Sample Complaint Letter to Nursing Home

Sample Complaint Letter to Nursing Home (With Free Samples)

An elderly undergoing a terrible experience at a nursing home, which could be for whatever reasons is heartbreaking. The fact remains that some nursing homes render poor home services to their users and the right thing to help the elderly do is to formally complain to the home. If the home is still not providing satisfactory services even after calling them to order then writing a complaint letter wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So the complaint letter to nursing home is a formal letter of service dissatisfaction written to the nursing home. It could be addressed to the home manager, the nurses or the head of the home. This letter is of essence which will enable the head to know that the users or the people placed in their home aren’t finding their service worth the pay and they are not enjoying their stay.

To draft an effective complaint letter to nursing home, you would need to state the services that are poorly done and what you need changed or else you would be gone with your person. The complaint letter helps because it does aid the caregiver to do more for the people or elderly placed in their care.

This letter is a formal letter and as such needs all the elements of a formal letter

  • You can start by addressing the letter which is to the homing home and then date your letter
  • For salutation you should be formal by using Dear sir/madam
  • Next, is the body of the letter, which you would need to start the introductory by outlining your complaints and then move to your make your requests on behalf of the elderly. Write your text in paragraphs and avoid unnecessary details you can conclude by asking them to contact you if need be
  • Complimentary close with be “Yours faithfully” followed by your name and a signature

Sample complaint letters to nursing home

Dear Madam

I’m writing this letter due to the disappointment I am experiencing with your services. I choose your nursing home for my mother because your home came highly recommended. As at the time I decided to have her in your home I didn’t have a permanent dwelling abode. This made me to keep moving from one place to the another. My mum being an elder couldn’t cope with such movement so I needed to leave her in a home that wouldn’t only house her but she would be well cared for

It has been about 3 months that my mother has been in your home, I try to have a regular visit to see her but right from the second month she has been ill, lost a lot of weight and looking very fragile. I needed to find out how she was finding the nursing home and she said she was miserable. I was informed that the workers here don’t offer her proper medication or food. She has been prohibited from taking her loved daily walks and even at night she is allowed to go to bed with no blanket which she wakes up to cold because of the freezing weather

These were really heart wrenching for me to hear all these horrible stories, I hope you understand the emotional trauma I’m undergoing now for all these stories. Please I’m imploring that you look into these issues and improve your services so the she can love the home and remain in safety till she is out of here.


Brain Jonah.


Sample 2

Dear jonna

When I placed my father in your skilled nursing home on the 3rd of may 20221. I was given the assurance that your services are top-notch, even my initial tours of your facility gave the impression I was in the right nursing home that will be the best for my dear father. But as the days go by, I have become increasingly disappointed. Below is what has transpired:

  • My father is always left alone at night to take his medication
  • I had paid for nutritious meals for my dad but what I see offered him is really average
  • The mattress that was given to him is of low standard and very hard which have elicited backache for him.

The final straw came on 4th sept 2020 that my father was left unattended to for almost 12 hours. My father might be too calm to say a thing to the home about these issues, but I’m here to let you all know. So this is what I’m asking for my father. He should be assigned a skilled care taker, his food should be properly prepared and must be balanced and the mattress for him changed and your services generally, need to be upgraded

Please if need be, you can contact me at your earliest convenience. Unless I’m convinced that these issues will be resolved as soon as possible, I might be looking at placing my father in another nursing home

Yours sincerely

Godswill black


The nursing home which is a private facility that helps in offering residential accommodation with health care services for the elderly is necessary. Some elderly needs constant care which only professional can provide. Leaving them in such homes can provide them with social engagement, assistance during the day, offer them specified healthcare, regular meal times etc. with all of these care the elderly can live a better life which in-turn would prolong their lives

Unfortunately, some of the nursing home might not keep to their words of providing impressive services. When this is noticed it would be better to let them know about these complains, doing this via a complaint letter will be a lot effective.

To write the complaint letter is simple, you just need to follow the guidelines and format above. You can use the sample letters drafted above as your template. You have to replace the information there with your own narrative and you would be almost done writing your complaint letter to any nursing home offering poor services.


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