Aviation Cover Letter Sample

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Aviation Job (With Free Samples)

The aviation sector is not just a high demanding job but the pay is also good. So it is important to sell yourself high amongst other competing applicants that might be seeking for the same job. When trying to tell the recruiter or employer that you would be ready to do your best with the job, then you must let them know through writing. One good way of achieving that is by writing a cover letter for alongside your aviation resumes. This is one document that helps in determining your future career in a given sector.

Aviation cover letter is a document or letter is used to showcase not only what one has done but what one has accomplished in the aviation industry to a recruiter or employer. This is a letter that is written to state ones experience and qualifications in the aviation industry. This will enable the employer to form an opinion about an applicant whether is a good fit for the role that has been advertised for an employee.

Writing a cover letter for aviation needs you going by its guidelines, the following tips would help you draft a winning cover letter that will stand out and get you noticed for an aviation job.

  • You need to start your letter using the right format which for this letter will be a formal layout. You need to be formal in your letter, start with addressing the letter, introduce your intention in the first paragraph, then use the next paragraphs to outline your experience, skills and qualifications. Basically, the body of your letter should be you demonstrating your knowledge of the industry.
  • Then don’t forget to be specific with career history, your previous roles, the duration of the roles and the experience or skills you had acquired from carrying out your previous roles
  • You should emphasize more on aviation sector qualities; know that you should write mostly on things that are related to job and the aviation sector. So let there be a relation of them with your current role
  • Proofread your letter before submitting, the employer might just be on the lookout for accuracy and right usage of words. So cross-check your spelling, grammar and technical terminology


Below are samples of aviation cover letters

Herod Sam

4353 Lisa Street

Covelo, CA78990



Melendrez Renee

American Airlines

112 chambly street

Chandler, NL78765

4th September, 2021

Dear Mr. Renee

Subject: Application for aviation opportunity

I came across your advertisement online as you requested for an Aviation worker for your Airline. I have send in my resume with this cover letter to showcase that I have the needed qualification and experience that will make my addition a huge success for your airline.

I have gone through your job requirement, and I’m so sure that I would be the right candidate for the job, I have all the qualifications you are seeking that is why I’m applying already. I have been an employee in the aviation sector for over 8 years. I started my career in the aviation sector as a flight marshal after getting trained, certified and obtaining my college degree from the school of aviation Baltimore, Maryland. With all these qualifications, it has made me a better flight marshal that can handle the same job with no hassle.

I have worked with a lot of airplanes and have acquired my skills and expertise through it, so I wouldn’t mind duplicating same with your airline. I’m great with deterring, detecting and defeating hostile individuals on board the airplane. I will give you the best of my abilities to the job.

As earlier stated, I have added my resume with this cover letter for your perusal. Please use my above stated contact details to get across to me anytime you need further discussion or findings. I will be more than willing to oblige you. Thanks for reading my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Herod Sam

Sample 2

Kelly Jameson

Alamba, Connecticut


Dear Peterside Wills,

I’m writing to apply for the role of the airline customer service as advertised by your company(Expressair Airline). I’m have been a relation professional for about 10 years in the industry. I have been working with Graceland international airport for those years as a customer care officer. My duties included taking ticket reservations by phone, checking in customers, answering questions from clients and helping the customers get set for their various flights.

During these years I have become familiar with basic computer software which is used in the industry. I’m a fast learner since I acquire new skills in no time. My skills of customer service are just the best. I’m a self –oriented person and can handle the stress and pressure of the job. For a customer care officer my communication skill is top-notch as I can freely interact with the customers. I have been the employee of the year for two consecutive times. So I’m sure that I will bring the same high rate of dedication to Esxpressair Airlines

I’m sure after looking at my resume you would find my skills and qualification outstanding for your job. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you would contact me either on phone or with my email as soon as you can for an interview. I’m thanking you already in advance for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely

Kelly Jameson


Working in the aviation industry comes with good pay and other perks so you need to do your best to get employed. The truth is that you can easily land the job but it wouldn’t just be handed to you on a platter of gold. So you need to do all that it takes to get noticed first, the first step forward is writing an attractive cover letter that will be appealing to the recruiting manager or employer.

If you are looking to write one for an advertised role, then you would need to follow the guidelines as listed above. The samples written here will serve as a template for writing yours effectively too.


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