Breast Cancer Donation Letter Samples

How to Write a Donation Letter for Breast Cancer Project(With Free Samples)

Breast cancer is one of the leading deaths in women worldwide and it does happen mostly with the productive age group which ranges from age 40-45. So the the need for awareness creation and early detection can’t be overemphasized. There is always an increased number of death for women with this ill issue each year. So a lot of people are doing both individual and group work to help find a good solution to the problem. Doing this as an individual or a group needs a good amount of money and this is where the need of canvassing for donations comes in. To effectively utilize this avenue, writing a breast cancer donation letter will be the best bet.

A breast cancer donation letter is a letter of solicitation written to different people to request for donation for a breast cancer project.  The project can be about getting expensive equipment that will help with early detection of breast cancer to fight it as early as possible or used for a research cure to end the disease for women. With this donation a lot of these will be met as the projects associated with this needs a whole lot of money and it will take a committed individual with good resources to accomplish it. The cancer donation letter will enable the donors know about your cause and key into it by contributing.

Just like every other donation request, the breast cancer donation request has its own format and basic elements that need to be employed by the writer to make the letter as effective as possible. The following information needs to be included to be able to get the much attention your request desired.

  • Write your letter using a business tone but make it personal. People relate more to a personal cause. So you can refer to people battling cancer or yourself
  • Let your letter be concise. It should be short enough to contain the needed details still
  • Salute the recipient and you can use their names
  • State the purpose of your letter and your intentions with the donation
  • State that you are ready to give more information on the the request
  • Send your letter with a complimentary close and sign off.

Below are the sample breast cancer donation letters

Sample 1

Dear Mike,

As you know, it has become a usual thing for me to take part in the local Texas cancer society’s awareness event. “Stamp out breast cancer”. This event helps every year to raise money to fight breast cancer and also to create the needed awareness for everyone concerning cancer. Stamp out breast cancer is a community created event that is handled by volunteers and managed by retired nurses. The event do acknowledged survivors while still remembering the death due to this terminal illness cancer of the breast. I became totally involved a few years back and still now it has been same and I wish to continue with this same cause.

Fortunately, we have been having great people come into the group which have had us having events every year. We had a relay event last year and this year it happening again, I’m going to be a captain for one of the teams in your county. There are lineup of activities for the breast cancer week that will be taken to your county. So I’m asking that you donate for the project that we would be carrying this year.

We are gear towards raising money for more research on breast cancer this year. We need more researches to help with the fight so as to help more women. So please if you would love to donate, you can mail me or call to inform me the amount you are willing to donate or pledge. If you would like to find out more about this request, I ‘m always available to give you the needed information

Thank you for supporting this cause, looking forward to getting a positive response from you

Betty Matt

Texas cancer society

Sample 2:

Dear Mildred,

On the 4th of may, 2020 I will be joining a lot of others walkers in celebrating the annual event of Thomas bodlly breast cancer foundation. We will be having a walk to not only create awareness for breast cancer but also rasise money for breast cancer research. With this event, we intend to make the desired differences in the lives of women ( mothers, nieces, aunts and daughters). This walk will have the significant benefit of positively affecting thee women’s lives as it matter a lot.

It isn’t news that breast cancer is one of the leading killers of women in their prime as such much awareness must be created to help more women to live. The Thomas Bodly breast cancer foundation is a 501 c nonprofit organization that is specifically founded to fight the cancer scourge. This foundation is poise to make a difference as all donations made every year is put directly for the research work that this ravaging disease needs. We have agreed this year to raise about $25,000 each towards the progress of this research project. So I’m calling on you to be a part of the success story by donating towards this.

It will interest you to know that your contribution is tax deductible; I know you can help to make impact so please with your donation. You can make your donation on our donation page which will be a lot easy for you. But if you have any question, feel free to contact me on 444-789-654

Thank you.


Getting a breast cancer donation would be made easy when the right channel is used. Using the breast cancer donation letter will be the sure way as it will enable one explain self better to donors to enable them to donate. You would need to include the relevant information in your letter so the writing tips above will help with that. You can also use the above samples as your template.


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