How to Write a Cover Letter for an Entry level HVAC Job (With Samples)

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Entry level HVAC Job (With Samples)

Being a HVAC technician needs one to be skillful, even at the entry level because skills are what the recruiter want to assess. This is a job that demands some level of skills as it entails inspecting current HVAC systems, performing emergency repairs, maintaining equipment and generally consulting for customers to ascertain their installation. So you would still need to highlight your knowledge and talents in the field. How else would you achieve this? if not by writing an engaging and persuasive cover letter for the position to get easily noticed.

The entry level HVAC cover letter is an introduction by a candidate showcasing the abilities, background history and experience to a would-be employer for a position of a HVAC technician. The cover letter will help expand your credential and move the recruiter to assess your abilities for the HVAC position more objectively. The cover letter will enable the employer to form a better idea about your personality and your work ability to be convinced enough that you would be a better hire. This is why you need to keep your content distinctive and write like you are the best candidate for the role.

As already stated getting the entry level heating, ventilation and air conditioning role will need to write a standout and solid cover letter. So you need to employ the format and structure that will help you perform just that. So if you are ready, you just need to follow the below tips to get it done.

  • Address your letter to the recruiting officer
  • Date your letter and have a formal tone for your letter
  • Write your letters in paragraphs and start by introducing yourself, how you heard about the job and the role you are applying for.
  • Highlight your knowledge in the cover letter, It is important you add that you have the needed skills of maintaining complex (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems same with repairing and installing standard HVAC systems.
  • Connect your past learned skills or related courses or training to the job position you are applying now for
  • Have your signoff or formal closing after making a call to action to the recruiter.

If you are looking for perfect samples to review so as to write yours, then you can follow the samples below,

Entry Level HVAC Cover Letter Samples

Sample 1

Raymond Dolly


5th Oct, 1999

Mr. Carter Basil

Human resources manager

Humphrey Bach limited

6578 manning road

South Carolina, 67899

Dear Mr. Basil

I’m a huge enthusiastic HVAC technician, I saw your posting for this job online and I was immediately interested. My skills readily align with your job description so I know with no iota of doubt that I will be the best candidate for this job. I have been a great hand when it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning repairs and I know for a fact that I will make a valuable contribution to your organization too.

With the training and experience I have gathered for now, I’m great at planning, analyzing, maintaining and performing preventive measures on HVAC systems. You can also count on me when it comes to making modifications, troubleshooting and shutting it down for whatever purpose.

My strength lies in doing the following

  • Keeping accurate inventories of all the heating, ventilation and air conditioning Resources and equipment
  • Consulting with customers to understand their repairs, installation and to maintain their system
  • Performing urgent repairs on both complex and standard heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

I wouldn’t mind learning more from the experts in your organization, because I’m a really fast learner. So I will learn quickly to add more value to your company. I’m looking out for your positive response and I believe you would give me the opportunity to work as a member of your team. I have left my contact above. Please don’t hesitate to contact me when need be.

Yours sincerely

Raymond Dolly

Sample 2

Jeremiah Jackson

4567 hollow rocky, Houston, TX 7867


16th January,2021

Mr. Josiah beecroft

The HR manager

Beecroft plumbing services

6765 southern town

Houston, Texas

Dear Mr. Beecroft

This letter is coming your way in reference to your published role for a an entry-level HVAC on your online job board. My professional profile aligns with all the job requirement outline in the job description. I have been an intern for about 12 months now and I offer the below skills and qualification

  • I can lift 30lb and bend for a prolonged period
  • Illustrate knowledge of state-specific HVAC guidelines
  • I’m ARC certified and also EPA universal license holder
  • Excellent at troubleshooting and diagnosing all HVAC related problems
  • Skilled at fully determining and translating heating, ventilation and air conditioning layouts and installing systems.

At my previous job as an intern, I was in charge of assisting customers choose the services they needed. This practice has really developed my communication skills and customer relation skills. For me I work best when I understand my employer’s needs better. So I suggest that you grant an interview to me so I can get a better understanding of the nature of the job, so that I can employ relevant potentials to tackle the job effectively

You can contact me using my contact as stated already above. Thank you for your consideration and time. I will love to proceed to the next level of the recruitment process, please do consider my request

Yours sincerely,

Jeremiah Jackson


Writing an entry level HVAC cover letter is taking advantage of creating first impression about you to the recruiter and then fully grabs the attention. The cover letter will help the recruiter readily see your highlighted skills and quickly take an informed decision on you being the right candidate for the job.

So all you need do when writing your cover letter is to input all the relevant details that will help the recruiter interested in the content of your letter. The above sample letters can help you achieve this and more.


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