Sample Cover Letter for High School Student

How to Write Cover Letter for High School Student (With Free Samples)

Applying for jobs can be tasking, especially when finding the first job, it will be pertinent to create a cover letter for each job application. The right thing to do is to inspire the recruiting manager to get you shortlisted for an interview. Even without experience, you can still show the hiring manager that you are a great fit for the job.

A cover letter for a high school student is formal letter written on just a page which can be sent with a resume to the hiring manager of a company. The cover letter amplifies the resume and explains why you are interested in the job offer. This type of cover letter has about 3-4 paragraphs and mostly outlined the experience and skills you would bring to bear to the company. As already stated, the cover letter is to expand your resume, so you have to outline in your cover letter your interest in the job and why you want to work in the company.

Cover letters for high school students, when prepared, will aim at letting the recruiting manager know how organized and professional you can be. Showing professionalism in your letter would need you to arrange your letter this way. You need to start with a date, two addresses ( the recipient and the company), then greeting, the body of the letter ( opening paragraph, body paragraph, and closing paragraph) then you have the closing paragraph.

When it comes to the formatting, you need to follow these tips:

  1. Use only standard but straightforward fonts like Calibri.
  2. Make do with a 10-12 point font size, and it should be a single space in between.
  3. Remember that it should be a single page with just four paragraphs.
  4. Have 1-inch margins and aligned them to the left.
  5. Save your letter either in a PDF or a doc form.
  6. Before sending, make sure that you have saved the file in your first and last name.
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You will need to follow these tips if you want to write a great high school student letter. You begin the letter by writing your full name and your contact detail at the top of the cover letter, then next is the recipient’s name. The Go-ahead to cite where you sighted the job opportunity you are applying for. Then move further to explain why you think you are an excellent fit for the job than others. Give a brief statement on your accomplishments, experiences, and qualification, don’t forget to thank the reader and show a good level of enthusiasm. End the letter with a proper sign-off and your full name. Make sure you don’t exceed at least a page.

The below samples are the format you can write your cover letter for high school student

Becky Chris

234 Berry Street,



15th August 2021


Mr. Henry Ken

Head, human resources

Bancroft town council

675 Martins close

Greenville SC 23009


Dear Mr. Ken,

My name is Becky Chris, a junior in Masonic high school interested in becoming a receptionist in your company. I came across your vacant position for a receptionist on the national dallies with Bancroft town council. As an English student and great at welcoming people, I’m sure I will do well with welcoming visitors to the organization and other administrative duties for the Bancroft town council.

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I’m aware of all the primary functions that a receptionist needs to carry out as a professional. This includes:

  • Warmly welcoming people to the company.
  • Receiving all business calls on behalf of the company.
  • Sorting out files.

As a junior school prefect, I’m already conversant with these duties as I carry them out diligently in my school. I have been opportune to instill the same traits in other students as well. There is a high level of warmness between students and others in the position of authority.

I’m applying particularly to the Bancroft town council to become more involved in secretarial duties as it will help me further my growth in the field. I would want to work in the embassy as a receptionist in the future. This is the most reason I’m glad about this opening. I wouldn’t mind sharpening my human

relations skills in a more standard way.

I’m hoping to get a call from you to discuss this position further.

Yours sincerely,

Becky Chris




Sample 2 format


Damian Abel



Hello Ted,

I have been in love with medicine for as long as I can remember. Something is fascinating about caring for patients either as in or outpatient, which wow me. Despite being in my early life, I didn’t want to be a medical doctor, but I knew I would end up in the medical field. My career direction has been swaged this way and there’s no going back. I’m sure that my wide knowledge in this field will make me the best fit for your interim medical position at life-care pediatrics.

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I have worked at swizz medics during summer, where I was also an intern for a mini doctor’s office. During this short stay, I had learned a lot and acquire skills on appointment setting and office supply management. Apart from this skill, I’m a fast learner, so I’m sure with adapt to all the changes in life-care pediatrics as fast as possible.

The good thing is that I’m familiar with life-care pediatrics, as I have been a patient there for many years. It will be a great honor to serve this distinguished doctor’s office especially now that I’m working towards my admission into college.

I hope to hear from you soonest


Yours sincerely,

  Damian Abel




The fact remains that to have a successful job search, you need a good cover letter, whether as a college or high school student. It is good to make your cover letter personable enough to demonstrate that you would do well in the job and, of course, professional enough to make the first impression. Achieving this might be tricky in a way. This is why you are given the sample formats above to get it right.


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