves so that the recipient will treat the letter as important as it is. Some health insurance companies might want to downplay the need for this but with the recommendation and the intent coming from a professional they might want to go with it. The letter will in detail let the recipient know the need for the surgery and generally, what it entails.

Writing an efficient and effective letter of intent for bariatric surgery must be engaging and compelling. This is a request letter as such it must have some enticement in it to be able to grab the attention of the reader. The recipient needs to be convinced to give approval as such the letter shouldn’t only have a polite tone but also persuading to able the recipient see the need and reasons for approval. To craft the intent letter perfectly well, you would need to adopt the below steps

  • Address the letter with stating your contacts and the address of the recipient
  • Date your letter and formally salute the recipient
  • Start the first paragraph by introducing yourself to show how professional you are in the field
  • Then state the purpose of the letter and give reasons for the need of the surgery. This can be backed up by data, records or health records
  • Outline the importance and the benefits the patient will derived from the surgery
  • Thank the recipient for their consideration and approval
  • Then close your letter using formal complimentary close

Below are the sample letters of intent for Bariatric surgery

Sample 1

Dr. Jerry Paul

Bariatric surgery

Federal medical center



12th Oct, 2021


Bright star insurance company

546 horsey Avenue



Dear Sir,


I’m Dr Jerry Paul, a professional bariatric Surgeon with the Federal medical center, Connecticut. I’m writing to alert you of the intent for bariatric surgery for my patient Mrs. Brown. She has been my patient for about 5 years now and I have to manage her health which a lot of the health issues comes from her being overweight. Before now I have tried to control the weight through fitness programs, nutritional counseling  and daily exercises but unfortunately, we haven’t made much progress as she was able to lose only 10 pounds


This has led her to having health issues like lower back pain, depression, hypertension and diseases associated with stress. So with a BMI of more than 35kg/m2 I believe Mrs. Brown is eligible for a bariatric surgery. She needs to lose weight as a cooperative patient this is why I am recommending a surgery for her. The cost for the surgery will be about $10,000 and I hope you can cover this for her.


This bariatric surgery will be a life saving one for my patient as she will be able to live longer and healthier. It will help Mrs. Brown to maintain a good self esteem that had brought depression and put a stop to all forms of bodily pains. Please consider my request for my patient and do the needful.

Thanks for your understanding and approval


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Jerry Paul

Bariatric surgeon


Sample 2


Dr. E. P. Jones

Leadenly Medics

Terry matt Road


3rd March 2012

Ralph P health insurance

678 pica road


Dear Ralph,

This is Dr. Jones of the Leadenly Medics, I’m a bariatrician and I have had Mr. Phil as a patient for about 4 years now. I have all his medical history and he has been overweight for about 4 years now. I have been trying to put his weight under control but our efforts have not yielded the result that was expected. He has been placed on fitness routines like dieting, nutritional counseling, exercising etc but he was only able to lose 20 pounds and he needs to lose more to stay health.

Truthfully, from our medical observation of him, he is morbidly obese and needs to be remedy fast now. He has a high BMI that has brought about life threatening sicknesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. So at this point I recommend a bariatric surgery which after done will help him be at a normal weight, live healthier and much longer and it will help him improve his self esteem. I know he understands the necessary changes and he will follow strictly after the surgery.

So please help cover the charges for the surgery which will be about $9000. I hope my request will be considered and a favorable response given. Thanks for your understanding

Sincerely yours,

Dr. E. P. Jones


The insurance company that covers surgeries for client might not want to cover a bariatric surgery without an intent letter from a professional. So a bariatric surgeon needs to draft a letter of intent for bariatric surgery for an eligible patient. The writing format here will help any bariatrician to draft a perfect intent letter if adopted. The sample letters are also written and can be used as a template, you would just need to customize your choice to fit in your original information and you are done.


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