Conference Call Invitation Email Samples

How to Write a Conference Call Invitation Email (With Free Samples)

The world has since gone digital and as such a lot of things can be done from the comforts of one’s space. Having a meeting now can be done by a team of people without them having to meet face to face, Infact, this has really been an effective way for teammates in companies or offices to stay connected and have their meeting without having to meet physically. You just have to initiative a conference call with those involved and intimate them about all details involve for the meeting to enable them honor it. So to enable everyone be on the same page you would need to alert them, using the conference call invitation email to reach everyone will be the best idea.

The conference call invitation email is an email of invitation sent to recipients to alert them of a conference call to enable them to attend. The essence of this email will be to inform the recipients to be ready for a conference that is scheduled by the sender of the email. The information on the conference call invitation email will enable the recipients get the meeting schedule into their agenda and it will be one of their to-do thing to avoid non-participation. The email option is the easiest way to get the details of meeting out as it is quick and convenient.

Crafting a successful Conference call invitation email will need you writing a compelling email. it is to engage a lot of people to drive the needed result which will be for everyone invited to attend. You would need to adopt an effective format and also include all the information that will ginger recipients to respond positively to your request by attending the conference meeting. The following writing tips will help you draft your Conference call invitation email to perfection.

  • Start with having in place a clear and concise subject line: A lot of emails are opened because of an appealing subject, so let your subject be enticing enough to get attract the recipient to click on it when sighted. You can write project kickoff on Thursday at noon or very important development team meeting
  • Then very important, you would have to share the details of the conference call meting: given vital information like when is the meeting which will include the time and the date. If the meeting will run for several hours, it better to schedule it for the mornings. You would also state the duration of the meeting, let the recipients be in the know about the time they will be pending out of the usual schedules.
  • Then state the purpose of the meeting: this will enable your recipients have a pre-knowledge of what the conference meeting will be all about. At least a glimpse of the details before the meeting
  • You can share your agenda for the meeting, this is to let them know the different items that would be discussed
  • Close your letter and signoff officially with you name and title

Below are the Conference call invitation email samples

Sample 1

Subject: Increasing ROI Upcoming Meeting

Dear teammates,

As we are about to call for another meeting of all teammates of the sales representative of LifeAgain Insurance I will like to thank everyone for their loyalty and total support of the company. The previous meetings have been fruitful as I see a lot of us implementing all that were discussed. We are having another one again to help us strengthen out some sales issue but this time it would be conference call. So you are invited to be part of the conference call meeting.

This conference is scheduled to take place on the 23rd of September 2021 by 11am. You would find other details on the attachment. The meeting will mostly be on how to increase our company’s turnover rate to enhance our return on investment. So this is one meeting you shouldn’t miss so please join in on that day.

The meeting is expected to last for about 2 hours, so please let know if you are willing to be a part of this. Thanks for your usual cooperation and I’m  looking forward to your positive response

Best regards,

Augustus Connor

Conference call coordinator


Sample 2

Subject: Conference call invite for Annual meeting

Hello team,

Let me first appreciate everyone for their immense contribution in diverse ways to the growth of our company. It feels great to have loyal teammates that are focused in the development strides of their workplace. It has been a nice feeling working with every member of this team. Please I’m requesting that you join me for a quick conference call for the annual meeting. This will take place on the 13th of June 2021 by 9 am.

As usual you should come prepared with all the questions, you would need accurate answers to, to enable you perform satisfactory to the best of your abilities. The conference meeting will help us to discuss safety the different goals ,  timelines, strategies that will benefit the team more. So if you would be around for the conference call, then click the attached link to be counted. But don’t hesitate to reach us if you changes your mind at least a day or two before the conference call meeting day.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Yours sincerely,

Murphy Alana

Project supervisor



When it comes to an invitation to people for a conference call, a crafted conference call invitation email will do the magic. You would make your letter really informative and detailed to ginger the recipients to attend.. This is what well selected words need to achieve, to motivate people to willingly do a thing. So with this Conference call invitation email you would need to be detailed and information to give to the recipient a very clear message.

You would need to review the writing tips as stated above and adopt them when writing your Conference call invitation email. Also modify the sample letters as well to custom make them to your taste, just go with the one you desire to use.


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