How to Write a Job Offer Acceptance Email (Plus Samples)

Nothing is as thrilling as getting the job of your dreams, the feeling can be heavenly but it shouldn’t be overwhelming to forget sending out a job offer acceptance mail. The employer or company that send out the offer letter might be waiting for the response since it is a standard practice to officially show that one has accepted a job offer. The job offer acceptance email will help one start off a job on a professional footing so it is of essence to create one.

So the job offer acceptance email is the letter sent to an employer or hiring manager to formally accept the terms of a job offer. The letter is usually sent after receiving the job offer letter which must have had all the details about the job. Some job offer letters comes with a deadline for its acceptance so this letter will served as evidence for record purpose that you have accepted the job offer at least before the deadline. It will help to show the employer that you are serious and have kept to the order or policy of the company the offer letter emanated from. Any Job offer acceptance email should be written in clear and professional terms, this will help set the positive tone that the letter needs for the work with the organization.

Writing a great Job offer acceptance email needs you showing a good level of excitement and enthusiasm in your tone. So you need to be alluring with your email, you would need the employer or recruiting team to know that you are up for the job and you are happy about the offer. You would have to adopt the below writing steps to write your letter correctly.

  • Start by writing a clear subject line that will attract the attention of the recipient as easily as possible
  • You would have to address your email to the right party: you would need to find this out, if you should write to the recruiting team or an individual like the employer or boss of the company.
  • Go ahead to thank the company for the offer: the whole essence of the letter is to thank the employer so ahead and let them know you appreciate the offer and have accepted the job
  • Then next is to agree to the terms and conditions of the job if they are favorable to you
  • Then you can sign the email with your name

Below are the samples of Job offer acceptance emails

Subject line: Amos Wisdom-offer acceptance

Dear Mr. Benedict,

Please accept this offer acceptance email as my official acceptance of the job offer you sent my way. I accept the role of an auditor in your firm as stated in my offer letter. I am most grateful for this opportunity and I assure you that I will carry out my duties to the best of my knowledge as I have the flair the job needs.

As we have already discussed and as it is stated in the offer letter, I have agreed to accept the starting salary which is $54,000 which will come with other benefits after being in the company for 120 days.. So on this note I’m really looking forward to starting my job and meeting the other team member on 6th July 2020. If you would need any extra information from me, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can shot me a mail at or call me on phone on 556-765-432

Thanks a lot for giving me the chance to work in your company and to contribute my quota to the growth of the auditing team and department.

Yours sincerely,

Amos Wisdom

Sample 2

Subject line: Maureen Josh- job offer acceptance

Dear Mr. Musk,

It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone days back about your offer to me. I gladly accept the role of the asst marketing officer in your company. It really exciting to me and I’m looking forward to resume as scheduled to meet with my other colleague and teammates. I know come 2nd of June I will be in the office to start off with my new marketing strategy as it was earlier discussed

I want to also inform you that I have agreed to start off with the discussed annual base salary of $89,000 and 2 months of paid leave. So I’m really looking forward to starting work with you and contributing my quota where necessary. On this note, do contact me if you would need any information about anything that I had failed to state in this letter. Again, if there would be anything I should bring along on my first day, please you should call my attention to it.

You can contact me via my email here or call me on 678-876-432. Whichever will be convenience for you. Thank you once again for the opportunity granted me.

Best regards

Janna Rose


 If you have just been offered a new job role in a company and you have accepted the role, the next thing would be to formally accept it. You would need to give or send your employer or the recruiting team of the company your job offer acceptance in writing. The truth remains that the best way you can accept a job offer is through confirming all the details outlined in writing. Apart from the acceptance letter serving as an evidence, it will help you demonstrate your abilities as a professional. You would clear all doubts and confusion that will come with the terms as discussed in the offer letter. You would be in tandem with all the stated fact in the offer letter.

The Job offer acceptance email needs to have its own kind of information that would interest the recipient so the outline writing tips above will help you achieve that. You would just have to review and adopt them into your writing. The samples are also written, you can customize them to suit your narrative and you are done.


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