Sample Letter to Health Insurance Company for Reimbursement

How to Write a Letter to Health Insurance Company for Reimbursement (With Free Samples)

The truth is that there are health emergencies that would need you paying for the treatments before contacting your health insurance company. When a health issue needs urgent attention then there’s no need delaying paying to get everything sorted out with the health facility. This is about saving life first then every other thing can follow. This doesn’t still stop you from claiming the money from your health insurance company. All you would need to do is to write an effective health insurance company letter for reimbursement to the insurer.

So therefore a letter to health insurance company for reimbursement is a claim letter for reimbursement that is sent from an insured (health policy holder) to the insurer (insurance company) to get compensation for the money that was spent previously to get medical treatments. This letter will first help to intimate the insurer about incurred medical bills. It will be used to explain to the insurer the nature of the sickness and all the details about it. The reimbursement letter will state the compensation for the money spent on damages and losses by the insured.

Writing a reimbursement letter to the health insurance company is imminent especially if your health policy terms have coverage for this situation. So with this, you would need to reach out to your insurer for compensation after undergoing a financial loss trying to put your health in order. Depending on the insurance policy taken, you can go ahead to even asked for compensation for prescription of new drugs and work related injury. To get your letter excellently written, you would need to adopt the formal format of writing since this is a formal letter. You should also get it rightly worded, because they are information that will interest the reader and you should have them in your letter. Follow the below writing guide to get your letter perfectly written.

  • Start your letter with addressing it to the appropriate person
  • Then state the insurance policy number and policy period, then go ahead to give information on the coverage of your insurance policy. Like if it was a car accident, you would need to describe how it happened
  • Next, you would need to reference your insurer with the initial agreement and indicate the clause that will entitle you to the right of reimbursement
  • Then attach your supporting documents to show your eligibility for reimbursement. This can include any court rulings, receipts or medical records.

Below are the sample letters to health insurance company for reimbursement

Sample 1

12th July 2001

The Requester

Arana dot insurance company

5678 beecroft road, Boston

Subject: letter for health insurance reimbursement

Dear Sir,

I’m Linda Brain and I have been your health insurance client for about 2 years. I know I have been making my payments available as when due. But unfortunately, I have to inform you that I had an auto accident last two weeks. I was on my way for a friend’s graduation ceremony when the car I and family were in hit a gully and we all have major injuries. Well, I’m grateful that I survived but was left with a broken leg that needed to be attended to as quickly as possible.

I couldn’t contact you when this happened as I know that I can still ask for a reimbursement as agreed by my policy. So I’m almost alright now though I walk with crutches now but I know I will be fine very soon. So according to the policy and agreement for a refund, I ask that a reimbursement of $4000 be made available to me. This will cover for all the expenses I have insured in the course of my treatment after this accident. I hope to get a positive response from you.

Thanks in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Linda Brain


Sample 2

10th June 2001

The Director,

Blueland health insurance Company

Los Angeles branch


Health insurance number:#56789

Dear Sir,

Subject: Letter to claim health insurance reimbursement

This letter is coming your way to seek for a reimbursement for the money I have spent on my health. I have been having this severe stomach upset for a while now. Well, on the morning of 21st May I got to my office only to be unable to do much as my stomach upset became uncontrollable. I was rush to the hospital by my colleagues’ and it was found out that it an an appendix that needed a surgery immediately. It was too urgent to bother about getting in touch with your company at that moment.

So I made the requested fund available and the surgery was carried out. I’m grateful that it was a successful one. I was discharged 5 days ago and I am recuperating very fast. I’m reaching out now to inform you about the money I had spent and asking for a reimbursement as indicated in my policy. I have attached all the documents that you would need to see as the evidence. Please see the attached. The total amount I spent is $6500. I’m looking forward to getting a response from you and contact me whenever you would want to get further details from me.

Yours sincerely

Emerald Briggs


There will come a time you might need a reimbursement from your health insurance expert if your policy is in tandem with this. The best means you would need to communicate effectively with the insurer will be to write a compelling reimbursement letter to the insurer. The letter writing will enable you state in details all that you feel your insured needs to know about the situation to get reimburse. The writing guides stated above would give all that you need to draft your letter perfectly well.

You would need to review the writing tips and adopt them when writing your letter. The samples have been written for your use as well. You can adopt them as your templates, just input your original information and you would be on your way to writing a convincing letter to health insurance Company for a reimbursement.


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