Environmental Science Cover Letter Sample

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Environmental Science Job

Writing an engaging environmental science cover letter can aid in grabbing the attention of an employer, which will help you land an interview for the role. The truth remains that an environmentalist cover letter is a way of demonstrating your skills, discussing your research interest and going as far as expanding your qualifications to your recruiter. This is why the need to send an enticing cover letter alongside your resume for a job can’t be over-emphasized you would be selling yourself short; if you do not do the needful.

Environmental science cover letter is therefore, a narrative about your special skills, experience and background to a recruiter for the post of an environmental scientist. This will give the recruiter an insight on why you should be evaluated and invested in than the other candidates. The cover letter will help you showcase that you are the right fit for the job opening. But you should always remember that the cover letter is different from the resume. You share a different narrative of yourself to the recruiter which will need you fit for an interview

With your cover letter you would need to demonstrate a story about yourself as such you need to structure it to achieve that. To get the right format for your environmental science cover letter, you would need to follow the writing tips below:

  • Begin your letter with the contact information of you and the recruiter. Then move to dating your letter
  • Use the professional salutation which could be the hiring manager or recruiting team
  • Use the first paragraph to state why need for the letter, why your interest in the role, the position you want and your background
  • Then, move to write your relevant experiences and skills. Be concise and clear here. Make your skills and experience relevant to the job description
  • Try to connect your past experience to the new job position. State how you would be able to handle the new job with needing all the time supervision
  • Then close your letter by reiterating your interest, and then appreciate the reader for taking time to consider your letter
  • This is a professional letter, so employ all formal tone with the writing style. Proofread your letter before submission

Below are the samples of the cover letter for environmental science

Austin Bach

567 Bethel Avenue


Sacramento, USA

5th April, 2021

Dear Dr. Longwood,

I’m writing to apply for the role of an environmental scientist in your firm, the Brook botanical garden. I’m will be happy to be consider for this role as I have always believed that my contribution to Brook garden will uplift it more. Currently, I’m the curator at Indene University, Sacramento and the creator of living spring farms in New York. I have a 10 years working experience in this field, with the experience I have developed over the years I will continue with efforts to advance environmental and ecological education in your firm.

In my present workplace I deal with diverse responsibilities which include learning full-scale botanical center, developing of the center via organizing, planning , maintaining and curating plant species. This role has helped me developed my strategic research tools and have helped me with in-depth knowledge in studying environmental sustainability, ecological sciences and botany.

3 years back I have studied different plants to know their features and characteristics now. I have partner with external teams to develop my own plant center and a nonprofit initiative center. All of these will help in fostering a sustainable reforestation initiative. I have been carrying out in-depth research as well to make a competent environmental scientist. Over the years I have fine-tuned my skills and you can count me in when it comes to communication, sustainability consultation, excellent research work and team management.

I’m sure I will be the best fit for this role, because I have all that it takes to thrive without limitation in this fast-paced scientific and research job role. I’m looking forward to a scheduled interview with you. I will provide all the information you would be needing to clarify issues

Best regards

Dr. Austin Bach

Sample 2

Dear Mr. Kelly Kris

I’m applying to get the advertised position of an environmental scientist in your center. I have a degree in environmental science from Ohio state college  and my courses had included chemistry, geology, hazardous waste management and biology. I have extensive laboratory experience and fieldwork. I have good footing when it comes to digital mapping, extent of pollution and computer modeling

You can trust me when it comes to conducting studies, soil degradation, conversation and data collection. I have excellent analytical skills , observational skills and research abilities to detect source of any problem and detect harmful means to the environment. I posses as well, great communication skills and give comprehensive details to all studies. I have good interpersonal skill, productive a nd fit for this role

I can travel any way at any shortest notice  and working for long hours isn’t a problem. Though I have plans to further my education but my utmost desire now is to protect and preserve the water supplies and earth’s air via developing effective and new ways to decrease pollution.

I’m sure that you will always find my service and contribution satisfactory. Please call 555-65-765 to arrange for an interview,

Yours respectfully,

Raymond Tim


An environmental science cover letter is a good way to craft a compelling narrative about you to get the job role. You would be able here to explain to the employer that you understand the pains of the firm or company and how you would tackle it. The employers are always interested in candidates that have in-depth knowledge of what a job entails and their proffered solutions. So you need to let the employer know you understand all of that on your cover letter.

There are fundamental steps you should always tae for a specific cover letter, that is why you have this article. You can use the above writing tips to get your cover letter right.


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