How To Write Cover Letter for Counselor Position

Sample Cover Letter for Counseling Job – This cover letter was written for the position of counselor in a clinic.

Sample Cover Letter for Counseling Job

Eva J. Vanderbilt
1063 Telford Ave
27085 334 4271

One Day at a Time Counseling Center
1153 Union Lane
27083 387 7013


To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to apply for the position of counselor at your clinic for at-risk youth. My name is Eva Vanderbilt, and I am approaching the completion of my master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in mental health for young adults under 25. I have had a passion for counseling and helping others since my youth, and I am excited to put my heart into a new career.

Your facility, One Day at a Time Counseling Center, is a positive influence, known nation-wide, due to the large number of success stories from your clinics. Depression, anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, and bipolar disorder are among the wide variety of diagnoses plaguing your cliental. With counseling, behavioral therapy, equine therapy, music therapy, exercise and diet changes, and medication (when needed), your clients leave able to work through their emotions and behaviors with the appropriate tools to do so. This is the kind of organization I want to be a part of.

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Throughout my master’s degree, I have completed over 1000 hours of clinical experience. This time has helped me develop my interpersonal skills in the field of counseling. I am able to actively listen to the clients while building a rapport and relationship with them that allows counseling to blossom. I concentrated my studies toward the youth, as mentioned above, and I was able to work in group homes and other youth facilities. This broadened my perspective and understanding of this age group. I have also worked closely with other departments within my college to determine the effects of music and equine therapy on improving mental health cases, and I come prepared to share my findings in order to improve your already wonderful facilities.

You will see from my resume and letters of application; I am ready to enter the field of counseling and focus on the needs of today’s youth. I graduated with honors, and I am prepared to give letters of reference from my professors. I pride myself on being a fast learner and someone who goes above and beyond in all I do. I feel confident that I can quickly acquire any new skills I’ll need to succeed in this role, and I am ready to start making a meaningful contribution right away. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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Eva J. Vanderbilt

Sample Cover Letter for Counseling Position

Alice F. Womack

138 Voortrekker St



2785 106 2930


The Nurse in Charge

Sally Mugabe central hospital

149 Stanley Rd



2785 910 1562


Dear sir/madam



I am writing this letter seeking the job position of counselor at your hospital. I am a 30 year old passionate woman who holds a doctorate degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in sociology and l believe I will be an assert to your hospital as I have worked with multiple recognisable hospitals in the country.

I am hereby applying for a job here because of your developed children’s hospital as it is my speciality to offer effective counseling therapy to children of all ages. For references you can check with my last employer at Baines private hospital. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Dr Alice F. Womack


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