How to Write a Follow Up Email After Networking Event (With Samples)

When it comes to getting your business out there, it is always great to network with others in the same field. Networking comes with enormous benefits like getting fresh business ideas, advance one’s career or business, strengthen business connections and also build confidence. But the issue is always about maintaining the connection that was created especially if it is just a person met not long ago. Well, the answer to this problem is to follow-up on the network to build a solid relationship. This is where one will need to send out an email for a follow-up after a networking event.

A follow up email after networking event is a follow-up email that a sender sent to a contact after an initial interaction at an event. The essence of the follow-up email is to help build solid relationship and to let the other person know you are still interested in the networking. The letter is sent to solidify the connection with the recipient. A follow-up email will help the sender to start out from the crowd of people that attended the event , which will make the recipient identify and recognized the sender from the others in the network.

Crafting an outstanding follow-up email after networking event will need you to be engaging and set a personal tone to draw the recipient out. The below writing tips and guide will direct you on how to draft a follow up email after network event to perfection.

  • Begin your letter with an attention-grabbing subject line: go personal with the subject and be brief about it. You can add the name of the recipient to the subject title
  • Then, have a professional salutation or greetings. Add the recipient name to it to show familiarity. The recipient will acknowledge the fact that you didn’t forget their names despite maybe the crowd in the event
  • The body of the letter should refresh the recipient memory about your previous discussion during the networking event. Let them remember what your conversation was all about and that you would it to be established. This is where the recipient had promised to help in whichever way.
  • You can use a CTA here you can politely ask for a response from the recipient, go tell the recipient how you want the networking to go . you need to be appealing rather now exerting force. Give a clear message and let the recipient know what you really want.
  • Then close your letter signing off with your name.

Below are the samples of follow up email after networking event

Subject: Your techniques for sales can help

Hello Felix,

It was a delight meeting you at the sales manager end of year event. I really learnt a lot from you. I hope you can still recall your conversation on increasing up to 30% in sales for my company. You promised to have a private discussion with me and also share a book that you believe will be of immense benefit with my job role. Please I want to inform you that I’m very much interested hence, the email.

I’m wanted to start exceeding greatly my sales target as the manager so I will want you to explain more on our discussed sales techniques. I’m very sure it will be of immense help to me. I have attached in this email the copy of my sales performance in the last six months as requested by you. I will be happy if you find out to invite me over for the meeting. I will love you to share your other techniques with me.

So can we meet on Thursday, by 10am over coffee, but if it wouldn’t be convenient for you, please choose your date and communicate to me. I’m sure I will be available anytime that is great for you. Thanks in advance, looking forward to your positive response.



Sample: discussing copywriting over lunch

Hello Brain,

Thank you for your friendliness the other day at the Paslline solution event. I really enjoyed your company throughout the event. I really tapped a lot from your wealth of knowledge. So I would love the opportunity of us connecting again over lunch at the McDonalds I will pick the tabs. I’m curious to know more about copywriting. I’m currently the copywriter for Black dove consulting firm and I want to know more on how you use Grammarly to improve your marketing and sales copies.

I know you are a very busy executive but I just check in to see if you could spare few minutes of your time over lunch to put me through. I will be very grateful for your selfless efforts. Can we meet next week Monday at about 4pm after working hours? I wouldn’t mind driving you home afterwards. Please consider my request. But if you need to change the time to suit your schedule, please go ahead. I will be available anytime next year.

Thanks in Anticipation,



Networking in the professional work is a very important process as one needs to build professional relationship to learn and gain knowledge from others. When it comes to knowledge, no one person knows it all, you need to constantly be in connection with others in the same field with you especially the expert to daily gain knowledge from them. now, getting to meet these experts in an event is one thing but staying connected with them is another.

If you need to stay connected with them, especially if you were promised to be helped, then you need to follow-up on the process to keep reminding them to get through with it. One of the ways you are readily achieving this is by sending out a follow-up email after the networking event to the contact. You need to show you are interested to alert the other person. Structuring and including the right information in your follow-up email is the surefire way of making your letter effective. Go ahead to use the writing guide as outlined above. If you need a template that you can just fix your details, then you would need to use the samples as written above.


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