How to Write an Email to Reconnect with Old Clients (With Free Samples)

How to Write an Email to Reconnect with Old Clients (With Free Samples)

Sometimes in the course of our businesses or careers we might lose several clients and this might be due to several reasons. The reasons might be our fault and some beyond our control especially for clients that their circumstances changed and their buying needs didn’t align any longer with your offers. But regardless of the reasons for the disconnection, sending out reconnection emails can be the magical way of offering the old clients a better opportunity to come back. So if you had lost clients because they were totally unhappy with poor service received, sending an email to reconnect with these old clients will provide retribution in an effective way.

So an email to reconnect with old clients is  an email sent to recipients that are old clients of a company or business to seek reconnection. This email is sent to help promote positive client relations as the business or company reach out to them. it will help also to keep the client based informed once again about the service and product of the sender. The email will enable the sender re-engage with lost clients, remind the clients of their new offers, announce professional changes that would interest the recipients and it will help to boost the professional network

The truth remains that email is a wonderful sales and marketing option to maintain client relationship. So the use of email to reconnect with old clients will aid in generating more business opportunities. Knowing how to effectively draft your email to reconnect with old clients will help you maximize the benefits that come with this email. So getting the best of this act is to adopt the right information and set the tone for a better response from the recipient. The below writing guide will help you write a successful email to reconnect with old clients.

Use an engaging subject line and add a formal salutation to it

  • Start in the first paragraph with an offer to solve a problem for the clients; this will help appeal to the clients to reconsider their stances. The desired outcome should be discussed
  • Then demonstrates your new skills to entice the old clients to look back at your services. This will impress and encourage old clients to consider and look to buying the advertised products
  • You can suggest in your letter the time to met with the old clients to discuss more on the business. This will give the client impression that they are valued. This will make the recipient to feel good and reconsider
  • You can include resources that will interest the old clients; you can include the reading material, links or personal recommendations. This will make the old clients to be attracted to the thoughtfulness and generosity of the sender. This act can help build a solid connection with the recipient which can relate into a business transaction.
  • You can also ask open-ended questions to encourage client’s responsiveness. This method should be used for both opening and closing of the email which includes how’s business? is there anything I can help you with? Etc.
  • Close the email with your name and contact.

Below are the Sample emails to reconnect with old clients

Subject: Reconnecting with a dear client

Dear Ms. Sonia,

I’m glad to be in connection once again with you, how has it been? I hope you are enjoying the previous Thermocool pool you had bought from us. I just want to reconnect with you to intimate you on our latest offer. The company is presently offering a 50% discount on our custom-made maintenance services with even complimentary draining equipment. So if you would need any of these services we are really to send you only custom-made prices designed for only our loyal clients just like you.

So if you need the draining service, we would bear the assessment expenses, and we will make the trip free of charge just give us the time to come take a look. Or do you think Tuesday by 9am will work for you? But regardless, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an alternative for us. We will still oblige you. Thank you for reaching out. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Philips

Rainbow pools stores

Sample 2

Subject: Missing your patronage

Dear Mr. Clark,

I have just read about your coronation announcement so I’m reaching out to congratulate you for the great feat. I wish you a pleasant stay on the throne and plenty of luck as you plan towards the occasion. So upon hearing about this wonderful it occurs to me you haven’t been coming to the gym and you are yet to renew your bronze membership.

I believe you should still keep fit to stay really healthy for the task ahead. So you can’t make it out here, I can be coming over to give you the training you need. I can prepare a custom-made routine that will fit into your schedules. You just need to schedule a meeting time with me to come around for the discussion and I will be there. Thank you for your usual patronage. Look forward to a reply from you.

All the best

Vincent Paul

Gym instructor


Email option has always been a powerful sales and marketing tool that can be used to stay connected to clients. It is also perfect tool when there’s a need to reconnect with old clients as you would recognized automatically since there have been exchanged of mails before now. The snag is always on the how and when to use it for an effective result.

For emailing to reconnect with old clients it is important to know the information that needs to be contained in the email to prompt the recipient to response on a positive note. The writing guide below will help in achieving that, you need to follow it systematically to get it right. If you are looking for a template that you just fix your details with slight modification, then the sample letters are all yours. Just choose the one that will suit you well.


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