How to Write a Reference Letter for a Baby Sitter

How to Write a Reference Letter for a Baby Sitter (With Free Samples)

Getting a new job as a baby sitter will be quicker with a reference letter. New employers will be more confident with the written words of a previous employer because they believe the writer is writing out of experience. This is why it is always good to leave a previous job without rancor, because the previous employer can be instrumental to the success of your new employment.

 A new employer would always believe the words of a testifier to your skills, abilities and attitude to work, so  to increase your chance at getting a babysitting job, you need to present a reference letter along with your application. So if you are approach to attest to ones abilities and skills for a babysitting job, you would need to write a reference letter for a baby sitter

So a reference letter for a baby sitter otherwise known as a recommendation letter is written to outline one’s good conduct, skills, abilities and qualifications on a babysitting job. This letter is mostly written by previous employers but can also be written by anyone that knows how good a person is in this field of work. New employers with little kids would always need to see a reference letter to help them ascertain the eligibility of the applicants. The reference letter will give the employer the needed information about the applicant and show if they have what it takes to do the job. The letter will highlight your strength which will hinge the applicant towards being accepted out of all that submitted their applications.

A good reference letter must have the right details that will sway the recipient interest to the applicant. The letter must have content that will interest the recipient and make them notice the applicant. So it is logical for the letter to have the right features that will make the applicant as outstanding as possible. The letter must follow the below writing tips and guide to be compelling enough to drive attention:

  • Include in the letter the applicant positive features like caring for the kids, paying attention to details and being very warm around children
  • Highlight the duration of time the applicant have worked as a babysitter and how qualified the applicant is for the job
  • State the strength of the applicant with babysitting job( like being punctual to work, being innovative and working without supervision.
  • Mention the skills acquired like communication, problem solving, safety and emergency skills and sense of responsibility
  • State the qualifications acquired: basic babysitting traing or course, first aid training or CPR, DBS CHECK etc

Below are the samples reference letters for a baby sitter

Sample 1

Mario Ferdinand

7578 Mesa Street, Tempe


4th Feb, 2020

Memorial happy baby care centre

Scottsdale area, phoenix metropolitan

To whom it may concern

This letter is a recommendation of Ms Mario Ferdinand to work in your baby care centre as a babysitter. I know she is really qualified for this field of work as she has all that its takes to be an efficient baby sitter. She has been in our employ for about 4 years and I can write with confidence that you would be having the best hands for the kids employing her. She just had to let her go because we are relocating due to my husband’s transfer to a new station.

I can tell you for free that she is always punctual to work, always available to carry out her duties to the best of her abilities. She is great when it comes to communicating, supervising and directing the kids. Her skills with babysitting are top notch as she doesn’t joke with the children study time, play time, Dinner time or their play time. She has a first degree in child’s care and support, so she is a professional with child’s care.

So you can always count on Ms Ferdinand, when you leave your kids with her. Be confident that you are leaving them in best hands and that the safety &wellbeing of your kids is sure.

Yours sincerely

Mario Ferdinand



Sample 2

Benjamin Lucas

345 Dally Street, San Antonio

Dallas, Texas

6th Jan, 2020

To whom it may concern,

Please accept this letter as my reference letter for Maurer Oliver to work as a babysitter in your employ. I can write without any doubt that she is the best for the job. Ms Oliver is a professional in this field, she has undergone several child ‘care courses and training which have enable her to acquire the needed skills and abilities to care for kids just the way they should.

Ms Oliver has worked with me for the past 8 months only on week night evenings or whenever I need her professional services. I know she is always punctual, work without supervision. Pay attention to the needs of the kids and follow all directions without issues. She on her own draws out schedule of activities for the kids and they are sticking to it. She is doing the best for the kids during play, bed, and dinner or bath time. My kids love her as she warm and accommodating towards the children, I’m sure she would replicate all these qualities in your employ as well.

So you should be confident at anytime you are not around that your kids are in safe ad secured hands. Thanks for your consideration

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin Lucas


An employer or family that wants to take in a new babysitter for their kids will need a reference letter from the applicants. If you are writing one, then you need to make your letter compelling enough to get the attention of the employers. The writing tips and guide stated above is to give you an insight on what you should include in your letter to drive the interest of the recipient. So you can review and adopt them into your letter. The samples have been written for you, you don’t have to copy and paste, but it is to give you the knowledge on how you want draft a winning babysitting reference letter. You just have to customize to meet your original idea.


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