Sample Donation Request Letter for Sports Team

How to Write a Donation Request Letter for Sports Team (With Free Samples)

Sporting events need financial aid not only to get the needed sporting gears for the team but to help provide funds for the team members and smooth running of the team. In some cases this might be a promising team that needs sponsorship to make it better. But when such is not forth coming then going through the route of donations solicitation isn’t a bad idea. You just need to communicate to those that you believe can help via a written statement. So you can employ the use of a donation request letter for the sports team to get the needed outcome.

Therefore, a donation request letter for sports team is a letter requesting for donations from others to help provide funds for the sporting team. This letter can be written by the coach, team leader or one of the sports team. The essence is to raise funds or get needed help that will be in the interest of the sport team. It will also show that it is a genuine cause as it will be signed by a member of the sports team and would have been acknowledged by other members. The letter will have in details all that a donor needs to know about the sports team to motivate to help.

Getting donations for a sporting team will need you doing a lot more than just soliciting for funds. You need to carry out some actions, so the desired result can be obtained in no time. Before writing your letter you should do the following:

  • Search out for companies that are relevant to sporting or philanthropists that love sports, it could be those that sell sports gears, equipment or anything pertaining to sports.
  • Do a thorough research on how best you can approach them for a donation. You would need to meet with the key players.
  • Try to get the contacts of those that can make things happen, so that you can easily to get donations.
  • Try to be friendly but business-like as well. Know what you want and if possible you can throw in the donate anything you want option. You might not necessarily need to have a fixed amount to be donated.
  • You can also make the donor to feel involved in the team. Draw them in for future donations.
  • You can also take pictures of your activities and send them across to the donors from time to time. This will help encourage them to do more when next you asked for a donation.
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Below are the sample donation request letters for sports team

Date; 12th July 2021

The Bank of America

Bank manager

Atlanta, USA

Subject: letter asking for donations for sports team

Dear Mr. Liam

This letter is coming your way, believing you would be of help to our sporting team. I’m a coach to a team of promising kids though underprivileged that plays street football. I’m trying to bring them up to standard which will help them have their own representation as sportsmen both in the state, national and international level. There is the need to carpet our field, get a bus for our ease of movement, get more sporting equipment then pay stipends to the teammates.

The team will be highly delighted if you would oblige us with your donations. It will help us to accomplish one or two of our outlined needs. We wouldn’t mind to show you all the activities that we would be doing if you want to be part of us. We shall be grateful if you help us with your kind donation. It will help us in no little. Thanks in anticipation.

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Best regards,

Audrey Best.


Sample 2

12th Nov, 2021

Bernard Jones


The cleft company, LTD

Subject: letter for donations for sports team

Dear Jones,

This is Barabbas Mathew a coach of a foot team in a local South Carolina club. My letter is to request that you help with whatever donation you can afford for my sports team. I’m sure you must have heard in the news that we are the best team east of Carolina; however we can do better with more assistance that will help with funding of the team. The limitation for us as always been limited funds for the execution of the different activities that would have raised us better. The problem here is that we lack sponsorship that is why why it looks as if we are stagnated.

The first thing that the team needs that will enhance comfortability for us is provision of facilities like a gym that will help to make the players fit at all times. As you are a philanthropist and a lover of sports, I get motivated to approach you so that you can know our problems and help donate in resolving them. I promised that with your kind donation, you would never be disappointed. We wouldn’t mind collaborating with your company for future relations. I’m looking forward to discuss with you on this.

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I’m thanking you already for your kind gestures


Barabbas Mathew


Growing a strong and well-funded sports team need good resources and in most cases it isn’t possible as the team mates might not have the necessary means. The best bet will be to have a sponsorship but when that isn’t working then using the donation avenue wouldn’t be bad. All you need do is to draft a well wordy request letter to that effect. The guidelines above are to give you the right direction to follow if you want to get the positive response from the donors as expected. You would need to include in your letter the necessary information that will explain in details what your mission is all about.

You can use the samples written above as your template when you intend writing your own donation request letter,. All you need do is to replace your details with the data presented on it and you are done.


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