Financial Advisor Prospecting Email Sample

Financial Advisor Prospecting Email Sample

In any career path there’s need to always find new leads or employ ideas that will move potential clients down the sales funnel and the career path of a financial advisor is no exception. There’s always a need to get more clients, because clients mean more money in the pocket. Prospecting will need adopting different strategies to get prospective clients and this is where the use of emailing comes in as one of the effective strategy. The adoption of financial advisor prospecting email is significant as it is one great way of getting your prospects to reply to you message so you can start building business relationship. To get the potential clients, then you would need to send them a financial advisor prospecting email for a start.

The financial advisor prospecting email is sent to prospective clients that would need the services of financial advising to build client base. The essence of the letter is to alert the recipient of the service that the sender is willingly to offer. The letter will help to bridge the gap for the sender and enable a relationship be to built with the recipient through exchange of messages. Sending out a financial advisor prospecting email to potential clients help the sender to find leads which with time will turn to actual sales. The email prospecting will help the sender to ensure that the people that are fit for the service are those receiving the email which will be via their responses.

Writing a professional yet engaging financial advisor prospecting email needs you to adopt all the features that will make your email effective. You need to be convincing with your content and this must start from your subject line. This must be eye-catching enough to even get your recipients to open the letter in the first place. So if you need to be on the right track with how this letter should be written and it’s content then you should follow the below writing tips

  • As earlier stated start your subject line with a solid caption that will grab the attention of your recipient. You wouldn’t want your email ignored or send to spam as soon as it appear. So state your subject line as a human not a bot. Avoid the use of subject line best price, why pay more, click here ,double your money etc. these words most times triggers the spam filter. You can use a friendly subject line and add the company name to it. Remember to be brief with the subject line
  • Write the body of your email but in an engaging way; this where you would have your CTA. A call to action needs to have a high performing strategic messaging. Let the client always know what they will be benefiting from your service. Talk about how the service can help the client. This in a bid to show the customer you are all about their benefit and not just about selling your services
  • Keep your email short to maintain the interest of the potential client. Tell the client to call or contact for more discussion on the prospective service.
  • Thanks the recipient for taking out time to respond to your email and sign off

Below are the sample financial advisor prospecting emails

Sample 1

Subject: Debt management for Barclay Limited

Hello Samuel,

I’m Smith Biffa of the Brighton financial consult. I like the services your company are rendering to manage other businesses. I’m a financial advisor with a great wealth of knowledge in risk and debt management. With your services to numerous startups I know you would need a firm that will help manage your risk and debt, you can count on us to deliver. We would organize and track all the avenues of risk to help minimize your risks.

We are working with top companies and their feedbacks on our services as always been top notch. Would you be available tomorrow for a 10 minutes discussion I will happy if you should consider this. You need to make risk and debt management a top priority in your firm to curb excessive losses.

Thanks for your time as I await your response at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Smith Biffa

Sample 2

Subject line: cash flow Analysis for A. B. Company

Dear Brownie,

How’s today, I’m the financial advisor for Fordland consulting firm and I am into private practice as well. I look up your company during a research discussion with another client and I realize you are also into providing funds with interest to startups. So I want to ask with your line of service to the startups would you need a financial advisor.

The truth is that better book keeping for cash flow analysis has helped companies such as yours. You would need to have a good knowledge of how changes are happening in your balance sheet and also how your income is affecting your cash equivalents and cash. I can help assist with breaking the analysis to financing, operating and investing activities.

I wouldn’t mind coming over so that we can give this a bit of time for a good business transaction. But feel free to contact me as soon as it is convenient for you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Doyle


Financial advisor prospecting email is a good way to capture potential clients that will be needing one’s service as a financial advisor. It is a good way of selling one sell and building the initial relationship with the prospect. The letter needs to be convincing enough to get the attention of the recipient, betterstill, one can lay more emphasizes on the benefit the client will be deriving from working with the sender. The surefire way of achieving success with this email is by having in the email the right information that will interest the prospect.

The above writing tips will help you structure and include in your email the information that will enable you writes your letter appropriately. You can also modify the sample letters to suit your own narrative.


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