How to Write a Follow Up Email After a Trade Show (Plus Samples)

How to Write a Follow Up Email After a Trade Show (With Free Samples)

After a trade show there are different ways by which one can rate the success level as an exhibitor. The success level is always at times measured by the number of leads one generates after the show. But the most is the success rate by which the leads obtained after the show is turned into customers.  This achievement always comes from the follow-up strategy adopted after the show. So to achieve the high rate of success that was anticipated after a trade show, it is good to send out a trade show follow-up email to the leads to convert them to real buyers or customers.

Trade show follow up email is a reminder email that is sent to recipients or leads met at a trade show to covert them to potential customers. The email is to keep the detail of a business still fresh in the potential customers mind to convert them. The email will help bring in sale for the sender as the follow up mail are exchange as soon as possible. The bottom-line is to achieve the essence of the trade show which was to get new customers, so the follow-up email will help to chase the hot leads that show the most potential to be easily converted.

Writing a good trade show follow up must be done with an exciting tone. This is to enable the recipient to know that the sender is optimistic that their exchange will be fruitful. The email must be detailed and informative to capture the recipient more to avoid the sender from losing leads. The right manner of getting this email accurately is to keep the email short and simple. The follow information needs to be included in a good trade show follow-up email.

  • Begin your email with an appropriate trade show follow-up email subject line, and then add a formal greeting to it.
  • Then start with introducing yourself: don’t forget that people you are following up deals with different people on a daily so you need to reintroduce yourself to refresh their memories. You can introduce a bit of personal touch to your email to create a better rapport.
  • Then go ahead to tell them what you can do for them: with your follow-up email, the reader will want to find out what is in it for them. so you would need to find out what is in it for you. You can tell the recipient a story of your different sales and highlighting how your product can be valuable.
  • Then include your call-to-action (CTA): You would have to answer this question of what you want your recipient to do before ending the letter.
  • Then bring your email to a close by urging your recipient take the right action as stated. Then sign the letter with your name and signature.

Below are the Sample trade show follow up emails

Sample 1: Nice meeting you at American hunt trade show

Hello Felicia,

I’m Sam Miller; It was great meeting you at the American hunt trade show 2 weeks back. It was amazing having that short business transaction with you. I know I have got a potential customer in you as I have all that you needed during trade show.

I know you must have been busy as you resume your normal routine; I just needed to drop this with you. So we are distributing our creamy flavored hand wash at a discount just like I had earlier stated. You can take advantage of it now and order for it to get the 25% delivery charge off your total transaction. If you would a free time, I would like us to see for about 30 minutes but if not a phone then at least for 15 minutes. Please do send in your responses to help us kick-start this on time. Thank you for reading this and I’m looking forward to getting a positive response from you.

Yours sincerely,

Sam miller

Sample 2

Subject: let’s catch on the past deal

Hello Jerry,

Thanks for stopping by my booth for a chat at the Enrique trade show, I was honored to have around and know you would need my products pretty soon. Your warmth towards was quite endearing. It was really nice meeting you. I hope you haven’t forgotten me, as the date you gave me for your anniversary is drawing here and you are yet to contact me.

This email is a reminder that we still have the products in stock that we had discussed to supply as souvenirs during your anniversary. We wouldn’t mind being part of your epoch making event. So please I will love to set up a meeting with you so that we can talk further on this but if it is what you wouldn’t be to meet up then giving you a quick call wouldn’t be a bad idea. I want us to chat it out and proceed to the next step.

How about us meeting for next week at least for a brief meeting, please give your feedback on this will be grateful to hear from you. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,



It is always a great idea to attend trade shows as a company’s owner or employee. This will help you to get valuable leads that can turned into potential customers. The next step after the show is to adopt a strategy that can help you move the leads via the sales funnel. Though there are several ways but adopting the email is still the best way to stay connected with these prospective clients and customers. so you would need to send out trade show follow-up email to all your leads to keep being connected to them.

Writing an effective trade show follow up email needs you to include the right information that will motivate the recipient to response positively to your email. The information you would need to include in your letter are outlined above. You need to adopt them when your email, you can also use the samples above as your templates.


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