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How to Write a Cold Cover Letter (With Free Samples)

Job hunting sometimes mean going to the employers to ask for a job, because sometimes these employers are busy to advertise for a position but they need new teammates. So instead of just sitting idle waiting for job openings to be advertised, going to meet them for jobs might just be the best bet. So to be professional about this move, then the right measure must be employed, this is where cold cover letter comes in.

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A cold cover letter can be described as an uninvited inquiry sent from a candidate to an employer or a hiring manager concerning a possible job vacancy. This is a good way of getting an employer attention on a job that is yet to be advertised, sometimes the job might not still be available but it is still better to find out than not. With a cold letter the candidate will be able to introduce self to a hiring manager or a potential employer. The letter will explain to the employer why the candidate will be an asset to the company if given the opportunity to serve.

Writing an effective cold cover letter is very important, because it will increase the likelihood of getting an interview after the letter has been seen by the employer. This means you shouldn’t only make your letter persuasive but it should be compelling too. To capture the interest of the employers, there are some information you need to include, which the employer is also likely want to see. So when writing your cold cover letter you should include the following details.

  • Have an introduction that outline who you are and your purpose of writing
  • Have a subject line that the employer can grab at a glance
  • Input reasons you would want to work with the company
  • List the skills that will help you make a good fit for the job
  • Outline your accomplishments and experience in the role available and how you will blend in
  • Have a conclusion, and then sign

Remember that to convince the employer that you really want to work with the company, and then you should know a bit about the company. So to have information about the company, you should spend time and research about the company, then know their mission statements, find their contact to address the letter rightly. At the end of your cover letter don’t forget to proofread your letter and then asked for a meeting or an interview.

Below are the samples of cold cover letter

Sample 1:

Subject: Anderson Moore- experienced Graphic artist

Dear McDonald Smart,

This letter is coming your way to show interest in a Graphic artistic position if any in your establishment. I have always admired the detailed and contemporary designs your company designed at fashion shows and other events. I have come to realize that even though you have a strong team of graphic artists; it wouldn’t hurt to still add a valuable hand to the team. So I express interest as I’m skilled in both SEO education and graphic designs. If given the opportunity I can help you boost sales and drive the business for wide coverage and get to the targeted audience.

I was informed by your marketing manager that you love to employ candidates with the right skills and experience. So I’m confident that my 5 years experience in the sector and skills acquired over the years as a graphic artist will give me the needed edge to be an asset that will interest you. I’m sure of replicating all the positivity I have been exuding in my previous offices to yours which will help enhance your clientele level.

I wouldn’t mind an interview with you, same with discussing further on this job role. You can shot me a mail at pertersondave@gmail .com or call at 233-454-333. Thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Dave

Sample 2

Howell Barry

456 Honeywell road

Austin, TX457876

Subject: Howell Barry: Health care service

Dear Dr, Patrick

I’m writing to express interest today in working as a health assistant at Stafford bridge clinic. I have been a patient few years back in your clinic and I just like the workings of all your staff in the clinic. I know that you have always been having very intelligent and knowledgeable health workers as the meticulously take care of the sick. But I believe brining in an additional hand wouldn’t be a bad idea as I will add more efficiency to the jobs that needs to be done daily. I’m a certified health care provider and I’m ready to work tirelessly for the best health of the patients.

Your previous job descriptions always needed staffs that are patient, knowledgeable, accommodating and smart. I’m confident that you would find me worthy as my work over the years with patient have equipped me better with these attributes that can accommodate any kind of temperament from patients. I promise to replicate all the skills that I have used in other clinics here; I will be responsive to all the tasks that my job entails.

I will be looking forward for a call for an interview from you as soon as possible. Please do reach me on 567-543-324 or shot me a ail at or just reply via this mail. I will be expecting a positive response from you.

Yours sincerely

Howell Barry


Sometimes it is ideal to just research the companies or offices you would desire to work with and try to make inquiry if they will need a new employee. It is better to find out than just preempting. One might be lucky to get a job through this means. So the way out is to send to the company or companies your cold cover letter. This letter will enable you introduce yourself, state the position your need and the purpose of the letter.

The above sample letters can serve as your template, you just need to customize it to fit in your original information.

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